Political Strategy

I think there are two

intended lessons of the Trump prosecutions from Lefty “deep state” swamp monsters:

First: If you move to de-fang us, we the Lefty swamp will go after you hammer and tongs while you are in office. People you trust will ruthlessly betray you–because they are actually agents of your enemies, under deep cover. Your policies will be stymied over and over by people who promised to faithfully execute them.

Second: Even after you leave office we will hound you forever. We will get corrupt judges to levy absurd fines against you. We will get people to nonsensically accuse you of 20+ year-old crimes. We are coming after you with a blood-lust that never dies and that can never be sated.

We will never stop hounding you. It will be like Javert on steroids. We will hurt you, both personally and financially. And we will pat ourselves on the back as being morally good for doing so.

So this is NOT just an effort to get Donald Trump. He is just a convenient target for their brutality.

No, it is also to warn anyone else that you dang well better not seek the demise of the swamp, because they will destroy you if you do, both while you are in office and after you leave. Cross the swamp and you are a dead man, walking.

Democrat Death-Rattle Political Strategy

Rats, meet

sinking ship.

New York Times columnist Ezra Klein is calling for Joe Biden to step aside for a new Democratic nominee.

EVERYONE sees it! Only a few die-hard Democrat dead-enders are still on the sinking USS Biden! You are just now starting to see the “Democrat flail,” where partisan Democrats dive off this rickety chicken-rig!

Age-related decline Political Strategy

Yes, yes. But

there is a teensy bit of a problem with that

Lefty Politico has a fever, and the only cure is more Biden…

Let’s face it, Joe is senile. Riddled with dementia. So his team is faced with a devil’s dilemma: Hide Joe and keep the public from seeing just how incompetent he is, or prop him up in public events for short periods to show he is OK.

The problem with the first option is that Senile Joe™ is simply not going to win by going back and again hiding in his basement. It won’t work again. And let’s be honest–even then he wouldn’t have won without massive voter fraud. Even that was very nearly not enough!

BUT, the problem with the second option is that the more exposure, the more people realize that he is a senile old dotard. And he has a habit of going off on weird tangents and/or saying imbecilic things. He is easily confused. So the less he says, the better.

What I expect is kind of a mixture of those two things: Put Joe out there on a very limited basis and just hope he doesn’t crap his pants on stage. Literally. A couple of lucky events and BOOM! Less concern about this geezer and a shift back to the “basement strategy,” at least for a time.

Political Intrigue Political Strategy

Yes, yes they


But there are absolutely HUGE problems associated with that. It isn’t a simple proposition. Not by a long shot. There are issues with Kamala, the Black vote, and just who would replace Biden that would keep everyone happy–or at least grumbling but still onboard.

Political Strategy

At this point I

just don’t see how Joe Biden survives, politically. The Hur report was incredibly damaging! Yes, it kept Joe from facing justice, but only at the price of saying that he is incompetent to stand trial!

So are Dems going to rally around Joe now? Some might, because there are some rigid political hacks that would vote for a moldy potato if it had a “D” after its name!

And coincidentally, that is a pretty good description of Old Joe Biden himself!

But many won’t. Joe simply is not able to debate Trump (and mark my words, he won’t). And all that are big electoral problems for him, because last time he barely won even with massive voter fraud. And lots of people are WAY more careful and aware now. Agreed, not enough has been done to secure the vote. But it would still be harder, now.

Let me say again, I think the political hit has been put out on Joe Biden. All of a sudden we are seeing arguments critical of him in big Democrat shill “news” papers like the NY Times. I really don’t think that is a random occurrence–it is strategy.

There are HUGE problems with replacing Joe. It won’t be now, because the person who could successfully run is Michelle Obama, and she will wilt if put out right now. She needs to be “sprung” on voters at the last possible moment. Like at the beginning of September.

Now maybe voter fraud will again be enough. Sometimes I am cynical enough to think that no matter who Democrats run, they will cheat enough to “win.” But I sure hope not.

Political Strategy

Democrats are

right to worry.

The point is, and I think Yglesias is correct about this, abortion isn’t as potent an issue now as the pandemic was back then. It may still be significant in certain races but it’s not going to unify the party the way the absurd fantasy that Joe Biden would magically “shut down the virus” did four years ago.

Meanwhile, unless something actually changes, you’re going to keep getting bad news about the border crisis every month between now and the election. Maybe sanctuary city mayors will be able to discipline themselves to not complain about it as loudly as they have been lately (or maybe not). But there’s a real chance the border will still be on people’s radar in November. In short, Democrats are probably right to worry.

Political Strategy

And so

it begins

It’s VERY smart of Trump to start now hammering Biden about being unwilling to debate. And it is FAR from the last time. But this is early enough to catch team Biden off balance a bit. And it prepares the battlespace for the near future.

“I’d like to call for, immediately, debates,” Trump said on The Dan Bongino Show. “I’d like to debate him now because we should debate,” continued the former president. “We should debate for the good of the country.”

Brutal. But wait, there’s more!

“He can’t do it because he can’t talk. He can’t do anything”

So we’re starting now to frame Biden’s refusal to debate as proof of his imbecility. Well done, sir, well done…

Political Strategy Stooooopid!

GOP, you’re

doing great. Now don’t stupidly piss away your lead

I think there is nothing that would hurt the GOP so much as a cowardly capitulation. It would depress turnout and enthusiasm. It would be an amazing, cosmic own-goal.

Could GOP leaders really be so stupid? I sure hope not. And it would likely lead to a major schism within the party.

The still-secret draft deal “is a sellout — it’s going to continue to allow illegal immigration,” Paul told Fox News on January 9. “It’s saying, ‘Oh, we’ll let 5,000 people come illegally a day, and then after that, we might try to stop the next 5,000 that day,’” he said, adding, “It’s completely a sellout.”

… But if the GOP does endorse the 2024 migration giveaway, it also “gives away the [migration] issue” in the 2024 election, Chmielenski said, “Biden is getting pounded on, and Democrats are getting pounded on, their mishandling of the border, but here Republicans are basically giving them a hall pass” in the run-up to the November election, he said.

Current Events Disgusting! Immorality Political Strategy


he will be!

In an upcoming release of court documents related to the late Jeffrey Epstein, former President Bill Clinton will reportedly be identified as “John Doe 36,” as disclosed in a recent report by ABC News.

I think many run-of-the-mill Democrats fail to understand just how damaging this is to their “brand.” It’s not that there won’t be people on the Right caught up in his–they will. And so we WILL have the famous Bill Clinton strategy of saying, “See, everybody does it!”

But Bill Clinton is a known hound dog who has been credibly accused of forcible rape more than once before, and yet he has been continually feted by the Democrats. He is, in many ways, the very face of the Democrats!

So once this formally breaks, it will give many pause. They may shy away from voting for Joe Biden–who has also been credibly accused of sexual assault.

THAT is why Clinton (and Democrats) are trying so hard to get out in front of this–so when it actually comes out they can dismiss it as “old news” that everyone already knows and we should all just “move on.” “Heh, it’s just that old hound dog Bill Clinton, and we ALL already knew that…”

It is the classic, tried-and-true Clinton strategy. And as old and tired as it is, it almost for sure will yet again lull some of the masses into a narcotic stupor zombie state.

So there are two plays here for the Democrats:
1) Get out in front of it and then say that it is “old news,” and
2) Point to guilty Republicans and say, “See, everyone does it! You are just as guilty as anyone else, you hypocrite!”

THOSE are the only cards Democrats are willing to play. And just you watch, play them they will–as certain as the sun rises in the East…

Political Strategy

I say do it!

If “Biden” wants to play these stupid games, he needs to win some stupid prizes. Maybe THAT will learn him!

The problem we have had are that most elected Republicans are too “kind and gentle” to effectively fight back. But if you keep apologizing to the bully for “making” him terrorize you, you will always be a mewling victim. If once you have paid him the Danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane

And the Vikings weren’t dumb; They returned over and over to those who had once paid them! They knew a cash cow when they saw one.

In the immortal words of Bart Simpson, “You don’t win friends with salad.” In other words, a mamby-pamby response is NOT likely to either be effective or to rally the troops. NOTHING will change until you stand up to the Dane bully! Until then, you will repeatedly be a victim.

A bully only backs down when you smack him in the mouth. And the GOP needs to start fighting back in earnest. These Democrat bullies need to be smacked in the mouth…