Evil Immorality Thuggery

It is honestly

just chilling!

Bailey was making a joke. But the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office was not laughing. A few hours later, a SWAT team showed up at Bailey’s home without a warrant but with bulletproof vests and brandishing weapons. Bailey was arrested for making a terroristic threat. According to court documents, as Bailey was  handcuffed one of the deputies stated, “…next thing [you] put on Facebook should be not to f*ck with the police.” The other officers laughed. 

Lefties, do YOU approve? If not, why are you so silent? So maybe you don’t cast the stones yourselves, but you “hold the cloaks” of those who do!

Honestly, where is your morality? When did you turn to the dark side? When did you become evil?

Evil Thuggery

Yes, Democrats must

be punished. They lied and harmed KIDS out of their lust for power. Punish.

But of course, they will cheat their way again to even more despotism unless YOU get out there, volunteer, donate, etc.

My biggest fear for November is that people will have the attention span of a puppy chasing fireflies and vote Democrat because gas is “down” to $3.25 on Election Day. So I’m going to do everything I can, every day, to remind people that Democrats are horrible lizard people who have no place in our society, much less government. NOW is the time to vote them into the history books.

As I just mentioned, Dr. Birx testified that authorities only “hoped” the “vaccines” would work. She also admits she pulled the “six feet of social distancing” out of her ear. That didn’t keep the Democrat bolshies from pushing full-steam ahead with their COVID lies and tyranny.

So what do we KNOW now?

  • Dr. Birx knew the “vaccines” wouldn’t work (which means Fauci and Biden likely knew as well). Yet the Democrats not only pushed the shots on Americans, they punished those who wouldn’t take them by having them fired and banishing them from society.
  • The “vaccines” are not only pointless but can actually be dangerous.
  • Lefty Pravda media backed up the Democrats’ COVID lies, and Big Tech silenced those who told the truth.
  • The Democrats pushed their mask-Nazi views to the point where Americans were attacking each other.
  • Social distancing was a joke, and standing on stickers at the grocery store was nothing more than a lefty stunt.
  • Lockdowns were not only pointless but they led young girls to attempt killing themselves in record numbers.

If you are not angry yet, you are just not paying attention.

Let’s roll!


Well, you KNEW

it was coming.

OF COURSE! Musk himself knew it would come, and of course it did. Only this time, Musk has a bevy of lawyers just waiting, like slavering hyenas straining at their leashes, to be set free to wreak havoc upon the lame accusers.

Look, the guy dated Amber Heard and survived with his throat unslit and his linens undefiled. This trollop’s trumped-up charges are not going to take him down. The fact is that what my mother – the judge – told me after she swore me in as a lawyer in 1994 remains true: “Everyone lies.” Allegations in sex lawsuits are as reliable as Jen Psaki, and even bullSchiff claims get settled. 

But the truth is not the point. Obedience is. They are terrified of Elon Musk because his money – combined with his iconoclasm – makes him dangerous. The thought that Musk would take over Twitter and allow free speech, thereby utterly undoing their last stranglehold on social media, filled the unelite elite with a cold terror. They know their ideas are garbage; they can only keep power by ensuring they control the marketplace of ideas. And they control it by ensuring it is not a marketplace at all but a Supermax prison where wrongthink is locked away in solitary with a lonely cellmate named Ox. 

But this is just thuggery!


Well, we

can hope. STOOOOPID idea in the first place!

Democrats, you understand that someday, probably soon, the shoe will be on the other foot, right?

Despotism Thuggery

Yeah, we’re ALL

(well, all normal and freedom-loving people) happy to see the end of the jack-booted thuggery of the Left regarding masks.

Lefty despot wannabes hardest hit…

Look at the percentage of people who are happy with the end of the mask mandate in this picture.

Then tell me there are no electoral repercussions…

I see ONE person still stubbornly wearing a mask. Yeah, that’s about right! You KNOW there is at least one wacko in every crowd.

But one or two wackos does not a Lefty electoral victory make!