Bad Faith Banana Republic of Brandon Treason

Almost everyone

knows it’s bull crap. And almost a third of people are numb to treason or value their kooky Leftism over their country.

Epic fail Treason

Honestly, could

this administration BE any more traitorous?

Holy crap! What’s WRONG with Biden? Vote this evil clown out of office!

Barbaric! Treason

Yes. How can

can she be removed from office?

Musk responded with a post on X, which said, “At risk of stating what should be obvious, deliberately violating the Constitution is next-level illegal. How soon can this person be removed from office?”

Indeed, the illegality of this is both obvious and stunning. This is flat-out treason!


I think that

sometimes you wonder: What if?

I guess what I don’t understand is the obviously traitorous behavior by those who have made an oath to protect us! I just don’t think we can ascribe this all to mere stupidity.

There has been a violation of fiduciary duty.

Perfidy Treason

The calls are

coming from within the house!

Independent Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema slammed President Joe Biden and Democrats over funding for the flood of illegal migrants who continue to cross the border daily, saying border states should be receiving more funding than states like New York.

Has anything ever been more obvious? “Biden” is a traitor to the country and is facilitating a foreign country in their invasion of the US. DUH!


It’s just getting

harder and harder not to see this as treason.

Hey “Biden,” you took an oath to protect our country! Are you so dead as to what is right? What’s WRONG with you?


Treason sure

pays well!

No wonder Senile Joe wants to keep this under wraps!

Offering some leniency, Comer told Wray the deadline for a response to his subpoena had been extended to May 30. “If the FD-1023 form is not produced by that date, the Committee will initiate contempt of Congress proceedings,” he warned.

Illegal Immigration Treason

Thank Heaven

that some states are taking action! Heaven knows that “Biden” has violated his oath of office and won’t protect the country!

Donald Trump warned about a day of infamy. Even the Biden administration braced for chaos at the southern border and warned the nation to expect the worst for a while. Our own Julio Rosas is at the border right now, documenting the mess. Title 42 has expired, allowing quicker deportations based on public health. It’s viewed as anathema by the Left due to it being a Trump-based initiative.

It’s maddening!


Well, well, well.

Would you look at that!

A new report backed by leaked emails and inside sources is shedding light on a shocking policy Joe Biden is pursuing in regard to China. According to Reuters, during the Chinese spy balloon fiasco that captivated the nation in early 2023, embattled Secretary of State Antony Blinken was actually seeking to protect the communists.

… But as I’ve speculated in the past, it’d be a mistake to chalk all this up to sheer incompetence. The Biden administration continually operates as if it is bought and paid for by the Chicoms. From COVID to economics, the Chinese are allowed to dominate. It’s long past time for people to start asking why.


Biden’s actions

were just inexcusable! This smacks of treason.

At the time, much about the balloon wasn’t known publicly, but a new trove of Pentagon documents leaked on Discord show it — and up to four other previously unknown spy balloons like it — could have had a feature known as “synthetic aperture radar” that can see through certain objects, the Washington Post reported.