Lefty Violence

It’s just


It’s scary to me. Although I’m not Jewish, my relatively recent ancestors WERE driven from place to place and murdered because of their religious beliefs. I personally have run into vestiges of such discrimination even now!

So yeah, I’m none too pleased to see it happening to Jewish people!

And please note: Conservatives just don’t do this kind of crap! It doesn’t jibe at all with the Conservative/Libertarian worldview. No, it’s the domain of the Left. Understand, many Lefties don’t like this stuff. But you now, it’s not a deal-breaker for them, either…

So they themselves don’t do it. But they certainly “hold the cloaks” of those who do!

Lefty Violence

Nice doggie,

nice doggy. OUCH!

Chaos erupted outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters Wednesday evening when pro-Palestinian protesters became violent as they called for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war.

“Cease-fire,” “violent.” Hmmmm…

Cowardice Lefty Violence

The “Religion

of Peace” is sure violent! And yet Lefties don’t at least vocally object. They are silent as the tomb…

Classic. Don’t DO the act, but “hold the cloaks” of those who do and then pretend that they are not morally culpable. Cowards.

THIS is what you get with unlimited immigration… Thanks, Joe!

Lefty Violence Morality

Uh yeah,

not shocked at all.

Understand well that THIS is representative of many mainstream Democrats. They support this. Maybe they don’t DO the murderous acts themselves, but they certainly “hold the cloaks” of those who do.

So YOU need to know where your loyalties lie, who you support, and what a valid description of your morals is!

Evil Lefty Violence

Are we starting

to see the collapse of “Wokeism?” We can only hope.

“The woke Left has been exposed in spectacular fashion as a complete and total fraud. The very people who harassed us for years about our speech by demanding jobs be taken, SAT scores be thrown out, businesses be shut down for virtually any imagined offense that allegedly dehumanized a minority, have all gone silent on the open threats and attacks on Jews.

“They claimed that hate speech should be banned, even rendered unconstitutional because they said it’s violent. They claimed that they needed their own safe spaces where they would be ‘centered’ and not subjected to ‘triggering ideas’ and ‘arguments.’ They told us ‘intent to harm’ or ‘intent to offend’ did not matter. All that mattered was the effect of one’s words and effect alone would determine whether one’s career, academic record or ability to function in polite society to continue,

“Now with actual Jew hatred … and threats as explicit as ‘kill the Jews’ all over college campuses they say … absolutely nothing. The BLM crowd, Ibram X Kendi, Ta-Nehisi Coates, not only failed to condemn these behaviors, many in this woke crowd have participated in them and celebrated the Hamas atrocities against Israel. 

In defending Jew hatred, the “woke” Lefties revealed to everyone that they are monsters. The mask has slipped, and what has been seen cannot now be unseen…

Current Events Lefty Violence

Sooo, we

meet again

Are we ALL going to be wiser this time? It was violent Lefties (NAZIs–Nation Socialists) who did it last time, and shocker, it is violent Lefties doing it again now!

Jewish-owned houses are being marked with the Star of David by anti-Semites in Berlin in images reminiscent of 1930s Nazi Germany, according to multiple reports. 

…“In Berlin, Jewish homes are being marked by pro-Hamas Jew haters. IN GERMANY, 2023,” Goldstein wrote.

Question for Lefties:

DUH! Lefty Violence

I really don’t

recommend that you go there. Let’s just say that it wouldn’t be prudent…

The robbers use stolen cars and hit specific neighborhoods, accosting people and taking their valuables while brandishing automatic weapons in their faces.

And it’s NOT one house or one person. It is a gang of marauders who hit an entire area. Because there is little to no law enforcement. Your Democrat city in action…

“I think everyone is so freaked out, who’s lived in this area for a long time, because of the random and brazen nature of what’s happening right now,” said Rod O’Connor, who has lived in the Humboldt Park area for more than two decades. “I want the next generation of shooters to not become shooters, but the generation right now is what we’re all freaked out about and why I worry about my kid riding her bike two blocks from her house.”

I have a suggestion for Mr. O’Connor–Don’t vote Democrat. How dense can you be?

Chicago: Come for the food, stay because you were murdered there!

Lefty Violence

But, but, but,

Lefties aren’t violent!

In the future, this may be seen as the first real shot fired…

Lefty Violence Moral Agency Political philosophy

Understand well.

The Left is congenitally violent.

That violence is not a “bug” of Leftism, it is the beating heart of Leftism itself! There simply is no Leftism without at least threatened violence. And often it is not just threatened…

Yes, the Left are (obviously) the theoretical heirs of National Socialism, and the violence and force and intimidation of the Gestapo is quite naturally inherent in Leftism.

Those who are Conservative, OTOH, value freedom and moral agency. Taken to an extreme, it is Libertarian in nature. Conservatives value persuasion and conversion, while Leftists hang their hat on coercion and the lack of moral agency.

Indeed, the lack of moral agency is the defining characteristic of Leftism. Leftism is, at base, a distorted, deformed, evil parody of moral agency.

Lefty Political Philosophy Lefty Violence

Well, yeah.

The Left is, by nature, violent. It is the common thread that underlies ALL Leftism.

It is the foundational, defining characteristic of Leftism. Look at history and logic, for Pete’s sake!