Lefty Political Philosophy Lefty Violence

So, how long

do you think it will be before some Lefty kook plants explosives on Mt. Rushmore?

Don’t insult my intelligence by saying that Lefties are not merchants of violence. I’m not stupid, you know!

Lefty Violence

Yep, Leftism

IS violence!

Did you expect anything else? Look, it’s time for people of good morals to take a stand.

A group of about 100, all clad in black bloc, gathered in Grant Park on Saturday night. A flyer announcing the event declared: “If Abortions Aren’t Safe Then You aren’t Either,” the saying of the violent group Jane’s Revenge. The group then went on a rampage for “abortion rights,” smashing and vandalizing throughout the city.

… Ironically, it’s always the very liberal Starbucks that gets it in the teeth in these riots.

Evil Lefty Violence

I guess they

can’t abide an “uppity black man!”

AGAIN, did I mention that the Left is violent? Some day Conservatives may grow weary of the crap and pay Lefties back in kind. I really hope not, but one can’t poke a “nice” tiger for very long before that tiger rises up to put an end to the crap.

It won’t be nice, and I very much hope that Conservatives don’t give Lefties what they deserve–that they don’t respond in kind. But I am worried as to where this ends…

Lefty Political Philosophy Lefty Violence

Uhm, need some PROOF

that lefties are violent? Open your dang eyes!

I don’t condone violence. Therefore, I’m not a Lefty.

Lefty Political Philosophy Lefty Violence

Yes, yes. I keep

telling you that ALL Leftism is, at the core, violence. THAT’s what is IS! All the “happy talk” is just a blind–the cheerful mask covering the slavering, hideous monster underneath.

Just look at recent history! C’mon, don’t be a freakin’ ignoramus!

I know some Lefties don’t want to admit the violence inherent in Leftism. But avoidance and skittering away from the truth is NOT you friend, here.

Leftists, you need to cowboy up and face what you have endorsed head on. Running away from fact and rational discussion is NOT the path to enlightenment.

Lefty Political Philosophy Lefty Violence

Have you STILL

not figured out the the Left is violent?

Open your eyes, if you need to, folks! Yeah, they are, at core, violent. DUH!

Here’s a Leftist who said the quiet part out loud:

“I firmly believe we need a socialist society and in order to do that we need a revolution,”  Katie Mott, SU graduate student and Party for Socialism and Liberation student committee member, told Campus Reform. “Will there be some bloodshed? Certainly. We gotta take back our power.” [emphasis added]

Don’t be fooled by all the fairies and unicorns the Left dresses up in–like a 5-year-old girl wearing her mom’s high heels! No, these folks are violent, and this violence is the beating heart of Leftism itself. This is NOT some “fringe wacko” spouting off. It is, at heart, Leftism unmasked.

Socialism is the only answer to protect pro-abortion policies. according to Mott. However, she says that the transition would reportedly not be peaceful. [emphasis added]

I mean we are a Marxist-Leninist organization, we do believe in class war, we believe that class war is the way forward. As we see right now peaceful protests aren’t getting us much, we need a new society,” she stated. [emphasis added]

Lefty Violence

ALWAYS remember:

There are NO mass shootings for kids who are homeschooled.Do what is good for your kids…

Immorality Lefty Political Philosophy Lefty Violence

Oh, those

wacky yet peaceful Leftists!

THINK about what side you are on, and what is moral.

The U.S. government is bracing for a potential surge in political violence once the Supreme Court hands down the ruling that’s expected to overturn Roe v. Wade, according to a Department of Homeland Security memo obtained by Axios.

Immorality Lefty Violence

Don’t freakin’ LIE

about how Leftists are not violent. They are. DUH!

And if YOU support them, You are being immoral! Knock it off and fly right!

Immorality Lefty Violence

Biden supports

violence. There is really no question about it.

But let’s talk about YOU. Where do YOU stand on mob violence? Are you at least winking at such violence as long as it is in the service of you beliefs?

Or do you take a principled stand? Is what there are doing wrong in principle?

Because one way or the other, YOU are going to make a call, here. Either through passivity and/or willful ignorance, or through actual malice. Go ahead, make your choice…

While opinion on abortion is closely divided, opinion on the Left’s thuggish tactics is not. The Trafalgar Group finds that only 16% approve of the Democrats’ tactic of publishing the justices’ home addresses and mobilizing demonstrations there, while 76% disapprove