Current Events Foolishness

Yes indeed,

some of you were just plain stupid to vote for tyranny “Biden.”

Others of you were just partisan hacks. Still others of you were just led docily by the nose by a partisan MSM–you voted with your spleen instead of your brain (it’s not just there for decoration, you know!).

Politics aside, everyone SHOULD be upset by the raid. We just took a step closer to becoming the Stalin states of Amerika. I’m sure your liberal sister-in-law and her man-bunned, non-binary femme-boi are celebrating with a bottle of Skinnygirl Pinot Grigio, but normal humans should be angry. [emphasis added]

But you get what you dang well deserve. Unfortunately, those of us who were FAR wiser get damaged, too. We ALL have to drink from the bitter cup of your stupidity.

Way to go, Biden voters. Way to go…


Wait, Democrats

are for the “common man,” right?

Hey, if you jam your head far enough up your butt, it kind of looks like that!

Joe Biden has proven once again that he has no interest in reducing the record-high costs of gasoline, which have gone up throughout his time in office.

Epic fail Foolishness

I think it’s

easy for Leftists to ignore (psychopathological avoidance) just how angry regular people are. The spittle-lipped Left has made things hellish for everyone, and we really don’t appreciate it!

Is it November yet?

So in a couple days I have to drive about 6 hours (one way) out of state for my son’s wedding. It is a joyous occasion, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

BUT, there is no question at all that with gas prices as they are, it will be extremely expensive.

Thanks Biden voters! Way to go. Way. To. Go.


Yeah, surprise,

surprise. I think it is clear that “Biden,” out of stupidity, malice, or a combination of the two has done an amazing job of screwing up the economy (and the country)

Way to go Biden voters, way to go… <shakes head sadly>