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Well, she SHOULD

resign. At least. And perhaps she is an accomplice to attempted murder, but I certainly hope not. But it is gross negligence for sure.

After a contentious hearing in which Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle failed to answer some of the most basic questions surrounding the failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump on July 13, the House Oversight Committee called on Cheatle to resign.

And it’s bipartisan. It’s NOT just Republicans who have demanded her resignation! Her’s an excerpt from a letter to her:

Today, you failed to provide answers to basic questions regarding that stunning operational failure and to reassure the American people that the Secret Service has learned its lessons and begun to correct its systemic blunders and failures. In the middle of a presidential election, the Committee and the American people demand serious institutional accountability and transparency that you are not providing. We call on you to resign as Director as a first step to allowing new leadership to swiftly address this crisis and rebuild the trust of a truly concerned Congress and the American people. 

I mean, she is doing some VERY weird crap!

She looks guilty, given the evidence.

Criminal Negligence Despicable Disgusting!

So, the building

where the shooter was is only about 130-150 yards away from where Trump was speaking. Think one end-of-the-end-zone to the other.

Holy crap that’s an easy shot! I can’t believe he missed it!

But how on earth did the Secret Service not secure that building? THAT is at least criminal negligence! And apparently, at least one person reported the gunman to the Secret Service before the shooting! What?!

I’m not yet on board with those who say it was part of the assassination attempt, but you know, that is NOT a crazy theory!

I mean, the incompetence (or deliberate negligence) is nothing short of stunning! And Kim Cheatle (head of Secret Service) should be fired immediately! At least fired, if not prosecuted.

But Lefties have made assassination attempts on Donald Trump, Rand Paul, and Steve Scalise recently. ALL are disgusting Lefty violence. Before that it was Ronald Reagan. See the pattern, here?

And the Left has LONG engaged in “assassination porn.” I remember it being prominent as far back as Bush II. Conservatives, OTOH, are not into assassination porn. But Lefties sure are!

Criminal Negligence Illegal Immigration

Oh, there’s NOTHING

to worry about!

Criminal Negligence Evil

Why Joe, why?

Captain Obvious Criminal Negligence Current Events

“Biden” doesn’t

want “a deal.” Not if it means reining in gov’t spending! “He” wants utter capitulation. He wants ALL the Republicans to be RINOs and just prostrate themselves before him! He wants them to lie down so he can walk on them. He want ALL Republicans to be in the mold of weak patsy RINOs like Mitch McConnell and (horrors!) Mitt Romney.

No. Just no.

So we can sit down and talk, fine. But you want to spend more and go even more in debt and I want to spend less and decrease the debt.

(example) You want to spend $100 and I want to save $100. So tell me, just where is the “common ground,” here?

Tell you what: Let’s split the difference and spend $0 more. That’s half-way. I’ll meet you halfway. Flexibility and all. I don’t think that’s at all ideal, but at least it’s not spraying gasoline on an already out-of-control conflagration!

But this is why you don’t ever vote for a Democrat! Thank Heaven there seems to be saner (conservative) heads around to put just a bit of a bridle on this Democrat explosive-diarrhea spending!

Corruption Criminal Negligence


most do. Yes, there are some wacky hacks who don’t (and this identifies them)m but most normal do.

Criminal Negligence Disgusting!


ya think? Maybe?

Let me translate: We were wrong to be scabs and total political hacks.

However, the story was dismissed by the mainstream media as “Russian disinformation” without any evidence, and refused to cover the story. Big Tech platforms took extra steps to censor the story, with Facebook altering its algorithms to reduce the spread of posts featuring the article. On Twitter, any attempts to post the original URL in a Tweet or a private message would be automatically blocked, thus preventing anyone from linking to the story. The Postwas also temporarily banned from Twitter in the immediate aftermath of the story’s publication. 

Criminal Negligence

Oh, really!

well, as long as the effects are small and temporary

Yeah, that system isn’t delicate or anything!

Criminal Negligence Economy

They are just mad

that their explosive-diarrhea spending has been revealed. They are NOT embarrassed–they are incapable of shame.

Yes, the Democratic Party is just the political arm representing the agenda and interests of our far-left, woke, corporate media. But this headline still stands out as ridiculous. Democrats did not spend a dime to save the economy. They don’t care about the economy. They spent $2 trillion of other people’s money to boost themselves. It is backfiring on them by destroying the purchasing power and savings of working people. No one could possibly deserve it more.

… When Joe Biden says that the economy is as “strong as Hell,” he is overestimating Satan’s power. The U.S. economy has been in a recession all summer, and that is becoming more evident now. The persistence of high inflation means that the Fed will have to keep raising interest rates. That means the inevitable layoffs, business closures, and decreases in home values are not far behind. Don’t let Democrats escape responsibility for what they caused.

Criminal Negligence

Not really

a surprise, now is it?

According to an FBI analysis, Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger of the gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza on the New Mexico set of the movie Rust on October 21, 2021.