Epic fail Foolishness

I think it’s

easy for Leftists to ignore (psychopathological avoidance) just how angry regular people are. The spittle-lipped Left has made things hellish for everyone, and we really don’t appreciate it!

Is it November yet?

So in a couple days I have to drive about 6 hours (one way) out of state for my son’s wedding. It is a joyous occasion, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

BUT, there is no question at all that with gas prices as they are, it will be extremely expensive.

Thanks Biden voters! Way to go. Way. To. Go.


Yeah, surprise,

surprise. I think it is clear that “Biden,” out of stupidity, malice, or a combination of the two has done an amazing job of screwing up the economy (and the country)

Way to go Biden voters, way to go… <shakes head sadly>