Captain Obvious

Yeah, it’s kind

of funny, that. Enforcement goes down, so crime goes up! Gee, whoda thunk? Well, now we know…

With violent crime hitting home across the nation, more people are coming to the defense of police to decry the liberal “defund” movement.

Evil Clown Stooooopid!

Kamela is a

huge liability, plain and simple.

And the is perhaps the biggest stumbling block Democrats have. I mean, how do you solve a problem like Kamala?

What a blithering idiot!

Current Events

It’s a great idea.

I would sure like to see it happen! Unfortunately, I expect that the self-interests of people in congress will pose an insurmountable barrier…


Oh yeah,

it’s “unusual,” all right!

The investigator, who was a bank employee and Bank Secrecy Act manager, according to a source familiar, alerted colleagues in an email to “unusual” financial activity after a Chinese government-linked company gave $5 million to fund a joint venture between Hunter Biden and a Chinese businessman.


Gee, what

a “surprise.”

It’s been pretty obvious that this regime has let their raging despot freak flag fly over COVID-19. But it’s just almost beyond belief that they used YouTube as a censorship arm. I mean, i’s really no surprise, looking back on it, but it is still absolutely breathtaking!

Basic Economics

The big problem is

that SO many on the Left willfully don’t understand basic economics. And they truly don’t understand. Not because they are low-IQ or anything like that, but because they are so beholden to Leftism that they can’t see the simple facts.

In this case it isn’t that you’ll believe it when you see it, it’s that you see it BECAUSE you believe it! And when you, in a fit of political hackism, epistemically close off one area of knowing, you end up totally ignorant in that area.

But watch this, and perhaps learn a bit.


Pretty classic

mob money-laundering tactics.

Soooo, lots of “fees” paid for no apparent services rendered.

THAT’s not fishy or NOTHIN’!

Current Events

Don’t you just

love bipartisanship?

President Joe Biden’s nominee to serve as Assistant Secretary of Labor, Jose Javier Rodriguez, failed to clear a procedural vote in the upper chamber on Tuesday, with two Democrats joining Republicans to vote against advancing his nomination.

Current Events Evil

I hope this kid

sues their butts off!

I this doesn’t infuriate you, probably no unfair thing will… But they are totally willing to unfairly hammer a little kid to score some political point. How charming…

What’s wrong with these people? Freakin’ dirtbags!

Poetic Justice

Tik Tok freaks

are getting quite negative about Biden. And THIS is the reason that an RFK, Jr. or Cornell West opposition is simply a dagger to the heart of Joe Biden.

The “junkyard dog” is growling menacingly at its owner…

Because Biden and his party thought they could happily coexist with a social media platform controlled by a genocidal regime in order to gain an advantage over Republicans, China maintained its power to influence the decisive youth vote Biden needs to win re-election. According to a recent NBC News poll Biden trails Trump among young voters 46-42 percent after the demographic broke for Biden by more than 20 points in the 2020 election — and now the platform the president worked to protect might not be able to save him.