Election Interference Fighting Back

It’s pretty dang clear

to even the dullest among us that this is disgusting election interference. It’s not even a question anymore!

The numerous indictments against Trump are meant to politically sabotage his reelection campaign, Trump believes, buoyed by reports of multiple meetings between the Biden administration and Trump prosecutors.

But will the scheme work?

Polling appears to support Gerstein’s acknowledgment. Trump leads in five of the six swing states over President Joe Biden, and in four of the five states, Trump’s lead is outside the margin of error, a New York Times/Siena/Philadelphia Inquirer polling found Monday. [emphasis added]

  • Arizona: Trump 49%-42% (registered voters), 49%-43% (likely voters)
  • Georgia: Trump 49%-39% (registered voters), 50%-41% (likely voters)
  • Michigan: Trump 49%-42% (registered voters), Biden 47%-46% (likely voters)
  • Nevada: Trump 50%-38% (registered voters), 51%-38% (likely voters)
  • Pennsylvania: Trump 47%-44% (registered voters), 48%-45% (likely voters)
  • Wisconsin: Biden 47%-45% (registered voters), Trump 47%-46% (likely voters)

Remember, run through the tape, not to the tape!

Election Interference

Yup. There’s

NO crime!

Election Interference


it’s freakin’ weak!

It’s purely election interference. Every day Trump is in court is a day he can’t be out campaigning. THAT is why the judge ordered him to be there. DUH!

Nevertheless, one thing the trial will succeed in doing is pulling Trump off the campaign trail since he’s required to be present because it is a criminal trial. Considering we have a partisan prosecutor in a partisan jurisdiction, it’s unlikely that Trump, a high-profile public figure, could possibly get a fair trial. But even CNN analyst Elie Honig admits that the case against Trump is weak.

…”Now Bragg is bringing a case that has taken years to develop and millions of dollars in litigation costs for all parties,” explains Turley. “That is all over a crime from before the 2016 election that is a misdemeanor under state law that had already expired under the statute of limitations.”

Election Interference

It’s pure election

interference, and NOTHING more!

Election Interference

Hardly a surprise,


A new study by the Media Research Center alleges that Google has repeatedly interfered in U.S. elections, favoring leftist candidates and suppressing conservative voices.

In 41 elections!

Election Interference

More on Democrat

election interference.

The Democrats have been caterwauling about election interference since 2016. In theory, they’re against it. In practice, they’ve been working earnestly to keep the Republican nominee off of the ballot. 

… Schumer sounds like a pro-Palestinian protester because the Democrats are totally in sync with them. Madame Vice President has been barking “Gaza” like a drunk sorority girl who’s about to flunk out of her first semester.

Election Interference

Well, of course

they do! Because it IS!

A majority of voters believe Democrats are participating in “lawfare” against former President Donald Trump to compromise his chances in a future political race, a new Harvard Caps/Harris poll reveals.

Election Interference Evil

You know

they’re doing it again, right?

Election Interference Evil Injustice

Yes, what the Left

is doing is pretty dang ugly. It is a stain on free government itself. And it is borne of spittle-lipped, irrational Trump Hatred.

But you know it won’t stand, right? And several states should now move to kick Biden off the ballot because he is incompetent and because he is a traitor to the United States. And it is well within their power.

But as to what the Left is doing:

“It is beyond ugly that the radical left is once again reanimating Jim Crow politics. Seeing this trend across the country leads me to believe that Bellows is not acting alone, but instead as part of a potentially criminal conspiracy. We intend to gather evidence to potentially refer to law enforcement. We will be suing on behalf of all Americans very soon in furtherance of our investigation,” Howell said.

… “The Maine Secretary of State is a former ACLU attorney, a virulent leftist and a hyper-partisan Biden-supporting Democrat who has decided to interfere in the presidential election on behalf of Crooked Joe Biden. We are witnessing, in real-time, the attempted theft of an election and the disenfranchisement of the American voter,” Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said in a statement.

Shenna Bellows deserves to burn in Hell for her perfidy!

Election Interference

Election interference.

That’s what this is, pure and simple. Democrats have nothing to bring to the table–there is nothing alluring or attractive about them. So their strategy is to legally persecute the man who would kick their butts six ways ’till Sunday in a reasonably fair election.