Dystopia Human Misery Malpractice

I’m telling you,

this fad is not long for this world. We’re already seeing the start of a fall. It ends in a courtroom..

“This is an area of remarkably weak evidence, and yet results of studies are exaggerated or misrepresented by people on all sides of the debate to support their viewpoint. The reality is that we have no good evidence on the long-term outcomes of interventions to manage gender-related distress,” Cass writes in the forward of the review. [emphasis added]

THAT is a nice way of saying, “It don’t work”

Unfortunately, lots of kids are now permanently mutilated because of this fad. They can never just shrug, forget, and go on. They are lifelong victims, and they deserve our pity.

Culture Malpractice


it’s over. I’ve been telling you that this pig is going to the abattoir of history to take its rightful place among the worst medical malpractice fads of history–and it is finally happening.

Boyish girls, climb the nearest tree and give a Tarzan whoop of victory – girly boys, fashion a floral crown and caper copiously. Thanks to the Cass Report, failing to follow sexist stereotypes (which decree that girls play with dolls and boys play with themselves) will no longer get you marched off to the sex-correction clinic. You’ll no longer be stuffed like a five-bird roast with the best that Big Pharma can tout and later shuttled off to the abattoir to have your perfectly healthy sexual organs hacked off. For the Great Trans Con has been bust as wide open as the space between India Willoughby’s ears.

Unfortunately, there are lots of people who will live with being horrifically sexually mutilated for the rest of their lives. They will never know the joy of parenthood, or even of a loving partnership. They will now be forever a walking, talking freak show–and there’s no way to go back now.

Like the Mitchell and Webb Nazis, the signs that the trans-mob weren’t the good guys – though they were definitely guys – were there all along. 

… Now the reckoning has come. With it, the people who were previously vilified will be vindicated. The greatest winner will be JK Rowling, as she generally is – and she has handled her victory with characteristic wit and grace.


Well, it’s starting

to happen. I’ve been warning you about this! It is going down the same path as “Recovered Memory.” And it will stop happening for the same reason…

Barbaric! Evil Malpractice



Frontal Lobotomy, repressed memory, this–all cut from the very same bolt of cloth.

Those of us who have been around the medical world for a bit are all too familiar with this particular animal!

Reed says what Caroline describes is not appropriate care. For one thing, she says, “No parent should feel pressured. That is not true informed consent.” 

No, no it isn’t.

And the divorce makes this MUCH worse. The disagreement over treatment becomes a HUGE proxy battle for the existing conflicts between the two former spouses–that, of course, increases the distress of the child involved.

Misery galore for everyone!


I’ve been around for a

very long time. And this has the exact same kind of “vibes” as the past “Satanic sex abuse/repressed memory” fad had.

Like that mania, it just takes a few practitioners to be successfully sued for it to stop. Still, it is a horrible tragedy that people will be damaged until then. But so it is…

Just you watch, an estranged parent (usually a father) gets angry and sues. Sues the surgeon, the hospital, and even the office staff. And the schoolteachers who openly egged it on. It will be EPIC!

But I gotta tell you, practitioners hate being sued! Because even if they eventually prevail, the process IS the punishment…