This was treason,

plain and simple. I don’t use that term lightly–but look up the definition yourself.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) revealed the extent of the damage that President Joe Biden caused the United States by allowing a Chinese spy balloon to travel over the country before shooting it down over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Carolina.

This is NOT “just” partisan politics. This is responding to a real threat!

“In this case, a sophisticated spy balloon that went across three nuclear sites, I think it’s important to say, in plain view of the American people,” he said. “In Montana, the triad site, air, land, and sea nuclear weapons, in Omaha, the spy balloon went over our Strategic Command, which is our most sensitive nuclear site. It was so sensitive that President [George W.] Bush was taken there after 9/11. And then finally, Missouri, the B-2 bomber, that’s where they are placed. It did a lot of damage.”

You know, we have a right to expect that our President will protect the country, not sell it out.

Immorality Treason

Yeah, so

it was no big deal, right?

The scope of this betrayal is truly staggering! MSM lackeys are trying to say that it is no big deal, but it sure is!

The thing was floating over Montana the other day. For those who’ve never been there, Montana isn’t one of our more populous states. I’m pretty sure that there was someplace it could have been brought down there without causing a lot of damage.

You should be angry!

There can be no doubt that Xi Jinping and his commie buddies are greatly amused by how all of this played out.

Look, I understand inconsequential evil and incompetence. But THIS affects us all! We can’t just “wink” at such corrupt villainy–not and remain a free country!