Election Interference



No freakin’ wonder Democrats are doing ALL they can to keep Trump off the ballot. They fear, with good reason, that he will win in a walk.

Former President Donald Trump has an advantage over President Joe Biden among independent voters, Cygnal’s November poll found.

So they will cheat and, even now, engage in blatant election interference via lawfare!

Election Interference

There is a GOOD

reason that hardcore Lefties are trying so hard to keep Trump off the 2024 Presidential ballot with pettifogging and made-up lawfare: Because they have the strong suspicion that he will totally wax them in the general election.

And you know what? They have very good reason to be afraid. He is quite likely to take them out back and show them how the West was won. Their fear is 100% valid.

So they chronically engage in election interference. They also are trying to toss away Old Joe Biden. Because they are likely to lose with Senile Joe. And Trump being there throws their whole voter fraud scheme into jeopardy, since he will try to get rid of it if he gets back into office.

And one (of several) thing Democrats can’t stand is free and fair elections! So… ramp up the spittle-lipped Trump hatred!