Bad Faith Lefty Intellectual Rigidity

Why am I not

surprised? George S. is nothing but a political hack dressing up as a journalist. He’s the hackiest hack who ever did hack (to paraphrase the philosopher H. Simpson).

Stephanopoulos got a soundbite he could edit to smear a Republican and then promptly cut the mic, ending any further discussion. That’s not reporting. That’s not an interview. That’s… well, that’s what you expect from a Democrat operative.

Would it kill Stephanopoulos to stop acting like a Democrat operative and conduct himself like an actual journalist just once, or would his head explode, “Scanners”-style, if he merely considered it?

Lefty Intellectual Rigidity

Yeah, pretty


Lefty Intellectual Rigidity Psychopathology

Never. Woke.

Enough. Can’t these barbarians just agree to disagree? Are they so full of themselves that they really think everyone has to believe in lock-step with them? Have they never heard of, “Live and let live?”

Lefty Intellectual Rigidity

Well yeah,


I’m thinking of one Lefty “friend” who is stunningly more extreme now than he was in 2003! To the point that he cannot even tolerate having friends that have differing views from him!

YOU didn’t leave the Democrats, the Democrats left YOU!

Lefty Intellectual Rigidity

Yes, are THEY

the “Bad Guys?” <GASP!>

I linked here because I HATE the stupid paywall…

Let me try another story on you. I ask you to try on a vantage point in which we anti-Trumpers are not the eternal good guys. In fact, we’re the bad guys.

The citation is extensive. You need to read it!

Maybe YOU are the bad guy!

But the truth is, Democrats are NOT very introspective at all. I have yet to even hear of (let alone met) a Lefty who is at all introspective. In fact, they are almost universally defensively NOT into looking at themselves. So it is a “blind spot” there that is intellectual, but is primarily characterological.

They never even consider that they might be the bad guys.

Lefty Intellectual Rigidity Media Flying Monkeys

CNN drama

shows the impossibility of fixing the MSM. I think that now it may well be passed the point of no return.

The recent drama at CNN is just emblematic of the fact that nearly all of America’s major news organizations are completely and utterly beyond repair.

And here’s the money quote:

Licht spent a year trying to fix CNN and failed because no one at CNN wants to admit they have a problem. 

The FIRST step in change is to admit that there is a problem. Leftists in general have been characterologically unable to take that first step!

Education Lefty Intellectual Rigidity

I think wise

parents now very often look to other educational arrangements for their kids if they can.

I went to public school. So did my wife. My 4 kids all went to public school.

But things are different, now. And I would probably make different choices now than I did then.

Consider the fact that 65% of American fourth-grade students can barely read. This is a result of a radical shift to a new way of teaching children how to read.

… After a couple of decades of teaching reading this way with abysmal results, you’d think even a leftist would throw in the towel and go back to what worked before. Not on your life. That would mean the critics who have been railing against this travesty of education were right. And, as we know, leftists would rather blow up the country than admit anything they do causes more harm than good.

Current Events Lefty Intellectual Rigidity

Wait, wait!

Can’t have THAT, can we?

Lefty Intellectual Rigidity Lefty Political Philosophy

Honestly, I

never thought I would see this.

For Democrats, this is the apocalypse. They simply can’t bear the weight of reasoned opposition. THAT is why they virtually always refuse to argue. THAT is why some Democrat candidates have run squealing away from debates. THAT is why most Democrats simply can’t abide a contrary viewpoint.

Current Events Lefty Intellectual Rigidity

I don’t think

they are THAT self-aware, either. Really, introspection is NOT a strength of the Left, to put it mildly. The Left depends on people being rigid, self-righteous, cocksure of themselves, and ignorant. That’s just how they roll…