Captain Obvious Change

Regular people

just don’t want to eat any more of the Biden dog food!

Former President Donald Trump holds a double-digit lead over President Joe Biden in a hypothetical head-to-head general election race in Iowa while he also enjoys a 35-point advantage in the Iowa GOP Caucus, according to an Emerson College poll. 

Change Political philosophy

Heaven knows

I would very much like it if that were the case. And there are some good hints that it is. But only hints at present.

This is Joe Rogan and Bill Maher, people. Joe Rogan and Bill Maher bashing woke liberal policies and their destructive consequences.

… We are seeing a hard-right shift in American culture. People are fed up with the fairy dust madness and are slowly becoming less afraid to say so. The Rainbow Mafia and race-baiting cultists who lulled people into a weird acid-trip-like trance for the past decade are losing their power over the sedated masses.

Yes, the article says what I want to hear. And for THAT reason I am VERY wary! See, the Left thinks that if someone says something they like, it is for sure true. For them, that an idea fits with their pre-judged notions is ipso facto proof of veracity!

But as a Conservative, I don’t have that problem. I know people can be mistaken. I know people actually lie at times! So I want to see actual evidence. So don’t blow smoke, show me the money!


Yeah? Well

let’s see what actually happens.

Even CNN said that everyone needs to drop the narrative that Trump can’t win in 2024 should he re-clinch the GOP nomination. Biden’s approvals are poor, with an overwhelming number of Americans feeling that we’re no longer on the right track. 

… Concerning non-white male voters, a key voting bloc for Democrats, they’re souring on Joe Biden. These gentlemen aren’t flocking to the GOP, but they could stay home if things continue to deteriorate.

No wonder Democrats are bricking their britches! This kind of stuff scares the bejeebers out of them. And rightly so…

Usually, Democrats get ~90-93% of the Black vote. Imagine if they only got 80%. Or 75%…

Change Elections

Yes, but ALWAYS

a bridesmaid and never a bride.

Yes, I have hope that we are seeing a shift, here. And it seems that we are. But I want to see real change, not change that is always approaching but never actually arrives.

Biden’s 2020 margin among Black voters was smaller than for any other Democratic presidential nominee over the past two decades, and the latest data suggests that support has eroded since the election.

… A Quinnipiac University national poll released last week found Biden receiving 73% support from Black voters, compared to 20% for Trump in a hypothetical 2024 rematch. A poll conducted for Fox News released this month showed 61% of Black voters favoring Biden, compared to 20% for Trump. August surveys from Emerson College, Harris X/The Messenger, and YouGov/The Economist also showed similar results.

But Democrats only getting 61% (or even 73%) of the Black vote is utterly catastrophic for them. If that rate held, Democrats would rarely ever win again (talking about the Presidency)!

Change Culture

I told you.

We are seeing a cultural shift. Country music is leading the charge because their customers tend to be more amenable to these messages. They have taken the ground that “Punkers” once held.

But Leftists would be wise, indeed to pay attention to these cultural changes!

Because this won’t end here: It started with “Try That In A Small Town,” moved to “Rich Men North of Richmond.” And then this. And as I have said, it isn’t over–not by a long shot.

I mean, do you think that country music artists, having seen what voicing protest to brutal Lefty dominion does, won’t do a lot more of it? And do you think that will not spark now-silent other people?This is just starting.

Change Fighting Back

I gotta say,

that makes me hope Trump wins!

Change Culture

You know,

it’s a nightmare for the Left. Let’s call it The Revenge of the unwashed masses.

There’s a new singer on the scene who has no agent, record label or marketing muscle behind him. He’s a virtual unknown, but by the power of social media his music explodes on the iTunes charts.

And Lefties, do you think he will be the last one? You might think that, but to quote a recent song, “I recommend you don’t.”

So why are Leftists so angry about this?

Because it marks a cultural shift away from Leftism. Leftists have become the hidebound and coercive fuddy-duddies while Conservatives have become the plucky, truth-telling rebels.

Change Current Events Media Flying Monkeys

The discouraging truth is,

many Americans have been weak. They have bleatingly gone along in order to keep up appearances. They didn’t realize that the landscape has undergone a seismic shift, and they can no longer trust those sources that they did in the past–those sources have very often been captured, corrupted, and are now no longer reliable.

COVID taught us, and the Marxists, that too many Americans are weak. We stayed home, closed our businesses, and said goodbye to loved ones who were dying in the hospital on our phones via Zoom, all over a virus almost everyone knows was paid for by the National Institutes of Health and manufactured in China. Why? Because we were told to do so. Never mind that more than 99% of Americans would survive the “bat-stew flu.” [ed: spoiler, it was a deliberately engineered virus, NOT something that came from eating bats or pangolins]

… It’s time to wake up your normie neighbors and relatives. Yes, you risk losing friends and family, as I have. But look at it this way: if they abandon you because you embrace liberty, they probably already hate you.

The good news is that change can happen. Weak knees can be strengthened. Hearts and minds can be changed. Yes, we are starting the 3rd quarter and are down by 14. That is indeed a pretty dire situation. But we have the ball and are marching down the field…

So let’s wake up the rest of the team and help them believe that this thing is NOT over!

Change Human Misery

Let’s be clear:

Political philosophy is always inextricably tied to quality of life. And crappy political philosophy ALWAYS leads to human misery. Always.

OK, so NOW what do the residents do?

The only way to attract residents, especially wealthy residents, is to create a safe and clean city with good schools, low taxes, affordable housing, and a healthy business climate. Well, as we all know, everything on that list directly contradicts what today’s Democrat party stands for. Urban Democrats invite crime and criminals by defanging local police. Drug addicts are allowed to sleep and poop on the streets. Taxes are always going up. Housing never goes up. Instead of quality of life issues, Democrats focus on “equity,” which means high crime, and the environment, which means no new housing.

Like many things in life, I have to take the first step. I have to admit that life has nose-dived–that it is now uncontrollable and needs to change. I need to “hit bottom.”

Until that happens and the first step is taken, no change at all can happen. In other words, I need a little humility. And Democrats are usually totally opposed to that, for obvious reasons. Hence, an unwillingness to even discuss issues, let alone debate.

Because if I am wrong about THIS thing, what else might I be wrong about? Wow, really ego-dystonic for Lefties! It is a characterological issue.

But almost all Lefties refuse to take that first step and admit that there is a problem at all. And they get angry and defensive (and usually won’t again talk to you) if you tell them they do.

Change Culture

Vive la FRANCE!

Yeah, whatever. Honestly, I’m not at all sure that France as we once knew it even exists anymore. The French culture we once knew is gone. It is there only in memory, in story, in song, and in film…