Captain Obvious Evil Immorality

Oh really?

Didn’t YOU say I was nuts for saying this?


Oh yes. But

the problem is likely not what you think.

See, anyone who was even a little informed knew after a few months that school lockdowns were a steaming pile of crap.

The problem the Leftists are having is NOT that school lockdowns are a pile of dung–we almost always knew THAT. Their problem is being caught with their hands jammed deep into the cookie jar. Their upset stems from being exposed, not at all for pushing an obviously wrong agenda!

For them, the problem is NOT what they did, but facing the consequences of their actions. They are perfectly OK with the crime, just not the time!

The scandal is that they were perfectly willing to do along with damage to kids. Some did it out of ignorance. Some did it out of stupidity. Some did it out of fear of losing money. And some did it out of evil.

But they all did it. Teachers have shown that on the broad level, they are NOT your friend!

Disgusting! Evil Immorality

Just remember,

Democrats tried really hard to keep this away from you. They’d rather you die the horrible death of you drowning in your own lung secretions if it meant power for them. How many lives were lost because of them? Just tragic!

How monstrous! This is Ted Bundy serial killer kind of stuff! The immorality here is just breathtaking!

And YOU were fooled? If so, what do you have to say for yourself? And if your judgment was so bad on this, might it also be really bad on other things (oh, like voting for Biden)?

If you voted for Biden, just how do you live with yourself?

Remember this in November…

A new peer-reviewed study concluded that the mortality rate in people who used ivermectin regularly was 92 percent lower than in non-users and 84 percent lower than in irregular users. [emphasis added]

IF the gov’t had been morally correct, they would have sent Ivermectin to everyone. But they didn’t–they were OK if YOU died, as long as THEY retained power…

This is immorality on a cosmic scale! Don’t YOU be a part of it.

Look, if you are not angry, you are not paying attention!


Good to have

connections, eh? There is a reason the left hates this so much. The Left is seeking power not truth!

Banana Republic of Brandon Epic fail Immorality

Even the Lefty cheerleader

The Atlantic sees that Biden’s attempt to buy votes through loan “forgiveness” is a legal mess.

It’s not at all clear that this “Biden” boondoggle can withstand legal scrutiny. We all (most of us) assumed he could do that, but maybe he can’t. It has become clear that it is, shall we say, legally dubious.

And from a moral perspective, he shouldn’t do it.

Yeah, The Atlantic ties to salvage things with happy-clappy obfuscations and outright lies, but it is quite clear that even THEY can see that is on very shaky legal ground.

The reality is saved for the last sentence:

These plaintiffs will probably prevail unless the Department of Education narrows the plan’s scope or relies on a different statute when it finalizes the policy.

But if it falls it is another “Roadrunner” epic fail: “Biden” gets all the crap for implementing this base scheme, but almost none of the hoped-for benefits.



It’s just HORRIBLE!

Honestly, I don’t understand how one human being can mutilate another like this. And teen or young adult. And then to brag about it. REALLY?

What kind of monster IS that surgeon? It is wicked on a cosmic, unreal scale!

Immorality Injustice

Yes, grossly unfair,

and grotesquely expensive.

Immorality Stooooopid!


people are mighty torqued about “Biden”s” student loan vote-buying scam!

As well they should be. ANYONE with an ounce of morality or good sense is outraged by this!


Update on “Biden’s”

student loan fiasco:

Honestly, I am just gobsmacked at the rank and flagrant immorality of this! It’s just so unfair.

Biden doesn’t foot the bill, YOU do! And you never agreed to do so.

Yeah, maybe this evil will go over well with those who are beneficiaries of the crime, but those of us who are victims of this outright mugging are not at all happy with it.

We are being robbed!

Look, I paid my student loans. So young adults, float your own damned boat! Don’t use government thugs to steal from me!

I’ll tell you what I think the long game is here for Democrats: Make young people a party to theft so that they justify it to themselves and thus are easier “marks” in the future. Get them to join in the crime, and you have almost always snared them for life! Most are FAR too narcissistic to admit that they participated in immorality, in outright theft!

Get them to participate in the crime, and like all in the mob, they will be “made men.”

QUESTION: So the trucker who took out a $100,00o to buy a truck so he could work–does he get part of that loan paid for by others? Asking for a friend…

Hopefully, someone will sue.

Evil Immorality

Just more


Biden and his squad of professional constitutional assassins delivered the Big Pander yesterday, promising to magically “POOF!” $300 billion in student loan debt into the ether. Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media positively erupted with euphemisms in an attempt to describe the move as anything but what it is: the screwing of one class of people to buy a few votes from another.

… The only thing that has been erased here is the Democrats’ last vestige of credibility whenever they express concern for the plight of working Americans.