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Even the Lefty cheerleader

The Atlantic sees that Biden’s attempt to buy votes through loan “forgiveness” is a legal mess.

It’s not at all clear that this “Biden” boondoggle can withstand legal scrutiny. We all (most of us) assumed he could do that, but maybe he can’t. It has become clear that it is, shall we say, legally dubious.

And from a moral perspective, he shouldn’t do it.

Yeah, The Atlantic ties to salvage things with happy-clappy obfuscations and outright lies, but it is quite clear that even THEY can see that is on very shaky legal ground.

The reality is saved for the last sentence:

These plaintiffs will probably prevail unless the Department of Education narrows the plan’s scope or relies on a different statute when it finalizes the policy.

But if it falls it is another “Roadrunner” epic fail: “Biden” gets all the crap for implementing this base scheme, but almost none of the hoped-for benefits.


Bad Faith Banana Republic of Brandon

It really is

nothing short of bizarre. To spend time in a very public speech saying how Republicans are a threat to the nation, and then:

At the conclusion of the event Biden was asked by FOX News’s Peter Doocy whether he considered all Trump supporters a threat to the country. Biden responded: “You keep trying to make that case. I don’t consider any Trump supporters a threat to the country.”


Was that not the main point of the entire speech?

Now that is bizarre. What are we to make of it? Byron York states that Biden was “tr[ying] to walk back some of the rhetoric he used the night before.” Really? Byron himself judges Biden’s denial of the import of his remarks “simply impossible to believe. How could he mean what he said at Independence Hall and not consider any Trump supporters a threat to the country? Not possible.”

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stuff. But it’s pretty easy to ignore what the unwashed masses say if you, the king, disagree with it.

If people are serious about it, they start resigning and talking!

Banana Republic of Brandon Corruption


Just in case you are so naïve that you don’t understand what is happening…

That is screwed up! The FBI collaborated with the shadowbanners!

Honestly, when are people going to wake up and realize that virtually ALL the things that the Left dismissively called “conspiracy theories” were, in point of fact, TRUE?

Sure, the googley-eyed Lefty extremists almost for sure never will confront the truth, but most of us are not such rigid extremists!

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Banana Republic of Brandon Evil

OK, not what I want

or what justice demands, but it’s a start! And once a toe is in the door…

The FBI and DOJ’s system of selectively leaking to the media and using those stories as evidence of the seriousness of the issue in their request for a warrant is already happening here. It’s a continuous fake-news feedback loop of the kind we saw in the Russian collusion and Steele Dossier hoaxes

 …“This loop starts with leaks to the media, the media dutifully report them, and the FBI uses the stories as ‘evidence’ in their warrant applications. See how that works?”. 

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Oh, threats,

threats. But Iran is going to have to wait in line…

Banana Republic of Brandon Captain Obvious Disgusting!

Yeah, I sure do!

This is classic CYA behavior.

Banana Republic of Brandon Despotism

Well, well…

Surprise, surprise!

Disgusting! Just what side are you on, the side of morality or the side of despotism?

Ask not for whom the bell tools, it tolls for THEE! So decide what you believe and what you think is right.

Banana Republic of Brandon Elections

Watch the


What they did is disgraceful. No one is safe anymore.

Let’s roll…