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Age-related decline


pretty often…

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Yeah, nothin’

weird about the 2020 elections or ANYTHING!

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Hey, the vaccines


Elections Losers

Uhm, you think

Democrats are unaware?

Not a chance!

Don’t want to waste your time reading the drivel? well, here are the Democrat possibilities (as sucky as they are):

Who might Democrats run in 2024?

Kamala Harris
Pete Buttigieg
Joe Biden–assuming he is even alive (settling for a senile turd because there really IS nothing better)

Oh yeah, the Washington Post is doing this story already, which should tell you something…

But is there a less sucky alternative? NONE that I have even heard of. Maybe some “white knight” will come from nowhere, getting out of the clown car and coming to the rescue. Yeah, but don’t bank on it…

And also, do you really think that Kamala will just gladly step aside for a better candidate? Oh no. Fans of Extreme Gladiator Combat will be pleased…

Conspiracy Corruption

It appears that

people are starting to flip.

Maybe. I sure hope so.

How do we know that it is probably going to encompass more people? Durham discusses grants of immunity to different people. Durham gave immunity to “Researcher 2” to explain what had been done with the data, and that he raised concerns to the defendant about whether the data was being “unlawfully collected and used.”

I certainly don’t want to be overly hasty and impatient. But people have gotten away scot-free so often that it’s hard to believe that this time will be any different. But it does seem like it might be…

You know, it’s kind of a circuitous, complicated operation. And the miscreants designed it that way in order to make prosecution difficult. So maybe YOU don’t understand all the details, and that is on purpose.

It looks to me like they have all they need regarding Sussmann, and so the question would be: will he and/or others flip to reveal more of the relationship? With the grants of immunity, that’s an indication that there’s more coming and that they will already have people laying out a lot of the plan. They already have at least a couple of people spilling what they know. But it sounds like Durham is getting close and tightening the net. The folks in Clinton-land must be melting down right about now.

Current Events

We are starting

to see some rumbling. Sure, dyed-in-the-wool Leftists are generally (though not totally) keeping it to themselves. but…

Swapping out Joe Biden for Kamala Harris right before the mid-term elections would be a transparent ploy, and it is likely to backfire.

Yet to replace Joe with Kamala right now allows FAR too much time for the “shine” to predictably rub off the Kamala apple.

It’s a Lefty conundrum. Hammer, meet anvil…

My guess? Democrats will replace Joe with Kamala a month or so before the mid-terms. It is simply not clear that there is another decent choice. Maybe try to tough it out and hope for the best in the mid-terms. After all, Joe is more palatable to the general public than is Kamala. But that still seems pretty risky to me. But maybe less risky than having Kamala take over now…

The wild card in all this is Joe (and “Dr.” Jill) being willing to go softly into that good night. It is not clear that that will happen. Oh, Joe will do whatever he is told and be lead wherever his handlers lead him, of course. His awareness of what is going on is more than a bit… diminished. Build an (another) oval office replica, have a few phone calls with actors pretending to be world leaders and he will never even know the difference.

But I’m not at all sure that Jill and Ron Klain and Hunter and others are at all ready for the Joe Biden dog-and-pony show and gravy train to be over.

Culture Current Events

Just a hunch,

this will work better than a spit-in-your-boiled-peas “woke Leftist” approach.

I think we are ALL sick of that!

In a shocking move, mega-ice cream seller Baskin-Robbins has re-branded itself for 2022 — and neglected to include any obnoxious, in-your-face woke themes in its new marketing! No parade of rainbow creatures, no pant-suited feminist mascots, no underdogs bravely standing up to America’s racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted, xenophobic system. There’s nary a victim nor a woke hero to be seen. It’s almost eerie.

Current Events Pedos

So is Disney

throwing in the towel?

BUT, things now can never be as they once were. Even if Disney bows to reality here, we ALL know now who they really are. At best there will be an uneasy truce. At best. And now it will flare up into open warfare at the smallest perceived slight. I mean, what parent will trust them, now?

Even now there are other companies swooping in to steal Disney’s lunch. I’m not sure this the beginning of the end for Disney. But to quote Winston Churchill, it does seem to be the end of the beginning.

Disney got a HUGE black eye over this. In 10 years they may well be mumbling to themselves, “I was once the undisputed champion, a perennial contendah…”

Lefty Political Philosophy

You know,

I like this.

Is Zogby always a huge apologist for the Left? Absolutely. Yes, he always puts things in the best light possible for the Left. But being published, he also has to be a bit realistic, or he will lose ALL credibility. He can’t just spout utter nonsense when millions potentially see it and can rebut him.

And unlike most Leftists today he is willing to debate–he is willing to press his point rather than just retreat, whimpering, into the warm and moist Lefty fever swamps. And THAT makes him very much “old-school.” It means that he is willing to stay in the arena and argue facts.

What a breath of fresh air from the facile fleeing of most Democrats!

Of course, being obliged to argue actual facts limits him to reality, something most Democrat shills abhor. So he can look more Conservative–but he is actually not. He’s just constrained by the facts in a way most Lefty shills aren’t.