Political Strategy

Yeah, don’t

be fooled!

And just like Jan. 6, there will be Democrat plants egging people on. (Of note: “Creshendo” is horribly misspelled, but you understand what is being said, here…)

BUT, another major issue is this: Even if the FBI said they found something in their scurrilous raid on Mar-a-Lago, how could you be sure it is true? Could it be planted? I mean, they took away boxes–could they have later put something in them? Do you think that an organization that spent years lying about Trump and Russia and January 6 might also plant evidence?

Of course they would! I just think the FBI has crapped the bed so badly that they are no longer trustworthy at all. So a lot of people would simply not believe them. And with very good reason!

Political Strategy

Yes, a Presidential Special

Counsel is indeed warranted. Both for Hunter and for Joe. But it won’t happen–UNLESS the party decides it’s profitable to now chuck Joe under the bus. Still, the party is edging in that direction already. And it is very possible that the mid-terms will be the push that sends both Biden and Harris falling head-over-heels off that cliff.

In practice, though, special counsels are almost always disasters. Rarely if ever do they find actionable crimes that relate directly to their mandate. In almost every case, the only prosecutions that take place involve secondary or tertiary figures and indictments for “process crimes.” They go on for years, raise expectations while spending significant amounts of money, and end up doing nothing more than generating a report while ruining the lives of tangential figures.

Yes, while seeing Biden and Harris torn apart by their own party would indeed be immensely satisfying, I don’t think it is likely to happen and it probably would not be the ideal outcome in many ways, anyway. These two are absolutely horrible at their jobs, but just by statistical regression to the mean the Dems can’t pick anyone worse.

Plus, it allows the Democrats to pose, posture, and avoid. They would blame the misery and crappy policy on the incompetence of Biden and Harris, and thus avoid what is SO obvious–that the problem is Leftism itself.

Out of the dead asp’s hole would come a cockatrice…

So I would rather have these two be stinky dead albatrosses hung around the necks of Democrats than, almost for sure, Democrats getting someone better.

The problem for Democrats is that there are no obvious decent replacements. If Kamala had been even a halfway acceptable option, Joe would already be gone. But there is this double whammy of Kamala and Joe being terrible and the damage the party would take if they ratted them out.

Therefore, Joe is still in office.

BUT, we are rapidly approaching the “tipping point” for Dems. And the idea of chucking both Joe and Kamala is gaining steam in hard Lefty circles. And it is getting more mainstream. Dems are starting to “blamestorm.”

And they will soon make Biden and Harris into scapegoats–they will place on them all the faults of Leftism and then send them out to die, politically.

All the while, Gavin Newsom is circling, circling. Just waiting for the right opening…

Political Strategy


Republicans need to play offense, here. We thought that playing nice and just ignoring the nuts would be sufficient. But no–Modern Democrats are the nuts, now!

And it’s way beyond time to crush them. We can no longer afford to be “polite” and silent. We need to actively stand up for what is right!

By going on the attack, we can pick our battles and accomplish our goals. This is not a plan for the faint-hearted, RINOS, compromisers, or the bipartisan. Mitch McConnell, and those like him, need to be pushed out for this to accelerate. This is and has to be about winning, full-stop.

And the harsh truth is that some of the people that you once thought were misguided but basically good are neither. They have now actively turned to the dark side. I’m so sorry. These losses are indeed heartbreaking.

But I had darn well better act according to the actual facts. It is time to take off the gloves!

Indeed, stay connected to your motivation! Overall, what is important to YOU? And everything has to be in the service of that goal.

Political Strategy

Yes, the usual Lefties

just look away. Their shoes just got very interesting. Oh, and you need to look at the squirrel outside the window! Look, look, a squirrel! On January 6th!

Current Events Political Strategy

Well, it’s like

shooting fish in barrel. Still, it seems that some people got the memo.

Even so, understand well that this is NOT them suddenly coming to their senses. This is merely a fall-back strategy, a strategic retreat. Let’s not be fooled, here!

In many ways I laugh at such articles. And indeed, they ARE funny! Still, I can’t shake the sense that this all a Jiu-Jitsu move…

Don’t get too excited. That’s 110 seconds out of one five-minute monologue, one of an estimated 130 monologues or so. That comes to roughly 39,000 seconds of 2022 Colbert monologue time as an estimate, which puts this sharp attack at about 0.28% of Colbert’s focus in 2022.

We ALL know that Joe has got to go, and Kamala can by no means win a general election. THAT is clear to even the dullest among us. That’s why Gruesome Gavin™ has suddenly come into national view.

And here’s more gaslighting!:

“It was the meme of the week: Joe’s gotta go. It felt like every liberal news outlet took part in a week of a scathing critique of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, with many even from the President’s own party suggesting he commit to not running in 2024,” Nichols wrote.

It’s a ruse. Don’t be fooled by this strategic retreat!

Political Strategy

I agree:

Just where do Democrats go from here?

Where CAN they go?

They have the same “unable to change” problem that ALL googley-eyed Democrats have: They can’t change because they characterologically are unable to take the first step in ALL change: Admit you were wrong. Shed the narcissism, that insufferable, overweening smugness. Without that first step, there IS no change.

Ask any AA member!

But Leftism is an affliction that harnesses the victim’s pride so as to ensure that its victims never escape! See, that is because they can never take step one in the change process. Indeed, they are bound fast with self-selected silken cords…

Political Strategy


they will, the only question is how.

It almost for sure won’t be crude murder, as with Seth Rich and Jeffrey Epstein. But it WILL be something! Just you watch…

I mean, it has already started!

Political Strategy


let’s not be fooled: the MSM is already throwing Joe Biden under the bus, and that trend will only increase.

BUT, that is NOT because the MSM has suddenly seen the light and has become conservative.

No, no, NO!

The plan was always to replace Biden with Harris, it’s just that the time frame has now had to move up a little. The hope was that Biden would not be a total disaster and thus give Democrats a little breathing room. Well, that has turned out not to be the case. So Biden has now been made the scapegoat for Democrat “sins.”

Understand well, the recent throwing shade on Biden is strategy, not conversion!

Political Strategy

A sentiment I

have heard more than once:

I love how everyone is saying that Biden is so unpopular. Biden won’t be running. Biden isn’t in control of is own faculties, much less the Whitehouse or political policies. All that is going wrong is not Biden, it is DEMOCRATS. Maybe there’s a faction of Democrats hiding out somewhere who aren’t part of this, but all that is bad in the country, inflation, gas prices, baby food shortages, etc. is due to DEMOCRATS.

I’m telling you again, Biden is just a scapegoat for the Left. The Left wants ALL of us to just blame the incompetent buffoon Biden. He is SUCH an easy target! They don’t want you you look deeper and see that the real cause of all this misery is Leftism itself, not merely Joe Biden.

The goal here is to hang all the “sins” of Leftism on the incompetence of Joe Biden (and Kamala Harris), and then leave them to wander off and die, taking the blame with them. Thus leaving the Democrat party unscathed.

Hence, the sudden spate of Biden-critical writing by Lefty authors in Lefty papers (Say ‘HI’ NY Times!). Trust me, it is NO accident.

Biden is quite literally a scapegoat of the Left. Don’t be fooled!

Political Strategy

No, I agree.

I think it is quite clear that we are now seeing the vanguard Democrats turn on Joe Biden. And it will only get worse. MUCH worse. The political “hit” has gone out–permission for the MSM to savage him has been granted. Of course, this move has to be pretty covert and under-the-table. BUT, it is happening.

It’s pretty clear that the left is organizing to dump Joe Biden when it becomes evident that he’s a certain loser in 2024. Rather that waiting for a Ted Kennedy-like figure to challenge him in the 2024 primaries, which would likely doom Democrats to certain defeat, the left will need to push him out early, and clear the calendar for one or more Democrats to organize a serious presidential campaign. (It goes without saying the Democratic Party intelligentsia knows that Kamala Harris is a hopeless candidate.)

Basically, I think there was no way to keep a lid on it–the rebellion against Joe Biden was going to happen no matter what. SO, the Lefty “big dogs” decided just to ride this wave and try to turn it to their advantage.

The left’s pincer move to force Biden to step aside will have three clear parts...

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