Well, it’s starting

to happen. I’ve been warning you about this! It is going down the same path as “Recovered Memory.” And it will stop happening for the same reason…

Barbaric! Evil Malpractice



Frontal Lobotomy, repressed memory, this–all cut from the very same bolt of cloth.

Those of us who have been around the medical world for a bit are all too familiar with this particular animal!

Reed says what Caroline describes is not appropriate care. For one thing, she says, “No parent should feel pressured. That is not true informed consent.” 

No, no it isn’t.

And the divorce makes this MUCH worse. The disagreement over treatment becomes a HUGE proxy battle for the existing conflicts between the two former spouses–that, of course, increases the distress of the child involved.

Misery galore for everyone!


I’ve been around for a

very long time. And this has the exact same kind of “vibes” as the past “Satanic sex abuse/repressed memory” fad had.

Like that mania, it just takes a few practitioners to be successfully sued for it to stop. Still, it is a horrible tragedy that people will be damaged until then. But so it is…

Just you watch, an estranged parent (usually a father) gets angry and sues. Sues the surgeon, the hospital, and even the office staff. And the schoolteachers who openly egged it on. It will be EPIC!

But I gotta tell you, practitioners hate being sued! Because even if they eventually prevail, the process IS the punishment…