Dishonesty Hypocrisy Immorality

Graham has turned

out to be a pretty nasty piece of work.

Graham, Romney, Cheney… They have ALL shown themselves to be turds.

And what is frustrating is the lying! Having them pretend to be something they are not is just aggravating. Whether it’s “Pierre” Romney begging for a cabinet spot with Trump and then viciously turning on him when Trump doesn’t go along or Liz Cheney’s open betrayal, it is maddening. Just stand up for what you actually believe!

And Graham has the skills to actually help. But no, he has chosen the “dark side” and pretends to be one thing when he is really another.

No more RINOs, OK?

Evil Immorality

Yeah, it’s


YOUR babies? They don’t give a crap.

I’m revolted at this. I hope you are, too. It is an offense to basic morality!

Immorality Lefty Violence

Biden supports

violence. There is really no question about it.

But let’s talk about YOU. Where do YOU stand on mob violence? Are you at least winking at such violence as long as it is in the service of you beliefs?

Or do you take a principled stand? Is what there are doing wrong in principle?

Because one way or the other, YOU are going to make a call, here. Either through passivity and/or willful ignorance, or through actual malice. Go ahead, make your choice…

While opinion on abortion is closely divided, opinion on the Left’s thuggish tactics is not. The Trafalgar Group finds that only 16% approve of the Democrats’ tactic of publishing the justices’ home addresses and mobilizing demonstrations there, while 76% disapprove


Aren’t you just

sick of Lefty violence? I sure am!

I hate to begin the week with this, but I’ve got some bad news for the optimists out there: the rift between the right and the left in America isn’t going to get better. In fact, it’s not really a rift anymore. It’s more of a widening ideological chasm that will no doubt soon reach Grand Canyon proportions.

… Radical pro-abortion activists have already demonstrated a wanton disregard for life so it’s not a stretch to believe that some mob mentality frenzy could escalate and get really violent. Again, they’re not stable to begin with.

Some of you have, in the past, pretended to be moral while refusing to denounce the Portland Lefty hooligans. They are an important part of the mob…

I have no doubt that they will now ALSO refuse to denounce this (though I very much hope I’m wrong).

Just whose side are you on, anyway?

Time for YOU to cowboy up and stand up for who you are and what you believe!

It’s time. No more mealy-mouthed violence apologists and enablers!

You KNOW what will happen: The victims will finally “shoot back” in self-defense and then the enablers will wet themselves with excitement, saying, “See? I told you they were violent!

THAT, in fact, is the plan…

Evil Immorality Lefty Political Philosophy

Yeah, even

a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while!

Though she was wrong (of course) about which side was which.

Lefties, doesn’t it give you pause that you are on the same side as Hillary Clinton? Well, it certainly should!

Will they get away with it? In the final analysis, only by chicanery and force, after the manner of all authoritarian regimes. That is, if they get the chance to resort to such means.

Abortion Immorality

The pro-abortion

Left has some concerns…

Abortion Current Events Immorality


response to losing Roe:

Epic fail Immorality Piss-poor judgment

Yes, yes

indeed. And it is utterly heartbreaking!

Immorality Lefty Political Philosophy

Oh, and rich.

Don’t forget rich.

It’s been many years since they were the party of the working man…

But there is no such thing as a happy Democrat. They need a constant flow of misery and distress in order for them to magnanimously step in and be a savior.

And the fact that they feed off human misery should tell you a lot about the morality of their positions! No misery=no Democrats. So they need a never-ending supply of human misery. And since life is naturally hard in the first place, they just prod a little and never run out of dragons to bravely slay.

Sure, it’s Satanic. But it’s Satanic with a smiley face!

As Elon Musk said recently, the “far Left hates everybody–themselves included.”

Crime Immorality

Yes, the Hillary

campaign is desperately trying to hide things. But it won’t work. They have already published uh… selected parts of it far and wide. They can’t just choose to reveal SOME parts and not others!

In other words, each of those disclosures to third parties waived any attorney-client privilege claims at the very least. Many experts believe it to be preposterous to even try to suggest an opposition research dossier meant to be made public could ever qualify as attorney-client privileged materials.

Yes, it’s preposterous but they have little other option. A Lloyd Christmas chance is better than nothing!

They are just stalling. They hope that if they stall long enough, they will get away with things…