Well, we ALL know

that Joe is a dirty bastard!

First brother James Biden confirmed during his impeachment inquiry testimony that a $40,000 check made out to former Vice President Joe Biden in 2017 used funds James received from a Chinese government-linked company — while James also revealed he received overseas income as recently as last year.

Did YOU vote for this scumbag?

Fighting Back Immorality Injustice

Conservatives are

the resistance against tyranny. The harsh truth is that it’s time to fight back.

I’m sure you saw the news last week about Judge Arthur Engoron’s insane $355 million judgment against Donald Trump in the New York fraud trial. The creepy Engoron made up his mind that Trump and his sons were guilty before the trial had even begun. It was a travesty of justice and an egregious example of how desperate the left is to neutralize Trump and hold on to power.

We’re starting to see repercussions from Engoron’s decision. Matt wrote on Monday about how investor Kevin O’Leary has said that the decision is likely to dissuade real estate investors from choosing the Empire State for future projects. But there’s another ripple effect from the Engoron verdict that does my heart good.

Disgusting! Immorality

Rashida Tlaib:

rape apologist.

But yesterday, Rashida Tlaib took a clarifying vote in which she stood her ground alone, bravely, I am sure she thinks. She refused to condemn the rape of women by Hamas. 

… But make no mistake, Rashida Tlaib is a grotesque parody of a Social Justice Warrior. She can’t find it in her heart to condemn sexual violence when it is aimed at Jews, just as she papers over the fact that she condemns any disagreement with alphabet ideology here at home but remains silent when her friends in the Middle East stone to death women or throw homosexuals off of buildings. 

… Tlaib is on the side of rapists and murderers, and her excuses are a dodge, not an explanation. She supports evil. 

Illegal Immigration Immorality Treason

Here comes

another Democrat border dirty trick! Yet another…

Four U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials told the Washington Post this week that the agency has “drafted plans to release thousands of [illegal] immigrants” to cover a $700 million budget shortfall that the now-dead Senate deal was supposed to cover. Arguably worse, ICE also threatened to “slash its capacity to hold detainees.” It’s an upgraded version of the existing catch-and-release system but without the catch part — so much easier, don’t you think?

Are these folks on our side at all? Are they ALL traitors? Maybe they console themselves by saying to themselves, “Just following orders!” Sheesh! But at some point they are going to catch a glimpse of themselves in the mirror…


In truth, it is

more than a bit discouraging.

Many people that you thought were moral and would stand up for what is right have turned out to be thugs and toadies! They crumped. They “turned to the dark side” and you never thought that would happen!

But it did. And then they try to justify themselves, lying to themselves and others that they are upright and moral.

Immorality Injustice Weasels

Gee, how about

some justice? Turns out, if you are Democrat “nobility” you can violate the laws re: classified material with impunity! If you are Trump or a Conservative? Ehhh, not so much…

This is pretty dang disgusting! How about even an approximation of equal application of the law? Sheesh!

Current Events Immorality

Uh, just


Scummy business, this…

An audio recording obtained by reveals the extraordinary moment when what appears to be Arizona’s top Republican official tried to bribe populist firebrand Kari Lake not to run in the state’s Senate race.


Hey, what’s wrong with

gay porn?

Just know what team you bat for! Honestly, I don’t know how a person could consider himself or herself moral and yet give aid and comfort to “Biden.” 

If YOU don’t see a problem, please, explain yourself…

Current Events Immorality

OK, let’s be

honest. How bad ARE things for Biden?

That said, understand well that Democrats cheat. And they will cheat even more this year, because if he takes office he will be a raging bull–a one-man wrecking crew against the deep state.

And THAT is their mortal fear. So there is no measure too extreme for them to take in order to prevent Trump from taking office! Their “morality” is totally messed up. They would gladly put a bullet in his head and then count themselves “good” for having done so…

Disgusting! Immorality

Those Lefties

sure are kind and peaceful! But it is hard to believe this is a good idea for them. I suspect that Paxton has the resources to track these evil morons down!

Those scumbags who file false reports in order to elicit a (possible fatal) police response to their intended target are at it again, and this time their target was none other that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

… Interesting that Paxton fingered Phelan’s crew as the possible perpetrators rather than the usual leftwing loons who employee the tactic.

In any case, I’ve got to believe that SWATing the Attorney General is a pretty risky gambit. I mean, I’m pretty sure any AG is going to have the resources to pursue the perps. Likewise, I’m pretty sure he can get a warrant for the device data, and even an unregistered burner phone can be tracked.