Abortion Bad Faith

And if you don’t like

this latest position on abortion, he has others!

However, owing to campaign backlash, Kennedy pivoted, posting on social media that abortion legality should be upheld to a specific number of weeks, thereafter imposing restrictions.

… “Even in the reddest of red states, voters reject total abortion bans,” Kennedy tweeted, adding: “And on the other end, almost no one supports gruesome third-trimester abortions except to save the life of the mother.”

Well, he does, if you believe what he has said in the recent past! He said he supports, “The gruesome third-trimester” abortions! So now, what he supported last week is “gruesome,” eh?

Say… He’s not just chiseling in an effort to gain favor with as many sheep as possible, is he?

Kennedy’s tendency to alter his stance on abortion was observed previously when he initially supported a federal abortion ban after three months, only to retract this support mere hours later.

Abortion Lefty Violence

Well, RFK Jr. iS

a raging Leftist, so no surprise, there!

Kennedy said he believes a woman should be allowed to kill her baby through all nine months of gestation.

Here he is talking out of both sides of his mouth:

The candidate acknowledged that every abortion is a “tragedy” and “many of them leave permanent trauma.” He even went so far as to suggest that the state has “a[n] interest in protecting a fully formed fetus,” but repeatedly claimed women should get the final say over whether a child lives or dies. [emphasis added]

To quote Matt Margolis:

Kennedy’s stance on abortion mirrors that of the most extreme Democrats, supporting abortion rights without restrictions up until the moment of birth. Additionally, he backs tax hikes, including a proposed top rate of 70%, and has voiced support for Biden’s unilateral student loan debt relief efforts while criticizing the Supreme Court for overturning them.

Why would anyone who is conservative support this man? Because of his position on the COVID vaccines? 

It is truly beyond comprehension!


Yes, utterly

Abortion Current Events

Babies in GA


It’s an encouraging day for supporters of life in the Peach State. The Georgia Supreme Court has ruled that the state’s fetal heartbeat law, known as the LIFE Act, is legal, which means that it will stay on the books.


Yes, there

is a stigma that attaches to a woman who has an abortion…



the wind is shifting!


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not be murder, but it IS like unto it…


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dang sick!

The bloodthirsty political hacks at CNN gloomily reported this week that there were an estimated 32,000 fewer abortions in the U.S. in the six months following the Supreme Court Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade. Apparently, we’re supposed to be sorry that 32,000 unique and irreplaceable human beings have a chance at life instead of being chopped up alive while still in the womb?

Moloch is very unhappy!

Abortion Morality

Yeah, that’s

a big deal! Even if it doesn’t stand, it is still a big deal. Babies will live that otherwise would have died. And some of them may grow up to be a HUGE benefit to mankind!

I just want to go on record that I am against killing babies…


We ALL know

her true colors!

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was the only dissenter in a high court decision that vacated a lower court ruling earlier this week allowing minors the right to go to court to get permission to seek an abortion.