Buffoons Ignoramuses

Don’t bring that

weak crap to a match with Megyn Kelly!

During the show, while talking about the 2024 election and the choice between Biden and Trump, Maher argued that “you have to respect who wins an election or else you don’t have the kind of country we’ve always had before.”
To which Kelly pointed out, “Hillary Clinton, of course, is the original election denier. I’m sure you voted for her in ’16.”
“Well, she’s not an election denier,” Maher insisted.
“She absolutely was the election denier,” Kelly retorted.
“First of all, she came out before the sun had risen to concede the election to Trump,” Maher pushed back, as if that matters.
“And then spent the next four years saying he was illegitimate, he was an illegitimate president,” Kelly pointed out.
“Okay, well, first of all, she didn’t say he was an illegitimate,” Maher claimed.
“Yes, she did,”
“Tell me exactly what she said,” Maher challenged.
“She said those exact words repeatedly.”

Megyn Kelly, is, of course correct.

Maher got his butt handed to him!


Folks, she is

a total moron!

Well, maybe not low-IQ, but brutally ignorant!

Now a military Phalanx gun can do about 50 rounds a second. A “Warthog” plane can do between 35 and 70 rounds per second. What kind of ignoramus thinks bump stocks can do 800 rounds a second? Only a total fool who doesn’t know squat and is just making crap up!


Bernie Sanders

reveals that he’s an idiot who doesn’t know the difference between “equality” and “equity.” This level of ignorance is truly frightening!

Captain Obvious Ignoramuses

Are you so ignorant

of the facts as to say that there could have been no voter fraud in GA? Yeah, not only could there have been, but it was stinkin’ easy!

Huddled around a voting machine in a federal courtroom, a small crowd watched as expert witness Alex Halderman demonstrated how someone could meddle with a Georgia election within seconds.

No fraud? Oh, come ON!

Ignoramuses Lefty Political Strategy

But there is

one response missing: just run away while blaming and calling names. Thus Leftists avoid the difference in opinion entirely. Just strike a pose, there’s nothing to it!

Pro tip for Lefties: Just never engage a contrary opinions in the first place–be warm and cozy in the fetid Lefty fever swamps, where no one will challenge you at all!


But I would change it slightly: It is not really just an abstract desire to change, it is a willingness to change. In other words, there has to be real intent.

One has to put aside one’s overweening pride and admit that YOU might be wrong. But if I think that I can’t learn and change because I already know it and am right, I am quite literally damned–all progression and personal growth ceases. I can no longer be taught anything, let alone make life changes!

Buffoons Ignoramuses

No, Haley.

People are getting tired of YOU!

Hypocrisy Ignoramuses

Don’t you just

get sick of the crap-eating hypocrisy? I do. And I think that most people do!

Hypocrisy Ignoramuses

Don’t be hypocrites,

Ben & Jerry! Just give your “stolen” land back!

Dishonesty Epic fail Ignoramuses

Let’s not be

an ignorant fool, here!

You ignorant buffoon, The permitless carry law in Florida does not go into effect until July 1.

Checking my calendar, it’s not July one, yet. And even then there still would required background checks in order to buy a gun from a merchant! Plus, it would still be just as illegal to use a gun in a crime.

But does this law make it easier for criminals to carry concealed?

No. Criminals have always carried concealed firearms regardless of the law. That’s why they’re called criminals. The new law levels the playing field for law abiding Floridians and guests, by making it easier for them to carry a concealed firearm. 

And NOTHING has changed in terms of where you can carry. The most charitable way of describing Newsom is that he is just ignorant of the facts (though in truth, it is likely morally FAR worse than that).


So, is the new

“normal” for a former President to face harassing piddly-poke misdemeanor charges (or worse) as soon as he leaves office?

Just so you know, THIS is why Caesar crossed the Rubicon (the border of Rome itself) with his army (it was illegal to do so under arms). Caesar’s political enemies had every intention of dragging him to court on trumped-up charges as soon as he left his command (he, by law, couldn’t be charged while he was an official military leader).

Caesar had extended his command in transalpine Gaul several times because of that threat, but the time of him extending his command (and thus his “official” status) was rapidly coming to an end. And that meant that he would be prosecuted and exiled–or worse. The sharks were circling…

So after Caesar had protected and enriched Rome he would return, only to be charged and exiled. It just didn’t seem fair! And his soldiers were fiercely loyal… to him! (not to Rome)

So Caesar was faced with either marching on and taking Rome or being ruined and exiled. And this after all he’d done for the country! So he famously threw the dice (“the die is cast”) and marched on and took Rome. Thus began the line of Roman emperors. The Republic was destroyed…

Democrats did a horrible thing, here. Are they just ignorant of history? This is totally stupid!