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Because it

truly IS a mystery!

Disgusting! Immorality Media Flying Monkeys

So just why

does the MSM totally ignore a HUGE story that implicates Joe Biden?

Why don’t we have an MSM that is NOT hopelessly biased? And, how can these guys sleep at night?

I think that it is clear: Only a huge fool doesn’t realize that they are being lied to by the MSM. Sometimes those are lies of commission, but most often they are lies of omission.

But honestly, anyone who values truth is disgusted! Anyone.

Current Events

In order to

succeed, Trump needs to get back to his roots. And that means that he can’t dwell on the “slings and arrows” that the kooky Left have constantly thrown at him, and get back to focusing on making the country great again.

Yes, he has been regularly treated horribly by the MSM and the entire “usual suspects” contingent. And no, it really hasn’t been fair at all–it has been grossly unfair. I think most of us understand that very well.

But the main thrust of his campaign has to be on the American people in order for him to win. It can’t be based on just offense at having been grievously mistreated.

Trump was a very good President, and he has plenty to hearken back to. And he should. The facts are overwhelmingly on his side.

As long as the “righteous anger” is primarily about the chronic Lefty mistreatment of Americans, it works very well. But if it becomes primarily about revenge for Trump’s mistreatment, it will fail.

Despotism Evil

Never forget

what these despots did to you! Never.

It’s pretty dang revolting. It is evil.

By her own testimony, Cody strictly enforced mandates on people of faith and most small businesses while exempting favored groups, and she “spent taxpayer money supervising 900 contact tracers and conducting a Contact Tracing Study and the efficacy of masking to stop transmission [in infected persons without including a control group].”  Even one of the Board of Supervisors expressed “concern about the way [SCC] is addressing [this mandate] relative to the science.”

Anti-scientific stance Foolishness

Yes, we are

starting to see a shift. And I told you it would come! Two words: Recovered Memory.

Right now is just the beginning of this shift, but those of us who are old and wise enough to have seen this kind of thing before in medical circles always quite clearly recognized it as just another destructive medical fad that would eventually burn itself out.

Of course, there are victims. Lobotomy was a fad that burned itself out, too. But there were thousands of life-long victims. And also, many parents were falsely accused of child sex abuse–and some went to prison.

And that is also the general case here–the very same pattern. But times 1000, this time. It is burning itself out, but there will be many thousands of life-long victims. And just who will be the last person to be permanently mutilated in the service of this fad?

Truly sad. Heartbreaking, really. Attorneys, gear up!

Current Events

Trump was,

in almost all ways, a very good President. But he trusted Fauci and Birx and others, and they were lying to him. He believed their lies, and made some really bad decisions based on what they told him.

I don’t totally blame Trump, but the truth is that he was not skeptical enough. I know that he felt justified, that he deferred to the “experts,” and it’s hard to blame him too much. He didn’t realize the depth of the evil surrounding him.

And we ALL know better now. Still, I would like for Trump to openly acknowledge that he was indeed fooled by untrustworthy advisors, and as a result he did some things that were not wise or helpful or good. THAT is a big “ask” for him.

The sad part is that so far he has been unable to admit that he got snookered. His self-image seems to make that very hard…

Current Events

When talking

about the alleged resurrection of Jesus, there are only a few possibilities, and the perpetrator(s) had to have BOTH a motive and the ability. The empty tomb is a HUGE logical problem for atheists and non-Christians!

First option: The disciples thrashed an elite Roman guard, moved a two-ton rock, broke into the tomb, and stole the body. Then they got rid of the body and told everyone Jesus was resurrected. And keep in mind, the elite Roman soldiers guarding the tomb faced death for leaving their post or allowing someone to take the body. And yet…

Well, the disciples certainly had the motive. But did they have the ability? I mean, none of the disciples had any military training or experience. And the guard would have been professional soldiers who were very motivated to not let this happen! And they were elite soldiers.

So, is it reasonable to speculate that the disciples were capable of subduing a crack unit of the Roman Legion, moving the stone likely weighing between one and two tons out of the way and taking Christ’s dead body to be reburied and never found?

Oh, and the disciples never breathed a word of their stupendous victory over the hated Romans to anyone. Even when faced with execution by torture. Riiiight.

Second option: The Sanhedrin (or other Jewish government leaders) overcame the guards, broke the seal of the tomb (again, punishable by death), and stole the body. They would certainly be able to muster the ability.

BUT, why do that? there was no motive for them to then hide the body. They knew that Jesus had foretold that he would be resurrected, and said that to the Romans–that’s why there was a guard detachment there in the first place! So if they had had the body, they would have rolled it through the streets of Jerusalem to prove to everyone that this guy was a liar and a fraud!

Finally, the Roman guards themselves could have broken into the tomb (remember, the penalty of breaking that seal was death, as was leaving their post) and hidden the body. Ah, they had the ability!

But… why? They certainly had no motive for stealing the body! And ALL the soldiers would have to be in on it. So yes, the theoretical ability, but no motive.

The only other option is to say that it just never happened at all. It’s all made up out of whole cloth. But, there are Roman historians (such as Josephus and Tacitus) that make mention of it. And we have other sources that talk about Pontius Pilate as the Roman Prefect being there at that time. So there is at least some historicity associated with the Biblical account.

The empty tomb is indeed a HUGE problem for non-believers!

As Easter comes, let us remember these things…

(Not all of these arguments are original with me, but I can’t for the life of me recall where I have seen this discussed).

Current Events Truth

Noem takes Biden

to the woodshed.

First the author of the article:

Biden, who was storing classified intelligence practically up his druggie son’s nose (which was a very busy place to be), has more ties to China than my local Hunan Palace Buffet. And as Noem points out, he has “proven that he won’t protect America” or any of our interests, “over and over again.”

Then Noem alone:

Biden “thinks if he can just change the narrative, maybe come out with some other political scandal against the other party or a former president, that the American people will just move on and forget about the fact that he is giving away our country, and he is giving it away to the enemy,” she said.

Current Events

I agree with

über conservative Chip Roy and other reliable conservatives: If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee in 2024 I will happily vote for him.

I just think Ron DeSantis is a better option. He doesn’t have the baggage Trump does. And if he is at the top of the ticket it puts the lie to all the Leftists who say that it is ONLY Trump they oppose. The bind a DeSantis campaign would put Leftists who pretend to be “moderates” in would be nothing short of delicious!

Plus, DeSantis has shown that he has unerring conservative instincts as the chief executive of a large state over a long period of time (see: DeSantis; response to COVID). The same really cannot be said of Trump <cough>Fauci<cough>. And DeSantis can do two terms.

The main plus on Trump for me is that he will be more than likely to seek righteous vengeance and wreak havoc on the “deep state” lackeys if he becomes President again. There will be a BIG reckoning. And THAT is a huge plus. I just would LOVE to see him go in and start kicking butt!

Epic fail Stooooopid!

Honestly, she is

dumber than crap! She is very clearly too stupid to even know what “Fascism” is. If she were a dog, she would get lost on the end of a leash.

Her constituents ought to be just embarrassed. Holy crap! Is she the dumbest person ever to be elected to the House? I’m not a historian and so I don’t exactly know, but you can bet that she is firmly ensconced in the top 5…

Unbelievable moron. I mean, this is not run-of-the-mill dumb–this is stupid on a cosmic level! What, does she think “Fascist” means, “Anything I don’t like?”