Lefty Violence

Got yer peaceful

Lefty protesters right here!

Evil Lefty Violence

It’s illegal.

And it is a transparent threat.

Call the police. have them arrested. Press charges to the fullest. It’s time to get after this nonsense!

Abortion Lefty Violence

Well, RFK Jr. iS

a raging Leftist, so no surprise, there!

Kennedy said he believes a woman should be allowed to kill her baby through all nine months of gestation.

Here he is talking out of both sides of his mouth:

The candidate acknowledged that every abortion is a “tragedy” and “many of them leave permanent trauma.” He even went so far as to suggest that the state has “a[n] interest in protecting a fully formed fetus,” but repeatedly claimed women should get the final say over whether a child lives or dies. [emphasis added]

To quote Matt Margolis:

Kennedy’s stance on abortion mirrors that of the most extreme Democrats, supporting abortion rights without restrictions up until the moment of birth. Additionally, he backs tax hikes, including a proposed top rate of 70%, and has voiced support for Biden’s unilateral student loan debt relief efforts while criticizing the Supreme Court for overturning them.

Why would anyone who is conservative support this man? Because of his position on the COVID vaccines? 

It is truly beyond comprehension!

Lefty Political Philosophy Lefty Violence

Understand well,

the Left ALWAYS eats its own. Always. And it has always been so. Ask Leon Trotsky…

You may think you’re safe being a Lefty “rebel” in your safe suburban neighborhood in your safe Conservative state–that such things allow you to puff yourself up as a “free thinker” who pompously doesn’t go along with the crowd while at the same time sponging off the benefits of Conservative policies–but you would be wrong. The wheeze won’t last forever. Not if the country goes the way YOU vote, anyway.

Believe me, the first people hanged will be the “pretty much Leftist” crowd. Your threat is NOT from Conservatives–they will fanatically and ruthlessly leave you alone. No, the threat you face is from the Left!

Lefty Violence Wisdom

Jewish people:

Arm yourselves because no one else here will save you

If Jews had been gun owners in the 1920s, the holocaust would simply have never happened. But they were defenseless against evil.

Don’t make THAT mistake again!

Lefty Violence

Yes, the

new face of the Democrat party!

Lefty Violence

Yeah, it’s pretty

wild. I honestly don’t know why any normal person would EVER choose to be associated with the Left now!

Lefty Violence

Ah! Those peaceful

(but sometimes a little too… exuberant) Lefties!

Lefty Violence

Those protesters

sure are peaceful, eh?

Lefty Violence

Yeah, leftists

are really peaceful. Riiiight

Students at the University of Alabama in Huntsville say they intend to press charges after receiving threatening social media communication from an alumna who took such issue with the group’s support of Jews that she threatened to take a “12 gauge shotgun” to their “skull.”

How charming.