Political Intrigue

I’ve been telling

you for several weeks now that the political “hit” on Joe Biden has gone out. I’m now about 80% sure that he will be forced out. Joe Biden may well not be the Democrat candidate.

Just a guess, but I think the word has gone out from the Obama redoubt in Martha’s Vineyard and/or his shadow White House in Kalorama that the New York Times needs to lead the push this week to force Biden out of the race. The Times is doom-scrolling its latest poll showing Biden on his way to certain defeat to Trump. Yesterday’s installment gave the raw numbers—Biden is eroding across the board.


It seems pretty obvious what is happening. But, of course, Biden says he will not leave, Yeah, maybe…

And indeed, there are HUGE problems with replacing him. There is just no realistic option. Kamala is even less palatable than Joe for most people, and she has signaled that she wants the Presidency. To replace her with anyone who is not both female and Black is pretty much electoral suicide–yet she is just horrible as a candidate!

Now Michelle Obama fits the bill on race and gender (ignoring the depth of the Kamala non-acceptance of that outcome problem for a moment), but she has said in the past that she is not interested. Now that certainly doesn’t mean that she won’t recant and run, but still, she is totally untried–we have no idea how she will react to the heat and pressure of a campaign. And maybe (perhaps probably) she really doesn’t have that “fire in the belly” that is required to seek the Presidency. And for the DNC, it would truly be buying a cat in a bag.

And no other possible option has the name recognition to do it. But also, could she survive a primary? Probably not, and the DNC play would be to spring her on us at the last possible second so as to avoid a primary. They wouldn’t even see how Michelle Obama would handle other Democrats in a primary! But is that wise?

And besides, it’s not like Kamala would just meekly and subserviently step aside. No, it would be a knock-down, drag-out brawl of EPIC proportions! Democrats certainly don’t want THAT…

So we’re back to square one. Joe Biden is a horrible option, but is there a better one? I mean, maybe Michelle Obama has agreed to do it and THAT is why the “hit” on Joe Biden was put out.

Or maybe it was put out to try and get Michelle Obama to agree to do it. Really, it’s hard to tell from here. All that is certain right now is that the political hit has been put out on Joe Biden.

But even if Michelle Obama throws her size 8 hat into the ring, she’s gonna get bloodied up.

Political Intrigue Senile Joe

It’s NOT just

with the press! The senility and incompetence runs deep

President Biden has been using notecards in closed-door fundraisers, calling on prescreened donors and then consulting his notes to provide detailed answers, according to people familiar with the routine.

… That Biden’s brain is failing is no big surprise; what is a surprise is that Axios is writing about it and has at least some donors whispering some very-not-sweet nothings about the president.

It sure seems that the political “hit” on Joe has been put out, but there are still some”bitter clingers” who defend him.

Political Intrigue

It’s a really good

question. I’m not sure I know the answer. But yeah, I am suspicious…

According to a report from Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi, and Alex Gutentag, the binder contains evidence of the CIA’s efforts to spy on Trump and interfere in the 2016 election. And this binder is what the Biden administration was really after when they raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

Political Intrigue

Let me say again:

The political “hit” on Biden has gone out.

For me, I think it is entirely obvious, now. I have long thought that Biden was going to be the nominee, that his position is unassailable. And maybe he is.

But recent events have given me pause. I do think that Biden will eventually prevail, but right now we have seen the MSM, led by the NYT, put out some unflattering information.

There have always been unflattering things to say, but all of a sudden the MSM has turned on a dime. And I wonder why we are seeing such a drastic change.

Joe Biden is incapable of assuring voters he can handle another presidential term, his team has ‘no plan’ on how to deal with his senile behavior, and he should simply ‘not be running for re-election,’ according to New York Times authors.

Lefty sources are jamming up Biden. And it’s no accident. So why? And who put the “hit” out on him?

Elections Political Intrigue

Could Biden be

forced to withdraw? Yes, yes he could be. But opinions differ as to whether he actually will.

I have long been in the,”It will of course be Biden” camp. BUT, with the release of Hur’s report, things have changed a bit. So now I think that if the DNC can come up with a halfway viable candidate, Biden is out kicking road apples come January. If not, they will run the lame “Biden” horse until he dies (and from the look of him, that day is not far off).

The problem is with the Dems coming up with a halfway viable replacement. THAT is where things get sticky for them. Because there is no obvious replacement for him. If there were, Biden would already be gone.

Not Newsom. Certainly not Kamala. So who else comes to mind? Pete Buttigieg? Don’t make me laugh! Gretchen Whitmer? <snort> Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Now you’re just joshing me! Stacy Abrams? I just threw up a little in my mouth…

See? There’s nobody. Really, nobody.

Political Intrigue Political Strategy

Yes, yes they


But there are absolutely HUGE problems associated with that. It isn’t a simple proposition. Not by a long shot. There are issues with Kamala, the Black vote, and just who would replace Biden that would keep everyone happy–or at least grumbling but still onboard.

Political Intrigue

Joe Biden has lost

David Axelrod, speaker for former presidents Obama and Clinton. You can BET that he didn’t say these things without the full approval of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama!

So Biden lashes back.

Joe Biden has called David Axelrod a “prick,” doubtless a response to the Obama narrator’s suggestion that Biden consider stepping down from the 2024 presidential race. 

Political Intrigue

Is Morris correct?

Maybe. But he really doesn’t have a stellar track record in terms of predictions. So yeah, maybe…

“They will keep them until a few days before the convention and then he would announce he’s not running, release his delegates, and there would be a floor fight for the nomination,” Morris said. “But at least there wouldn’t be a long primary battle.”

And it’s true, a floor fight would at least partially address the Kamala problem, since it wouldn’t technically be the DNC ham-handedly installing someone else over her. This may indeed be the “softest landing” available to Democrats. And don’t be confused–Republicans would beat them about the head and shoulders over it!

BUT, even though it may be the best of the crappy options Democrats have, I still think there would be a lot of angry (or at least alienated and disaffected and very unenthusiastic) African-American voters. I’m not at all sure that Democrats can afford that.

This is, at best, a very imperfect solution. But it may indeed be the best that Democrats have available to them.

Political Intrigue

Oh, and here’s

even more “dump Biden” stuff going on! His political throat might get slashed by his own party! Et tu, Brute?

It’s starting to look like the “hit” has been put out, and Biden is not long for this political world. I think it’s clear now that he very possibly will NOT be the Democrat nominee. 

But that does not solve the very real problem of Kamala Harris. I’m just doubtful that Democrats can thread this needle. Even if she herself were to say that she decided not to run, most of us would not believe that she had not been forced out. And her voluntarily leaving is the BEST possible scenario for Democrats!