Oh, that is

very nice. Even so, I think it is a difficult issue. The abortion part is morally very easy, of course. Very few will admit to loving infanticide. Some, but a distinct minority. The moral agency vs morality part, however, is harder.

I’m certainly not saying that this was the wrong choice–there are a TON of things that are illegal (including murder)! And elective abortion is an utter abomination. Still, there is some moral agency argument to be made, here…

That being said, I think this is a good call.

Lawmakers in Utah said the bill would protect “the innocent” and “the unborn,” which was previously passed in 2019 but didn’t go into effect until the Supreme Court overturned¬†Roe v. Wade.

The law has angered pro-abortion advocates, who are threatening to find a way around the 1,446-line pro-life bill. 

Reports are that Moloch is also HIGHLY displeased…

Abortion Political philosophy

Honestly, why do

Democrats LOVE abortion so much?

I really don’t get it. You wouldn’t think that they would go so ga-ga over infanticide.

But you would be wrong…

I think that abortion reveals the scummy underbelly of the hard Left. THAT is why it HAS to be an unquestioned and usually unexamined shibboleth of the Left. Because if you start examining THAT…

Let’s just say that it would mean that you had stepped out of the Lefty “circle of safety.”

And abortion on demand for any reason even after the birth has become the mark of the beast Lefty identity. And therefore groveling obeisance must be paid! ALL Lefties who are part of that “tribe” HAVE TO make a deep curtsy to that abomination! Or they are no longer “in the club.”


It makes me laugh

that vegans/vegetarians wont consume animal products, but they sure are happy to be offered a filet-of-fetus sandwich!

Abortion Evil Hypocrisy

Well yeah!

DUH! MOST moral people strongly disagree

Most people are not lying charlatans. I’m OK if you disagree with me–let’s discuss it like reasonable human beings. But don’t lie about it!

I’m totally OK with disagreement. But I’m not OK with lying and hiding your real position!

Abortion Dementia

Senile Joe decides

to alienate everyone.

Maybe he’ll skate, since everyone knows a) he’s a liar and b) he’s not really making those decisions anyway–he’s just a figurehead.


I think we

ignore post-abortion trauma.

And it is NOT an innocent ignoring. Academics don’t study it because of the obvious implications.

Abortion Immorality

Can you say,

extremist?” Wow! Wow, wow, WOW!

Let’s just hope that the good people of AZ have better sense than to elect


Look, I’m not

saying that ALL abortion fans (and their suck-up toady apologists) are racist eugenicists. But it’s not like they have a problem with it, either! It’s certainly no deal-breaker for them…

Abortion Bad Faith

The fact that KJP

is doing the shuck-and-jive thing should tell you all you need to know about the “Biden” position.

Like MOST Democrats, she wants you to just buy a cat in a bag! It’s the Democrat way–lie about who you really are and what you actually believe in order to get elected. Then just do as you please–until election time comes around again. Lather, rinse, repeat.


My understanding of

the VA/Federal abortion issue:

Yes, the VA (Veteran’s Affairs) hospitals are “Federal Enclaves” and as such are not really beholden to state laws. So they could perform abortions with immunity from state laws.

BUT (and it is a big but), there really are not many Veterans who need or want abortions. See, to be eligible for treatment at the VA, you have to meet the eligibility conditions set by Congress.

And guess what? There just are not many abortions needed or even wanted in that population. SHOCKER: Your average crack hoe is NOT a veteran!

So it’s not like the VA is going to set up community abortion clinics. They cannot become Planned Parenthood.

And abortion is almost never a medically emergent issue. So it would naturally be referred out. I mean, my large local VA in the State Capitol doesn’t even have a neurologist and therefore has to totally refer out to the community for that!

So the number of abortions the VA could perform is miniscule. And we haven’t even addressed the Hyde Amendment…