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See, legal immunity

covers a vaccine, but does NOT cover for outright lies and deception. So now attorneys and others are trying to “pierce” the immunity by demonstrating fraud.

This is a HUGE legal deal. Maybe the biggest in the history of the world. If Kansas wins, the aftermath would make the Thalidomide liability look like change you found in the couch cushions…

Again, the suit is NOT saying that there was no indemnity for a vaccine. It is saying that Pfizer lied and deceived about the scientific facts and known dangers. And THAT is not indemnified. They could make a vaccine, but didn’t have a license to lie.

Other angles focus on the idea that the jab was NOT even a vaccine. It was a treatment. And therefore, the indemnity due a vaccine does not attach…

Gentlemen, start your lawsuits!


HAMAS wackos,

do you think that things like this wins you friends and support for your cause? Because it doesn’t!

In a video posted by someone who goes by the online name “Crackhead Barney,” Tarantino is seen eating quietly alone at a restaurant when someone approaches.


You gotta be kidding!

This doofus is just unbelievably ignorant!


Even by what she said they are NOT “deepfakes.” She is just saying that the videos make things look worse than they are. Does she even know what a “deepfake” is? It sure doesn’t seem so!

What a dang moron she is!

Voter Fraud


Wait! I thought that this never happened!

Four Democrats in Connecticut are facing election fraud charges after they allegedly abused the absentee ballot system in order to affect the democratic primary.

Pointing out these lies just never gets old.

Yeah, people commit voter fraud felonies for no reason at all! They know it never actually affects an election, but they do it anyway…

Riiiiiight <shakes head>

Current Events

Yes, it’s


But check out this segment from CNN this morning on how Biden is hemorrhaging black voters with CNN pollster Harry Enten, who I think is a pretty straight shooter in the polling world:


Yeah, people

are fleeing. And for good reason…

Relocation firm moveBuddha looked at searches for 100,000 moves just this year, and five of the top ten were people looking to get out of the Golden State for almost anywhere else. “5 of the top 10 exit metros are in California, the firm reported on Monday. “Los Angeles has the highest interest in outbound moves, with 42% more outbound inquiries than runner-up San Francisco. Per capita, the prize goes to San Francisco.”

Not everyone can leave, I get that. But more and more people are seriously making calculations. Just don’t crap in your new nest, if you DO leave.

Remember, you are a Leftugee, not a missionary…

Dementia Joe

I’m really not

surprised that the WH staff is sick of “Dementia Joe” videos. I mean, ARE there any others?

The White House has reportedly grown weary of videos that appear to show President Joe Biden experiencing a cognitive decline and right-leaning media reporting on them.

“Appear to?”

Current Events

You know, the

jokes just write themselves! You don’t think this was just a lame photo-op, do you? Oh my!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… THE DEMOCRATS!

“I get that you’re playing to the masses but literally no one puts cheese on a raw beef patty,” the eldest son of former President Donald Trump wrote. “If you need help learning how to do basic grilling stuff let me know. Nice try relating though.”


Oh my!

That is just brutal. And stinkin’ hilarious! Jerry Seinfeld from the top rope!

… he dealt with a “From the river to the sea” heckler for a few minutes. Seinfeld observed: “You’re really influencing everyone here. We’re all on your side now, because you’ve made your point so well, and in the right venue. You’ve come to the right place for a political conversation.”

Captain Obvious

I really could

not have said it better myself:

The Washington Post lost half its readers when Trump left office. Its owner, Jeff Bezos, does not know what to do. I suggest more coverage of high school sports with lots of pictures because people are more interested in that stuff than the daily Trump bashing. TDS has become tedious, predictable and unprofitable. The show is over. [emphasis added]

Yes, the TDS show is over. At least, it is no longer able to sell tickets and the TDS flunkies now have sunken eyes and a tight, grim look on their faces. They are the old men sitting in their wheelchairs at a Rolling Stones concert smoking weed at arguing that Mick Jagger “still has it.”