Cult of Lefty "Environmentalism"

We have hit

peak EV. It never made a ton of sense except for certain “niche” situations.

Cult of Lefty "Environmentalism" Fraud

They are simply

a fraud. And anyone involved in this racket is either a fraudster or a naïve dupe.

The lesson? The Biden administration shouldn’t be investing tax dollars in solar panels. They’re unreliable and far more carbon intensive than many like to admit. And investment in solar panels inevitably ends up benefiting the Chinese Communist Party.

Cult of Lefty "Environmentalism"

Really now!

You don’t say!

Cult of Lefty "Environmentalism"

Things are

starting to change a bit. The Lefty enviro-wacko fever is starting to break. Baby steps, but significant.

The past week has been a very interesting one, to say the least, as the media has suddenly filled with story after story documenting a rising backlash against net-zero policies in the Western world.

… There is no doubt this backlash is ongoing in Europe and starting to have significant impacts on public policy decisions there. Whether it will now make its way across the pond and impact policy decisions in the U.S. remains to be seen, but Jordan’s announced investigation is a significant first shot across the bow.

Cult of Lefty "Environmentalism" Wisdom

Ya gotta be

a little sensible about such things. And Sweden is catching on!

The nation’s parliament has just given the green light to push forward with plans to build a new nuclear plant after voting 40 years ago to phase out atomic power.

I sure wish WE were more like Sweden. Don’t you?

The move may also indicate the climate cult dominoes are beginning to fall, as European investment firms have also been backing away from ESG (Environmental-Social-Governance) policies.

Cult of Lefty "Environmentalism" Psychopathology

I think we have

ALL just had enough!

I am beyond sick of these lunatics using this fiction to give the government even more control over our lives and run the economy into the ground. This grift has gone on long enough. Like with all of the other leftist cancers eating away at America, it’s too late to get rid of it completely, but it would be nice to cut some of it out.