Please understand,

things are different, now. I put all four of my kids in public schools. I never even considered doing otherwise–the thought never actually crossed my mind to do differently. And both me and my wife are products of public schools. AND my wife is trained as an elementary school teacher.

But now I’m not sure I would put my kids in Public Schools if I had to do it over…

Other options would be strong contenders!

Current Events



Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) admitted that President Joe Biden has “probably not” secured the needed 60 votes to pass gun control in the lame-duck session of Congress.


Yeah, well,

OF COURSE regular people do!


Yeah, because

there aren’t any!

Dr. Anthony Fauci could not cite any studies that changed his mind about masking against COVID-19 during a recent deposition, lawyers who were in the room said.

I think we ALL know what happened. This was not scientifically-based. It was mere political expediency.

Look, this is not just stupidity. This deliberate evil!

Current Events

The Chinese government

knows very well that these things can quickly spiral out of control.

Civil Rights

Look, don’t you


Think carefully about what side you’re on!

Captain Obvious Psychopathology

Yes, Kanyé is one

seriously disturbed dude. We ALL can see that.

Current Events

To be honest,

so would I.

Look, I would be pleased to vote for Trump again. But I think DeSantis doesn’t have the same liabilities as Trump, and has all of the competence. DeSantis exposes the crap-eating hypocrisy of the Never-Trumpers and the wacko everyday Trump-haters. Advantage: DeSantis.

Yes, Trump got robbed in 2022. And he wants justice–I totally agree with that. But maybe it’s time to move on. What changed my mind? Trump’s stupid attacks on DeSantis and Glenn Youngkin. BAAAAD move!

Civil Rights Wisdom

No surprise,

now is it?

Twice the number of Americans were carrying handguns daily in 2019 compared to 2015, according to a new study published this month. 

Arm yourself, because no one else here will save you…

Captain Obvious

A lesson for

most Democrats to learn: