ya think?

Recent studies provide evidence on the effects of puberty blockers on kids, a field where hitherto there has been little to no longterm data or research.  And the results are sobering.  It turns out trying to tamper with natural biology has bad and sometimes permanent longterm consequences. Who would have thought?

Piss-poor judgment Stooooopid!

Because, well,

of course they are! The hope is that the GOP takes the House and can impose a little fiscal sanity! You certainly are never going to get that from Democrats. Never have, never will. And there are some Republicans and virtually ALL the RINOs who are also guilty, here.

Do they hate the country? Is that why they are doing this?


Yeah, but such

laws never do!

Gun control theory has to be the most inane and stupid issue in modern politics. We are ALL dumber for having heard people bleat out gun control nonsense (to turn a phrase). How normal IQ people get all wrapped up in promoting this policy is an offense to logic and good sense!

Sociopathy Stooooopid!

Here is the

solution to this kind of jackassery: Don’t call the police. Turn out the lights and go home when the place closes, maybe leaving a security guard in place. Cordon it off immediately during the day with a 7-foot sheet of material.

Let these folks who glued their own hands to pee and poop their own britches. Let them go hungry and thirsty. Turn off the lights. Ignore them and deny them the attention they crave. Tell them that of course they are free to go at any time–though they may have to rip their hands off the structure in order to do so (though they did that of their own free will, WE didn’t do that to them!). We will give them a bandaid out of the first aid kit if they need it…

And of course, they are personally liable for any damages!


Do you WANT

vigilanteism? Because this is how you get vigilanteism…

Here’s the thing – a civilization that cannot come up with the moral testicularity to execute a creature who murders over a dozen of its children is a civilization in serious trouble. The minimum standard for any culture that intends on surviving – and surviving means dealing with the barbarians within and without – is to take its own side in the fight for survival. Eventually, there will be a backlash. The only question is how ugly it will be.


Hey, let’s

protest oil!



Sure, “Shawshank

Rebellion.” I mean, it’s practically the Bible!


Economy Stooooopid!

It’s the

economy, stupid!

Current Events Stooooopid!

Yes. Tweede-dee

and Tweedle-DUMB!

Tell me smart guy, what are farmers in the western part of the state to do? I mean, the technology simply doesn’t exist!

No wonder western Oregon wants to leave and form “Greater Idaho!” These Oregonian western coast folks are total idiots! They are SO impressed with themselves and yet they don’t know their butt from a hole in the ground…

Immorality Stooooopid!


people are mighty torqued about “Biden”s” student loan vote-buying scam!

As well they should be. ANYONE with an ounce of morality or good sense is outraged by this!