Germany: “Remember

how we were going to shut down those nuclear reactors? Uh, never mind…”


Yes, indeed.

I think electric cars ARE pretty much doomed if we don’t get this fixed.

Even more than the rather horrifying range issues, THIS is a dealbreaker! And waiting for it to charge is a problem, as well.

Until we get a quantum leap forward in battery technology, EVs just won’t work. Same with wind and solar power. Let’s face it; We can’t yet spin straw into gold. ALL you have is hydrocarbon and nuclear energy, with a decorative dollop of hydropower. EVERYTHING else is a total waste and an environmental nightmare!

NOTHING else makes a lick of sense. Which is why wind and solar have to be subsidized! Things that really work don’t need to be subsidized…

And if you are FOR the environment, you are NOT for wind and solar power.

Bad Faith Biden-induced misery Energy

Yeah, but we pretty

much knew that the Biden groveling would do NO good, now didn’t we?

So he humiliated himself and his country. For nothing (for us). Yep, that’s Joe Biden! Why didn’t he get more oil from Texas or by opening the Keystone pipeline?

Why? Because he was never actually serious about making things better for regular Americans. Never. He just wanted to look like he cared and wanted to help. As they say, Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it

It’s not as if he made a good try and failed. I think we ALL could have accepted that if that had been the case. It’s that he never actually tried, and this was all just Kabuki theater!

YOU need to understand that this was all for show. And there were untold man-hours involved with making this trip happen, at HUGE expense to you.

One of my old close friends was arm’s length from POTUS for a couple years, and you would be dumbfounded at the preparation and work it takes for a trip like this to happen!

But yeah, it was a train wreck.


Eventually you

see the light, IF you are actually seeking truth.

BUT, about 99.9% of fans of solar and wind are mere charlatans striking a pose.

I just couldn’t admit it. My sense of identity was tied to my false beliefs about energy—myths that blinded me to what really does—and doesn’t—help the planet. 

… It’s now clear I was chasing utopian energy. I was using green energy myths as moral camouflage, and I was able to believe those myths as long as I remained ignorant about the real costs and benefits of different energy sources. 

Energy Stooooopid!

The wages of

Lefty enviro-weenies’ stupidity.

Depend on Russian natural gas, close your nuclear power plants, and then let your population freeze to death if you don’t bow to Russian demands or if you torque them off.

How stupid!

The three nuclear plants that were shut down last December could have been used to generate a lot of electricity which could in turn be used to heat a lot of homes this winter.

Energy Stooooopid!

Sorry, but “Biden”

is STOOOOPID. Well, to be honest, at least as evil as stupid.

One of the most frustrating aspects of the Biden administration — and Lord knows there are a lot of things that infuriate people about them — is the way the U.S. went from a net energy exporter to record high gas prices and a reliance on oil imported from other countries.

… “I am proud to say that Alberta is home to the world’s third-largest proven and probable oil reserves, about 180 billion barrels; and one of the world’s largest reserves of natural gas,” Kenney boasted to senators about what his province can offer. “The Province of Alberta owns those resources, and has the exclusive constitutional power to regulate their production.”

Kenny made brilliant points in his speech, but the most important one is this: if the U.S. isn’t going to drill for its own oil, why not export from a friendly country that’s close by rather than from faraway nations that hate America?

Energy Wisdom

It seems to

me that the tide is starting to shift. And if it is, that would be a welcome change.

Investment companies have ONE job: To make money for their clients. It is NOT to be “woke.”

I mean, anyone with half a brain knows that “green” energy like wind and solar are a total bust, and will be until there is a different battery technology. What we need is NOT just a quantitative shift (bigger batteries) but a qualitative shift–a different battery technology altogether.

Until that happens Solar and Wind are just pouring money down a rat hole.

Biden-induced misery Energy

As this article

says, gas prices are going up again, but Biden a wonderful guy and is doing all he can to bring them down for us peons.

But is he, really?

‘Cuz I have several suggestions just off the top of my head on what would lead directly to lower gas prices. Starting with the Keystone Pipeline…

Gee, I wonder why “Biden” won’t go there? DUH!

Yes, blame high gas prices on “Biden.” THAT is where the blame rests, and nowhere else. You fools who voted for Biden owe me gas money!



about oil.

And some of you pie-in-the-sky Leftists need to pull your heads out of your butts regarding Solar and Wind.