Change Morality

With the

dinosaur throw-back Mitch McConnell (eventually–unfortunately not today) leaving as well as the execrable Mitt Romney gone at the same time, it very much seems that the age of the RINO is over (or at least rapidly drawing to a close). I sure hope so!

Paul Ryan is long gone. Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel is pretty much gone, and as a result the GOP will finally be unleashed. Most of the new blood in the GOP does NOT lean to the swampy, RINO side of things.

But there is indeed some faint lightening light in the East, and we are all praying for the dawn. The long night of the Lefty/RINO Orc seems to be drawing to a close.

And yes, there is a battle between right and wrong, here. There is morality at stake. And evil never sleeps. The gap between parties has been ever-widening, and we are at a point where that gap can no longer be straddled.

But while the battle is raging and the gap between good and evil is ever widening, there is some reason for hope, and I personally believe that good will eventually overcome evil.


Don’t be a

provincial hayseed! It’s NOT just Trump. People around the world are demanding something different. And Democrats are scared–and rightly so!

It ain’t 1974 anymore! Can you hear the people sing?


Yeah, maybe.

I mean, what do Black people have to lose? They are already suffering with the sucky Democrat economic policies!

Famed rapper Curtis Jackson, known by his stage name 50 Cent, took to Instagram on Saturday to criticize New York City Mayor Eric Adams over a recently announced plan to distribute money to illegal immigrants using pre-loaded debit cards. Sharing a photograph of a New York Post article outlining the initiative, Jackson expressed his confusion and concern over the matter, candidly stating, “Maybe Trump is the answer.”

… The news has seen 50 Cent become one of a growing number of personalities in the music industry to voice support for former President Donald Trump, joining rapper Snoop Dogg who recently declared his respect for Trump. He stated, “He ain’t done nothing wrong to me. He has done only great things for me. He pardoned Michael Harris, so I have nothing but love and respect for Donald Trump.”

Change Current Events

Yes, that is

absolutely true.

During an MSNBC interview, a group of Black male voters compared their current lives to when former President Trump was in office— and it spells bad news for Biden. 

But here is my fear: “Biden” voter fraud carries the day.

“Biden” is sure acting like he doesn’t care what people think, and that may be an indication that he knows the fix is in. People don’t like him, and his poll numbers are abysmal.

But does he even care? Does it make any difference? It seems that perhaps the answer to these questions is, “No.”

So why? Just why doesn’t he care? Johnson didn’t even run again when actually, HE had better numbers than Joe! Now it could be that Joe is firmly on this Lefty track and there is no way to get off (nor does he want to). And that explanation (IMHO) is by far the most likely.

But there is another explanation, and while I think the probability is very small, we need to face it. Here it is: The Republic has fallen and we are once again subject to a king.

A disturbing thought. But one that needs to be examined.

Look, the “Fall of Rome” was totally imperceptible to those living at the time. THEY didn’t know that Rome had fallen! It was only after several hundred years that it became obvious (but mainly to historians). Bad things that happened were indeed bad, but they didn’t seem like markers of Rome’s fall to the people of the time!

So what about us? Are future historians going to date the “Fall of America” to the cheating that put Biden into office in the first place?


One of the main

reasons I want Trump to win is that of all the candidates, he is the most likely to do something like this.


Yeah, I know

the Lefty lackey MSM doesn’t want you to know and get “ideas,” but protests are happening around the world.

Change Current Events


please save us!

All these self-proclaimed “elites” who are oh-so-proud of their “education” have really looked down on working people.

But regular people have now come around to understanding that we need those truckers to save us!

Change Current Events Fighting Back

This monstrous

bill is DOA.

On Friday, House Speaker Mike Johnson said in a letter to colleagues that a package in the Senate, which includes funding for Ukraine and addresses the border crisis, would be “dead on arrival” in the House.

Change Fighting Back

Yes, yes.

Can you hear me now?

You will. Oh you will, all right…

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a song of angry men?
It is the music of the people
Who will not be slaves again!

(Though from the sign I assume this is four years old. But it is still on point.)


We are starting

to see a few nervous Democrats break ranks with Biden. Is this the thin edge of the wedge?

Fourteen House Democrats voted to denounce the Biden administration‘s “open-borders policies” on Wednesday amid a surge in crossings and blue cities around the country getting overwhelmed with migrants.

I’m honestly not all that hopeful, yet. But it does make me raise my eyebrows a little.