Non Trump voter’s


That makes no logical sense at all…


With Nikki Haley

we’re pretty much to the point where this is recognizable mental illness.

Nikki Haley is the Black Knight of politics. I’m waiting for her to say, “‘Tis but a scratch!”

“I’m invincible!” he yells with only one leg left, to which Arthur simply replies “You’re a loony.”

Nikki, you’re drunk. Go home.

But you know she’s a trojan horse, don’t you?

A butt-whipping Foolishness

Nikki, Nikki,

you’ve entertained us quite enough.

Now go home, you’re drunk!


You know,

if I live in San Diego, an EV might make good sense. In Chicago? Not so much

A surge of stranded electric vehicles, predominantly Tesla cars, has overtaken the Oak Brook Supercharger station in Chicago, as a severe cold snap renders many EVs powerless and immobile.


There are indeed some

repercussions, here!

But that wasn’t enough. In Ackman’s view, the leftists have p***ed off the wrong guy. Following the above tweet, he went on offense. Could it possibly be that reporters at Business Insider, or others at MIT, might be living in glass houses? Well, yes, it could well be…

… As awful as the whole DEI fiasco and the prevalence of anti-Semitism in higher education are, they have had the salutary effect of waking up quite a few previously somnolent people who can do the cause of common sense considerable good.

MIT was not wise…


Gee, what

a surprise!

This nonsensical ruling essentially declares that even though Trump has never been convicted of, much less tried with sedition or participating in an insurrection, he is nevertheless guilty of such.

Let me say that again: Trump has never even been charged with, let alone convicted of a crime.

They sold their intellect for a mess of political vengeance…

Foolishness Ignorance and Arrogance

“Reading the

polls wrong.” Wow, is this a metaphor or what?

Stupid is as stupid does, Jenn-nay!

All you need to

read is the headline.

California’s budget deficit has swelled to a record $68 billion after months of unexpectedly low tax revenues, a shortfall that could prompt the state’s deepest spending cuts since the Great Recession.

Dishonesty Epic fail Foolishness

Oh, what a

tangled web we weave!

There are two options as far as I’m concerned: RFK Jr. either was aware that Epstein was a sleazebag and likely intelligence plant running a blackmail operation and was perhaps compromised himself or else he is the worst judge of character in all of human history and now he’s lying to cover his tracks.

In either case, he’s lost my support forever.

Honestly, the BEST you can say is that RFK, Jr. was a gull. The worst you can say is… far worse. But in terms of RFK, Jr. being dishonest about this, well, there really is no question, is there?


Ah yes,

the good old days. You know, back when you could buy a pack of bacon without a financing agreement.

“Forget the big screen TV, we’re talking a gallon of milk for two bucks!” said local man Donald DiMarco as he rolled out a sleeping bag. “I get a few gallons, I could quit one of my three jobs!”