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Yeah, it’s

a problem.

… Followed by a bumbling explanation by the White House press secretary on why the president forgot about Walorski’s death, the incident fueled concerns about Biden’s mental state.

John Zogby is an obvious Biden apologist and shill. If he wants to retain a shred of credibility, he needs to hew closer to reality. Cute (and irrelevant) stories about his past simply won’t cut it. Because at this juncture it is very unclear what color the sky is in Biden’s world…

BUT, I will give Zogby credit: Unlike most Democrats he has bucked Lefty culture so far and is willing to stand in the breech and make a case! I may disagree with him, but at least he is not an intellectual midget and coward. He is a Leftist who stands up for what he believes.

And THAT is a dying breed…

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It’s called,

Losing control of the narrative.”

Lefty Culture

Well, it turns

out that now we know why Biden crashed on his bike.

As it turns out, there was a little girl in the crowd there. Joe pulled up right in front of her on the bike, then fell over, but when he got up, he went right over to talk to her.

Ahhh, nothing is more enticing to pervy Joe than little girls!

And, (as with ALL Lefties) he just can’t tolerate the mocking memes. So keep it up!

This is asymmetrical warfare, because Lefties famously have no sense of humor and just can’t meme. They are simply too redolent of cold showers and boiled peas.

So that’s likely why he got his foot stuck in the toe cage because he wasn’t concentrating on getting out of it safely. Will the AP add that part into their fact check?

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The truth is,

Leftism is inherently self-limiting and time-limited. Though after a while, the rising generation is no longer directly confronted with the horrors of Leftism and they fall back into such Utopian “thinking.”

But then the misery of Leftism becomes quite clear again, and people turn Conservative again. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

But the Left is like a guy with a vicious dog: It’s all fun and games when the dog is vicious toward others. But eventually that dog is going to bite you!

And right now, we are starting to see the Left get rightfully nervous about the Hell they have unleashed. Trust me, this won’t end well for Lefties. It’s just that this works on a generational timeline, though there are fits and starts.

Lefty Culture Lefty Political Philosophy

More moderate

Lefties: It’s time.

ALWAYS remember, you didn’t leave them, they left you!

I know they aren’t, for the most part, bad people – just people with a blind commitment to an ideology claiming to seek justice, equality and an end to exploitation… There was [initially] no need for me to explore other ideologies because I knew I was good and right, and those who did not agree with me were wrong and bad. [emphasis added]

… The left didn’t want me, but I hung on. It wasn’t until the past couple of years that I came to terms with the fact that I no longer wished to be tied to this modern iteration of the left.

Oh, and there will be NO debate or discussion, comrade!

I wanted the left to change. That’s why I stuck around for so long. I wanted to be a voice of dissent in the movement and to push for something better. I warned that this kind of censorious, cowardly silencing and refusal to have any critical debate about ideas would lead to the left’s failure. But progressives only doubled down – clinging ever-more tightly to ideologies and mantras that are irrational and regressive, and censoring anyone who dared challenge them. [emphasis added]

… At a certain point, we have to stop pretending this is just about a few bad apples. We have to stop hanging on, imagining this group will come around. It is time to deal with reality, not wishful thinking: this is the left now, whether we like it or not.

Lefties, come home. We welcome you with open arms. And we will “Kill the fatted calf” in celebration of your arrival. Bring your skills and use them in the service of good.

Lefty Culture Lefty Political Philosophy

The Left depends

on and is fueled by the spirit of Cain (let me credit Jordan Peterson, in part, for that idea).

Let me explain: That is the spirit of greed and of damnable pride (which was the sin of Cain). In Leftism there is that very same insufferable pride combined with the constant grasping for the goods of others–to be taken at the barrel of a gun, if need be. Violence, and the threat thereof is, and always has been, part and parcel with the whole Lefty gig.

Remember, Cain killed Able out of greed, jealousy, and narcissistic injury. And THAT is the very same spirit that animates BLM, that animated the Weather Underground, and that today animates Left as a whole.

THAT is what animated the Joe Biden cheating! It is force and coercion incarnate. And it’s not at all pretty. Not one bit. It feeds, nay, sates itself on human misery. It is, at heart, the all-too-real human vampire that lives off the life-blood of others, and turns people of good will into a wretch like itself.

“Dracula” was fiction. But it became HUGELY popular because it is a recognizable archetype. And it is an archetype that has resonated throughout time because it IS Leftism! It by no means started with Bram Stoker.

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who would want to be one of the prudish nattering schoolmarms of the Left?

Yeah, not me…