Despotism Fighting Back Lefty Scheming

There’s more

than one way to “burn” a book. Understand VERY well–the Left is burning Roald Dahl’s books now.

YOUR very cultural identity is now under attack. Now is the time to resist. Because it will soon be well nigh impossible to do so.

Hypocrisy Lefty Scheming

Well now,

isn’t that a bit surprising?

Yeah, I’m not a bit surprised…

Lefty Scheming Voter Fraud

Just so

you know…

Look, come November, THE DEMOCRATS ARE GOING TO CHEAT (again)! Take that to the bank!

Now, are YOU going to try and stop them? Are YOU going to do anything to prevent it?

Lefty Scheming

The truth is,

Biden sucks and even Democrats know it.

Yes, yes. BUT, let’s not get confused and think this was somehow not planned or foreseen at all. Maybe it happened a bit faster than fat-cat Democrats thought, but it was always very plainly the plan.

So yes, there is open Democrat rebellion against Joe Biden right now. And yes, Democrats are going to get utterly plastered in November.

But throwing Joe under the bus was always the plan! See, this is how they argue that the problem isn’t the theoretical weakness of Leftism, it is 100% that Joe just sucks! THAT is the argument! Joe is very literally the scapegoat for Leftism–they put all the “sins” of Leftism on him and then (politically) kill him.

Don’t be fooled, folks!