Fools Fraud Lefty Political Strategy

Holy crap, are

ALL Trump-hater wackos criminals?

I think it’s not all, but the fact that these guys are criminals is absolutely not a deal-breaker for the other wackos!

Anti-scientific stance Evil Fraud

The Fauci Fraud.

People in general were FAR too trusting. We never considered at first that Fauci was a lying, conniving charlatan. But Rand Paul had his number from the get-go.

Of all the members of Congress in all the districts across all the nation, as Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) might say, only Sen. Rand Paul was willing to throw down with Dr. Anthony Fauci. Sen. Paul, a medical doctor, has chronicled the conflict in Deception: The Great Covid Cover-up, and the signs were apparent from the start.

But the truth is, Fauci was horribly, horribly wrong. And it was NO accident! It was deliberate. It was a bald attempt on his part to perpetrate fraud on the American people–for money and power.

People who wore protective masks were found to be more likely to contract COVID-19 infections than those who didn’t, according to a recent Norwegian study.

… Adjusting for factors such as vaccination status, the study determined that individuals who sometimes or often wore masks had a 33 percent higher incidence of COVID-19, compared to those who never or almost never wore masks. This jumped to 40 percent among people who almost always or always wore them.

Look, contra this article, there ARE no scientific studies that support wearing masks! It is pure “old wives’ tales.”

Anti-scientific stance Fraud

Look, with SIX

studies retracted, it is quite clear to even the dullest among us that the fraud was endemic to the overarching project.

Cult of Lefty "Environmentalism" Fraud

They are simply

a fraud. And anyone involved in this racket is either a fraudster or a naïve dupe.

The lesson? The Biden administration shouldn’t be investing tax dollars in solar panels. They’re unreliable and far more carbon intensive than many like to admit. And investment in solar panels inevitably ends up benefiting the Chinese Communist Party.

Despotism Fraud

J6 is and always

has been a hoax and a total despotic fraud. Tucker Carlson’s revealing of the actual security tapes proves that. And what Democrats have done in locking up innocent political prisoners incommunicado is just revolting. Those who value fairness and freedom ought to revolt at the ballot box!

Our ancestors fought against the British because of just such injustices. Now it’s time that WE take up the ballot box rather than the musket and get rid of the despots.

THIS is why the Left hated the Tea Party so much! These people started a cultural movement and were willing to stand up for freedom and justice. So they were a direct threat to the Democrat power machine and money-making charnel house. So Obama sic’d his partisan IRS goons on them…


Scams are what

happens when you have huge government programs.

IF you don’t want corruption, you don’t want huge government programs.

Fraud Media Flying Monkeys

But here’s my question:

Why on earth are you still so easily taken in by this crap? Have you even considered that? What is it about YOU that makes you such an easy mark?

As of last December, these were all incontrovertible facts. But before that they were nutty conspiracy theories. WHEN will you wise up?