Stooooopid! Wisdom


that you never get a doc who recently went to UCLA!

Anger Injustice Stooooopid!

Indeed, so far

it’s not looking all that great. And even a conviction in the Bragg “Hush Trump” trial is quite likely only going to solidify Trump’s standing with the voting public.

Regular people are offended at “Obviously and grossly unfair.” It’s really not a good look for them…

Maybe this works for the nutso extremist lefty crowd, but certainly not for normal people!

Senile Joe Stooooopid!

Well, that is

indisputably true. Biden has never been a smart man. But now he is also riddled with dementia. It’s a bad combination.

Biden was known as “Slow Joe” for decades before he became senile.

Evil Stooooopid!

Ah Oregon.

What a bunch of idiots! Well, non-rural Oregon, anyway.

A pro-Palestinian group, named after a radical activist who died in Gaza, claimed alleged responsibility for torching several police cars in Portland, Oregon on Thursday.


Jimmy my boy,

you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

What will we hear next,”Get off my lawn?”

Political strategist and former Clinton advisor James Carville suffered an epic meltdown over the growing support of former President Donald Trump among young voters.


It truly

never gets old!

Injustice Intellectual Cowardice Stooooopid!

What a freakin’

loony despot that judge is! What a maroon!

Is that weenie judge trying to makeTrump a more popular and sympathetic character?

Because THIS is how you make Trump a more popular and sympathetic character!


Don’t be a

freakin’ MORON!

DUH! Stooooopid!

You don’t say!

Really? Whoda thunk? Oh yeah…

Idiots. Explosive-diarrhea-spending Democrats and their lackey RINO lil’ buddies are just idiots.

The astronomical rise in the U.S. national debt poses “significant risks” to the global economy and threatens to continue fueling high inflation, according to a new warning from the International Monetary Fund.

… If this trend continues, the Congressional Budget Office anticipates the national debt will grow to an astonishing $54 trillion in the next decade. Higher interest rates are also compounding the pain of higher debt.

… The U.S. is one of four countries that needs to critically address “fundamental imbalances between spending and revenue.” The other three are China, Italy and the United Kingdom. 


Oh, OK. Glad we

got THAT cleared up!

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) has “clarified” that she was actually asking whether or not she could live on the sun, not the moon. Her comments came after she was widely lampooned for discussing whether or not human beings could live on the moon, which, she claimed, “is made up mostly of gases.”

Her stupidity is truly beyond belief!