Despicable DUH! Evil

It is unbelievably


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has been denied Secret Service protection for a fifth time. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said it is not warranted at this time.

It is petty and disgusting, and it shows very clearly just who Joe Biden really is! Look, I’m no fan of RFK, Jr. I think he is a far-Left freaker. But that doesn’t change the fact that what Joe Biden is doing is flat-out evil.

And it is transparently obvious why Joe Biden is doing this: Biden needs the far-Left freaker vote and RFK, Jr. is a threat to that!

But it’s revolting. This guy’s father and uncle were political figures who were famously assassinated. And now Joe Biden refuses security for him because he is an electoral threat?

It is hard to not be cynical and think this has a lot to do with politics. Kennedy’s candidacy poses a threat to Biden’s re-election. Biden and the DNC have done all they can to keep Kennedy off the ballot in November. Kennedy had to become an independent candidate to run against Biden. 

Just when you think Joe Biden could not be any more evil…

Current Events DUH!

I’m voting for




of course!


Are you even

mildly surprised? Oh Heavens! I’m sure not.

“Today, No Labels is ending our effort to put forth a Unity ticket in the 2024 presidential election,” No Labels’ founder and CEO Nancy Jacobson told Axios in a statement on Thursday.

DUH! Evil

It’s pretty

dang obvious: Biden is FAR more of a threat to Democracy than Trump. DUH!

Bidenomics DUH!

Well yeah.

It’s not COVID. It is “Bidenomics.” DUH!

… “we’re going to find out that what happened as a consequence of the crisis we had on health is going to have a lasting effect. We’ve just got to get people to move again. We’re ready. I think the country’s ready to come together…I’m truly optimistic.”

You’re stupid and dishonest, Joe!

DUH! Education

People are just

desperate for good alternatives to public schools. Indeed, it is often (though not always) parental malpractice to send kids to our “woke” public schools.

So people are trying a variety of things, including homeschool, charter schools, private school, pods, and now micro-schools. Anything to escape the woke hell of the typical public school.

Here’s how we fix things almost immediately: All school funding is attached to the student, not to the school district. So if the public school loses a student, they lose the money attached to that student.

Problems solved! You will be amazed at how fast public schools improve…



it is! Like it’s a shock that Biden and his crew are lying. That is nothing new…

People aren’t upset about economic conditions because of undefined “vibes” after all. It turns out that increasing the cost of borrowing increases the cost of living, and if that isn’t measured as part of inflation (it used to be), then the statistics simply miss out on vital data and mislead. It doesn’t even take juking the numbers to come up with an entirely misleading picture; you don’t see what you don’t measure. 

Oh, and this is from a HUGE Democrat…

DUH! Psychopathology

Yeah, and in

other news, water is wet!

OF COURSE the “woke” are chronically miserable!

Now, out of Finland, we have an actual scientific study confirming, that the “woke” people surveyed were measurably more unhappy, anxious, and depressed.

DUH! Media Flying Monkeys MSM Palace Guard

Yeah, more

MSM hoax.

Honestly, haven’t you figured out that the MSM lies to you? Here’s the deal: Trump is beating Biden in the polls like the proverbial red-headed stepchild, so the MSM nannies hitch up their hoop skirts and jump in with lies in order to save their boyfriend…

It is SOOO obvious!

You know, THIS kind of crap is why people are so angry and TOTALLY distrust the MSM. The MSM have proven themselves to be mere dishonest, boot-licking toadies.