Anti-Semitism Immorality


ANTI-SEMITES! What is wrong with her? What is wrong with the Democrats who were her boosters? Holy Crap! <shakes head disgustedly>

On Thursday, Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, who has a long history of anti-Semitic remarks, was removed from her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee in a 218 to 2011 party-line vote. 

Let’s face the facts–Democrats are the party of anti-Semites everywhere!

Such racism is disgusting. It’s immoral.

Immorality Piss-poor judgment

As well it

should. Joe Biden is scummy. And he has the caca hand (reverse Midas touch) where everything he touches turns to crap!

If you voted for him, just know that it was piss-poor judgment! Hide your head in shame…



The party of infanticide. That fact alone should give any moral person who thinks he or she might be a Democrat the willies!

Don’t pretend you are moral when you tacitly (at least) support infanticide.

Epic fail Immorality

You think we

are done finding stuff? LOL! We are NOT done finding stuff.

Like with pedophiles, you ALWAYS find more victims. It’s not like this happens only once or twice…

President Biden’s counsel discovered five additional pages with classified markings at the president’s Wilmington, Del., home this week, Special Counsel Richard Sauber said Saturday.


If you are for

electric cars, understand well what YOU are endorsing!

As for me, I care about these abused human beings. I don’t approve of slavery and child exploitation, like the “greens” do.

Immorality Media Flying Monkeys

Yeah, this MSM

rank dishonesty can’t last forever. Even now, most people realize they are full of crap.

The MSM is furious that Elon Musk is exposing Democrats and the feds at large for their grotesque manipulation of information and suppression of free speech. The fact that the iron grip of totalitarianism is closing around the throat of American citizens is of no interest to a media more interested in their own sense of prestige, importance, access, and virtue.

Already, many people just don’t give a crap what the partisan NY Times says. Why on earth would you?

Election Fraud Immorality

Oh it was

no accident!

Court witness: “These are not a bump against the printer and the settings change,” he explained. “There are security configurations….”

… When asked whether he had “personal knowledge” that the printing errors could have changed the outcome of the election, Sonnenklar replied, “had there not been tabulator issues at 132 vote centers, this election would have resulted—would have ended up with Kari Lake winning.”

There was more than enough fraud to turn the elections

And there’s more:

Honey went on to testify: “They weren’t following the legal requirements for chain of custody. There were seals on the containers when they transported them, but the specific issues were that they were just cutting them open, taking the ballots out, putting them in trays without regard to how many; there was no documentation.”

… Canadian lawyer Viva Frei gave Lake high marks for what she was able to achieve in court Wednesday. “Anybody who says today’s hearing is not an abject disaster for @katiehobbs is simply not watching the trial,” Frei tweeted. “Kari Lake is doing better than anyone could have possibly imagined, even with the limited scope of her claims before the court.”

So do those Democrats who FIRST said there WAS no voter fraud and THEN said there was no significant feel sheepish now? How can you not with just bald denial of actions?


Yeah, Hunter

is a total turd. But you already knew that, right?



Doxxing people is NOT OK!

So yeah, good for Musk. Bullies are just despicable.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk suspended left-wing Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz on Saturday night after saying late last week that her “shameful behavior” would not be tolerated on the platform in the future.

I don’t care who you are or how Lefty you are, this makes a moral person’s stomach turn. The point of Lorenz was to terrorize. THAT is not free speech!

Hypocrisy Immorality

Wait, wait!

The very same Lefties who earlier said that Twitter could ban whomever they want for whatever reason because they are a private company and not the Federal Gov’t are NOW whining up a storm that Musk is openly banning (not shadow-banning) accounts for doxxing people, whining that what Musk is doing is “unconstitutional.”

So let me get this straight: You Lefties were just fine with that behavior (and much worse) and indeed called for it when it was weaponized against Conservatives, but now that the rules are applied evenly you are all whacked out?

OK, gotcha.

Wow. Lefties, don’t you even feel a little shame? At long last, have you no shame?

ANSWER: No, none at all.