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THIS is what

“Biden” hath wrought. He is NOT a friend to the average working person! YOU are less safe because Joe Biden stole the 2020 election!

The widow of fallen NYPD officer Jonathan Diller had harsh words for elected officials when giving the eulogy at her husband’s funeral. Stephanie Diller, who survives her husband along with their one-year-old son, said that her husband died as a he lived, a hero.

“How many more police officers and how many more families have to make the ultimate sacrifice before we start protecting them?” Diller said during the funeral, which took place on Holy Saturday.

21 times! Just think about that for a moment. Haven’t you had enough of the Democrat dog food? It’s time to stop eating!

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Understand well,

NO ONE is safe. NO ONE is exempt. No One.

And this tells us an important truth, and it has direct meaning regarding the Trump-hating Left: It just doesn’t matter who it is.

Trump is not special in terms of being the object of Lefty ire. If DeSantis had won the primaries, he would have been treated in exactly the same way! And you’re a blamed fool to think otherwise.

I mean, remember when it looked like DeSantis might win the nomination? There was all sorts of Lefty squealing about how he was actually “worse than Trump.”

Trump is not uniquely “triggering” to the Left! Not even. No, anyone non-Democrat running would get the very same treatment. Please, don’t be confused on this. It simply makes no difference at all. Look at RFK, Jr., for Pete’s sake! NO SECRET SERVICE PROTECTION FOR YOU!

All their fussing and flapping now is not AT ALL exclusive to Trump! Anyone who dared stand in the way of their rush for power would get the exact same treatment! Anyone.

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The plain truth

is that anti-Semitism is an almost exclusive Lefty phenomena.

Jewish people need to understand that the Leftism of even 20 years ago no longer exists in the Democrat party. This is NOT your father’s Democrat party!

To my friends on the Left: You’ve told me countless times over many years that antisemitism is almost exclusively a right-wing phenomenon, but events since October 7 indicate strongly that a far greater threat to the happiness, health, and safety of Jews comes from your left-wing allies.

After two months of depravity across the West, it’s obvious that the greater problem today lies on the left. 

… Right-wing antisemites hold little sway over conservative politicians, while left-wing antisemites have an electoral hammerlock over many left-of-center politicians.

The Democrat party is pretty open about being anti-Jew. Now, what are ethnic American Jews going to do about it?

The Left is not at all friendly toward Jewish people. Just know who your friends really are…

Sometimes change is needed.

Lefty Culture Poetic Justice

“Funny” how that is,


You can say one thing about the events of last month. At least some on the Left are finally waking up to the fact that they have not raised thoughtful and sensitive social justice warriors but hoards of violent, self-obsessed, post-pubescent gargoyles and harpies. Even HRH Hillary Rodham Clinton was on the receiving end of a bit of an eye-opener Wednesday during her speech at Columbia University. Clinton was there to deliver a lecture on the rather ambiguous topic of the role of women in the peace process.

When you keep a vicious dog…

Once upon a time, many, but not all, of the old Leftists, were angling for sound bites and social credit, and any negative impacts were considered negligible and would only affect people far, far away. They certainly never thought that their rhetoric would be turned on them. Now, they must come to terms with the fact that they took a generation of entitled, self-absorbed children baptized in social media and turned them into an army of monsters.

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Jews don’t count.”

Honestly, I don’t know why a self-consciously Jewish person would hold with Democrats. I understand the “tradition” pull, but it just no longer makes logical sense.

People of Jewish descent: Isn’t it time to change? Go where you are wanted! Time to be a bit less hide-bound and take a fresh look at the world.

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Leftists are

getting a bit restless. Skittish, even. As well they should.

It’s pretty dang clear: Trump looks vigorous and capable. Biden looks like death warmed over. He looks to be held together with hope, crossed fingers, and bailing twine. And Trump’s policies were certainly FAR better for regular people than Biden’s

The contrast could not be clearer: Leftism leads to misery while Conservatism leads to peace and plenty. In fact, this is perhaps the most devastating comparison: It is quite clear now that Leftism leads to human misery while Conservative practices lead to prosperity and happiness. The data are in. Will YOU blithely dismiss these facts?

See, Leftists could ignore the incontrovertible fact that the USSR was an economic basket case– lots of excuses about how it was not real Communism and such. Poppycock! I think we should take a hard look at the facts. Leftism has never worked! Never.

We should look at the very clear results! It’s not really arguable–the data are in. Now it’s true that hard Leftists are famously more tightly and even rigidly tied to their ideology than to empirical evidence. But is it even possible to dispute it now?

The best argument by a Leftist I have heard is: “The economy is cyclical, and it just happened that this ‘down’ time fell under a hard Left President.”

Yes, yes, but it always happens this way! It is clearly more than just a coincidence. When I lose 100 times out of 100, maybe it isn’t just chance. In scientific (or statistical) terms, this is a non-random finding. Something is going on, here!

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Do you even wonder

why people are fleeing the “blue” cities?

Don’t be a fool. OF COURSE they are!

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Yeah, it’s

a problem.

… Followed by a bumbling explanation by the White House press secretary on why the president forgot about Walorski’s death, the incident fueled concerns about Biden’s mental state.

John Zogby is an obvious Biden apologist and shill. If he wants to retain a shred of credibility, he needs to hew closer to reality. Cute (and irrelevant) stories about his past simply won’t cut it. Because at this juncture it is very unclear what color the sky is in Biden’s world…

BUT, I will give Zogby credit: Unlike most Democrats he has bucked Lefty culture so far and is willing to stand in the breech and make a case! I may disagree with him, but at least he is not an intellectual midget and coward. He is a Leftist who stands up for what he believes.

And THAT is a dying breed…

Bad Faith Lefty Culture

It’s called,

Losing control of the narrative.”

Lefty Culture

Well, it turns

out that now we know why Biden crashed on his bike.

As it turns out, there was a little girl in the crowd there. Joe pulled up right in front of her on the bike, then fell over, but when he got up, he went right over to talk to her.

Ahhh, nothing is more enticing to pervy Joe than little girls!

And, (as with ALL Lefties) he just can’t tolerate the mocking memes. So keep it up!

This is asymmetrical warfare, because Lefties famously have no sense of humor and just can’t meme. They are simply too redolent of cold showers and boiled peas.

So that’s likely why he got his foot stuck in the toe cage because he wasn’t concentrating on getting out of it safely. Will the AP add that part into their fact check?