Change Culture

As a former active

duty Naval officer, I am dismayed. Crushed, really.

The military has been very good to me. I loved living overseas (youngest son was born in Japan) and I did a ton of really awesome things that a boy from Podunk, Nowhere never could have imagined.

I am proud to have been a Naval Officer.

So it is with real pain that I advise my sons to avoid the military. So while both would make great JAG officers, I just think it is no longer a culturally good for them to serve. The culture of the military has very much putrified. The leadership has revealed itself to be culturally cowardly lions.

It is no longer what it was.

I have great hope that it will rebound. Eventually. But, unfortunately, today is not that day… <sigh>

Change Current Events

Wow! I really

hope he does it!

Oh please, oh please!


AND, I think that

is probably a low-ball estimate.

BUT, I certainly would expect 225 Republicans to 150 Democrats in the House.

I think the Senate is also in play, here. Though the margins there are far smaller.

Of course, the caveat is Democrat voter fraud. You KNOW they will cheat, and it’s just about whether us normal people will get out and minimize the fraud!

We shall see…

Change Epic fail Evil Clown

Oh yeah, people

are getting to have had enough!

A Harvard CAPS–Harris Poll survey, published on July 1 by The Hill, shows that only 29% of Americans think Biden should run for re-election in 2024. A staggering 71% of respondents said the 46th president should not try for another four years in office – though perhaps the percentage is not all that staggering, given the present state of the country. 

… But most telling is the fact that 45% of people who answered the survey think Biden is just a bad president, undeserving of another term.



it’s time!

Things are changing…

Don’t be too hidebound to change yourself.



Nice! I’m telling you, the culture is changing! All but the most rigidly hidebound are getting on board!


I’m telling you,

there is a shift in the wind.

Bad Faith Change Dishonesty

I think it’s

pretty important that we don’t just get rid of the nasty Democrats. There are a TONS of feckless Republicans, most especially RINO dinosaurs like Romney and Graham, that should be unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

To be honest, they have shown themselves to be enemies of the good and right. And they need to be electorally crushed and sent to go kick road apples.

They wreak amazing damage on Conservatism. They side with Biden over and over–most recently and egregiously with the recent Biden gun control stupidity.

And THAT discourages Conservative voters.

It is evil. It is based on lies, on fundamental dishonesty. If you are a Democrat, then run as what you are, jerk! Stop lying about what you are… But no, it is a Lefty “trojan horse” strategy. It relies on deception in order to work.

We need change, not RINO dishonesty!


Well, we can

dream, but I am not at all sure it will happen. There are just too many nuts in New Mexico and Nevada. I’d sure LIKE to be optimistic, but…

Captain Obvious Change

Yes, there is

blood in the water.

But this is the first time I have read in an article that Democrats will also probably lose the Senate. They only have to have one net loss to lose the whole thing. Baby steps…

In the two worst midterm election years for Democrats in modern history — 2010 under former President Barack Obama and 1994 under former President Bill Clinton — the party lost 63 and 53 U.S. House seats, respectively. This year, Democrats could see even more substantial seat losses.

… Taken together, historical trends, Biden’s deeply negative ratings, widespread pessimism and the Democratic Party’s failure to provide cogent messaging on key issues — the economy, crime, immigration, and the pandemic — indicate that Democrats could be on track to lose as many seats as they did in 2010 and 1994, if not potentially more.

Be very worried, Democrats!

The days of political maneuvering by those on the left are gone. There are only true believers left, and Jones is on the outside looking in.

Yes, the Democrat party is the party of true believers… ONLY!