An inspired

move! I mean, who doesn’t love them a supercilious, scathing lecture?

Get over yourselves.” That is the intemperate advice from two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who has scolded voters complaining about the likely prospect of a Donald Trump versus Joe Biden rematch in the 2024 presidential election campaign.


C’mon you dolt!

The bill of rights is supposed to hamstring the government! You are a SCOTUS judge and don’t even know this? I’m not even a lawyer and I understand that!

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson said Monday that she was concerned that the First Amendment was “hamstringing the government in significant ways, in the most important time periods.”

Sheesh, judge! Try to at least pretend that you weren’t just a lame-o diversity hire!

Evil Lame Moron

Just make crap


Hey John, you are a glorified organ-grinder monkey, so know your place! So shut up and dance monkey, dance!

No one freakin’ cares what you “think.”

To me the most interesting thing about Mellencamp’s exchange with Maher was not his insane assertion that modern America remains a hellhole for Blacks; by now one has come to expect insane takes from racialists who fetishize invented oppression and marinate in it.

No, it was his admission after Maher called him out on the stupidity of what he was saying. Mellencamp admitted that he just pulled the number 1%-2% out of his [butt]. He simply made it up, and that is just fine with him.

… If one side refuses to talk, refuses to acknowledge progress, and is determined to not only win but humiliate the other side then the inevitable result is at best a constant state of anger, and at worst open warfare.

One of the most evil things was the Left convincing its people to not even engage with contrary viewpoints.


It’s pretty much

incontrovertible truth


Honestly, what is

WRONG with this guy? Is he really so uneducated?

Holy crap!

Humor Moron

It’s science,

dontcha know!

Beer scientists at Budweiser headquarters are reportedly hard at work researching how many cans of Bud Light it would take for Dylan Mulvaney to pass as a woman.

… Dr. Morganstein reportedly passed out twenty beers later, still believing Dylan Mulvaney was a man. However, he did note that his female colleagues were at least three points more attractive.

It wouldn’t be so brutal if it weren’t so true!

Economy Moron

Bumblin’ Biden

gets some bad news.

Moron Psychopathology

The malevolent and

psychopathological narcissism with these people is simply astounding! Get these Bozos out of here! <sheesh!>

What’s WRONG with them? I’m just sure that lady has an apartment full of cats to get back to…

Ignoramuses Moron

This guy is

a TOTAL moron! How can you be called as an “expert” and yet be SO ignorant and full of crap? Heavens, I know way more about this than he does about these things, and I’m by no means an expert!

Now, as California’s Department of Justice weighs an assault weapons ban, Col. Craig Tucker has testified that a single round from an AR-15 “is capable of severing the upper body from the lower body, or decapitation.” Furthermore, it’s useless as a defensive weapon, except maybe when used to beat an attacker with it.

What an idiot!

“… barrel rifling is what makes a round tumble upon hitting its target and chunks of plastic you hold on to make a gun more lethal. all while simultaneously only being useful as a blunt force weapon in self-defense.”

Huh? This guy is an ignoramus–he has NO clue about such things! Of course, he’s letting his gums flap in order to get some of that sweet, sweet expert witness money!

I am truly gobsmacked at just how ignorant this is! The opposing attorney should eat his freakin’ lunch on cross!


You know,

it’s just un-freakin’-believable!

As Glenn Reynolds said: We should have a rule that during any declared emergency, all federal salaries are reduced by 10%. There will never be another.