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Huh, now

isn’t THAT interesting!

Bad Faith

Yeah, think

most of us are pretty dang sick of his wheeze! He is a dishonest bastard.

And let’s not forget–HE is more responsible for Donald Trump than anyone. Coming on the heels of the execrable John McCain, people were so offended and put off by his mamby-pamby, wimpy Leftism they they elected a person who would actually stand up and fight for the right!

I’m just not sure there’s anything Romney would not do for fame and glory;

Milquetoast water boy for the Left?–check
Grovel to Donald Trump?–check
Be a wimpy tool of the Left?–check
Sell his wife and kids into slavery to get a plum position? Not yet, but make him an offer!

Hey, if the GOP just ran a RINO like McCain or Romney, they would win. Right? Right? Bueller? Byooooler?

Mittens masquerades as a man of deep principles. In reality, he’s a base political opportunist, no different from most politicians.

… Yes, Mitt Romney is a solid vote most of the time. The problem with him is that he loves these moments where the left media fawns over him for doing something that irritates other Republicans. He relishes this kind of spotlight, which makes him completely untrustworthy. His “John McCain saves Obamacare” moment isn’t too far off.

Don’t be a dang fool. We’re done with RINOs! SO done.

Liz Cheney is gone. Adam kinzinger–gone. And very soon, Romney will be dead of old age or kicked out, and gone. Lindsay Graham is on his last legs. Paul Ryan is gone and has been a total dud. McCain is long dead. And then, are there many more limp-wristed RINOs in DC?

Bad Faith Current Events

The MSM is already

starting t0 turn against masks. In five years, they will be all about how those nasty Conservatives and that evil orange man forced kids to wear masks, wreaking HUGE developmental damage on innocent children!

You think I’m joking, but just you wait!

Here’s the phrase you will hear from the Left: “Well, ackchyually…”

And unfortunately, a sizable number of people will be unthinking (and partisan) enough to go along with it…

Political philosophy

Yes, you

should watch it.

YouTube panicked and yanked it. Charming, eh? If you ever thought YouTube was your friend, stop being a mindless sheep!

Giorgia Meloni’s full 2022 speech can be viewed on the CPAC website.

Disgusting! Lefty meltdown

The EU bureaucrats

are freaking out, and with good reason.

And they have resorted to, “Vee haff vays” threats:

“If things go in a difficult direction, I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland, we have tools,” European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said, in what can only be called a threat.

… In recent weeks, Britain elevated tax-cutting conservative Liz Truss to be prime minister, while Sweden’s recent elections brought in a new conservative government. Winning candidates have run on platforms limiting immigration, stunning elites across Europe.

Yeah, it’s the same story as Leftism EVERYWHERE!

The point is, the EU and left-leaning governments across Europe have failed horribly at delivering stability, prosperity, and peace to their citizens. So, before it’s too late, the citizens are hitting the brakes, voting for the opposition in recent elections.

Political philosophy

Yes, because

Leftism is the theology of the fat-cat wannabe. While Conservativism is the stance of working, normal people!

Current Events

Well I have

hope. Not much, mind you. It IS Oregon, after all.


Bad Faith Evil Clown

There is no need

to be baffled. Mitt Romney IS a Democrat!

He lied to the people of Utah, presenting himself as something he wasn’t, in order to get elected. He is the Manchurian Senator. He is fundamentally dishonest. But the good people of Utah were tricked once, but he won’t be elected again, if he even tries.

And I think this signals that he has decided not to even try again. So he just now lets his moral-midget turd freak flag fly.

Unlike every other Republican senator, the 2012 failed Republican presidential candidate is declining to express a preference in Republican Lee’s re-election effort against Democrat-endorsed Evan McMullin.

… A new poll from Deseret News and the Hinckley Institute of Politics claims McMullin is only 2 percentage points behind Lee, with a full 16 percent of respondents unsure who they will vote for. The poll is admittedly somewhat difficult to believe, and not just because it was conducted by a pollster with a history of dramatically overstating the electoral appeal of McMullin. The group’s final 2016 poll, for example, showed McMullin losing Utah’s presidential contest by only 2 points to Donald Trump. The final result was that Trump bested McMullin, who actually came in third behind Hillary Clinton, by 25 points.

Sorry, Romney is a moral and ethical dirtbag. I also was fooled, but I am sorry I ever voted for that crap-tastic … jerk (for President)!

Political philosophy


not really a surprise, now is it?

Don’t kid yourself–It’s not just “Biden” that sucks. It is Leftism itself!

The Lefty strategy now will be to fob all this off onto Biden. Don’t let them. It is Leftism itself that is the culprit, here. The left will quite literally scapegoat Biden and pretend that the problem is just him. But that is just an obfuscation, a Lefty shuck-and-jive.

No, the problem is with Leftism itself. Sure, Biden is a senile old fool. But it is the Leftism that is so damaging!

Age-related decline

As well they

should. I mean, it is pretty dang obvious. Denial can only get the Democrats so far!

Yeah, Biden is an evil, befuddled old loony!

A recent Harvard/Harris poll found that 56 percent of Americans “have doubts” about Biden’s mental capabilities to serve as President of the U.S., while 63 percent of people said that Biden is “too old” to be in charge of the White House.

Additionally, 67 percent of Americans do not [want] Biden to run for re-election again in 2024 given the state of the country he has caused.