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The truth is,

people love him!

This kind of stuff is just a killer for team Biden! Real people don’t love Biden. They may be victims of the MSM and DNC hysterically sowing hatred of Trump, but still, no one is thrilled by Biden. No one…

And note: The owner/manager types are on the outside edge of the crowd, taking pictures. Trump is talking to the front-line workers. REGULAR people love Trump for a reason, and here you are seeing it in real time! Just look at the excited smiles on their faces!

There are things you can fake. Glowing is not one of them…

Can you imagine this kind of reaction to Biden? To RFK, JR.? I sure can’t!


Oh, OK. Glad we

got THAT cleared up!

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) has “clarified” that she was actually asking whether or not she could live on the sun, not the moon. Her comments came after she was widely lampooned for discussing whether or not human beings could live on the moon, which, she claimed, “is made up mostly of gases.”

Her stupidity is truly beyond belief!

Current Events

Well, yes.

I’m a post-doc trained child psychologist and I knew THAT very well. DUH! And I’ve been saying it for years!

The new study from British pediatrician Dr. Hilary Cass confirms what we’ve always known: Children presenting with sudden onset gender dysphoria are actually suffering from other mental health diagnoses—not true gender dysphoria.

Look, I’m old. And I’ve seen crazy psych fads come and go (satanic ritual abuse, anyone? “Recovered” memory, anyone?). I’ve seen a lot of bull-you-know-what in my professional lifetime.

And this “Trans” fad is no different. People and hospitals will start getting sued, and then it will stop. Just like always. It is already well underway.

Mark my words, in three years NO ONE will even admit they were a part of it. And it will be yet another kooky “treatment” of the benighted past.

And still, there will lots of people around who will be forever surgically mutilated by this. What a tragedy! And what an evil…

Along with the COVID hysteria that caused untold developmental problems for kids, this nonsense will do its part to make this in coming years referred to as a truly “dark age.”


I will just link

one report, here. But it appears that Tucker majorly screwed up!

What on earth was he thinking? He has been such a bright spot, and I have very much enjoyed his stuff recently…

But I do have to note: I get text alerts from Carlson’s outfit when there is a new interview. But there was no text to me on this one? Maybe I just missed it and deleted the text, but I don’t recall seeing it…


A funny comedian

talking about trying to get his young teen daughter out the door–so he sang a song she might know (apologies to U2):

I am going to the store
Waited long, won’t wait much more
Cuz I’ll leave, without you
Leaving without you
With or without you oh oh
I will leave
With or without you

Let’s go oh oh oh!
Go oh oh oh!
I will leave
With or without you…

I can’t find the clip. If you know it, put it in the comments. I turned comments on for this post…

Captain Obvious

I don’t believe for

a second that Joe Manchin wouldn’t crump at the last second and vote for whoever the Democrats put up. Look, only a total fool puts all their eggs in the, “Joe Manchin” basket!

He told the Washington Examiner that he would not vote to confirm any Supreme Court justice who cannot attract Republican support.

Empty threat. At least Romney would virtually for sure vote with his fellow Democrats! It just doesn’t make a difference–whoever Biden nominate WILL get the votes necessary. Just you watch.


Well, they really

should be freaking out.

Democrats are worried, and there are two recent, though seemingly unrelated stories, that show the Democrats aren’t just worried about Biden, but about the Democratic Party as a whole this November – particularly where the Senate is concerned.

Current Events

I think MOST

of us have a pretty good feeling about this. And thank Heaven Ronna is gone! This competence is really a breath of fresh air!

I dunno, I’m feeling pretty good about this new, improved RNC. Once Mitt Romney’s niece, who presided over a six-year losing streak for her party, finally left, the new co-chairs — Michael Whatley and Lara Trump — wasted no time displaying their competence. They quickly set solid priorities and set up the necessary infrastructure to implement them. 

TOTAL music to my ears!

Bartiromo asked Whatley where the GOP would allocate the funds from the massive haul. “We are going to spend every single dollar that we raise on two key critical core missions for the RNC, which are getting out the vote and protecting the ballot,” replied the chair. “And we’re going to make sure that we are focusing on the battleground states and districts where we need to be competitive and making sure that every dollar that we raise is going to be putting lead on target.”

And Lara Trump weighs in:

“[When] you talk about election integrity, it is vital. It is the number one thing that we are focused on, aside from getting out the vote, which of course Donald Trump himself will do for us. People are excited and if they could go vote for him today, they would go do it. We are ensuring that this election, we are leaving nothing to chance,” Lara assured red America. “We never before at the RNC have had an election integrity division. All of our resources we can put into this division as needed. And with a haul like we got last night, with a March like we had, we have the funding now to ensure we can train poll workers, not just have poll watchers; that we can have lawyers in every voting precinct necessary across this country. We are making sure that we leave nothing to chance because we have to understand the importance of this election.”

This should scare the crap out of dishonest Democrats.

Current Events DUH!

I’m voting for


Bad Faith Dark Money

Yes, yes. Democrats

ARE the party of “dark money.”

Look at the facts!