Piss-poor judgment Political Strategy

No, no

it isn’t.

And it’s not at all a mystery as to why: Democrats’ explosive diarrhea spending. DUH!

They are playing a dangerous game of musical chairs. They know (as everyone else does) that such wanton profligacy will ruin the country–eventually. But they hope that they can ride this horse hard and get off just before it dies and someone else takes over (and is blamed for the death).

They want to say, “It was FINE when we were in charge!”

See, their goal is to hose everything up and then give way to RINOs, who will continue screwing things up. Then, when everything totally crumbles, they can shake their heads sadly at what Republicans have done…

Political Strategy

Leftism IS the

political philosophy of failure and human misery! Look at the data, for Pete’s sake!

C’mon! Just who are you and what do you want for people. The data are clear: If you have the milk of human kindness running through you, you are a Republican.

Dishonesty Political Strategy Sociopathy

“Yeah, but Trump

did it, too!”

Total crap.

“This never happened. It would have never happened,” Trump told the outlet, adding that the Chinese regime “respected us greatly” under his leadership. “It never happened with us under the Trump administration and if it did, we would have shot it down immediately,” added Trump. “It’s disinformation.”

This is just a frantic effort to take a little of the blame off team Biden. It is just an attempt to muddy the waters a little. This is sociopath stuff!

Political Strategy

It will be REALLY

hard for Democrats to get rid of Kamala. They’ve kind of painted themselves into a corner, here.

The Democrats are facing a reckoning regarding their choice of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as their candidates for the COVID tainted election of 2020. In their lust to use the pandemic to change election rules on the fly and oust Donald Trump from office, they weren’t really worried about the quality of their ticket. It’s almost as if they knew they’d “win” no matter what.

Now, as we head into the 2024 presidential election cycle, they have to deal with the fact that they’re stuck with either a drooling fool who’s in the throes of age-related dementia or the worst diversity hire in history if they want to hang onto their ill-gotten 2020 gains.

… Whenever WaPo or The New York Times says anything negative about prominent Democrats, it’s almost always at the behest of other Democrats. The WaPo people may be idiots, but they haven’t JUST noticed that Princess Cackles is utterly incompetent.

I think there’s NO question that Democrats are in a bind. People have no intention of again voting for the incompetent and senile Joe Biden. And people are FAR more “hip” to Democrat voter fraud, so stealing the election is much harder now.

BUT, Kamala is just horrible as a candidate–even worse than Joe Biden! And they can’t easily push her out for the very same reasons that she was chosen in the first place–she is a Black(ish) woman.

Political Strategy

Sure, it

could happen. But it virtually for sure won’t. Grandpa Gropes is ALL the Democrats have for 2024! Unless and until there is a potential electoral option to replace him that we don’t yet know about…

But since there are NO (public) options that are even as good as (let alone better than) Grandpa Gropes right now and none even on the horizon, he will face NO real investigation. It will just LOOK like it.


BUT, the hit squad has still been activated! Maybe just for show–just Kabuki theater to fool the rubes, but one never knows for sure where it will lead. The difficulty the “fat cats” have is finding the very thin border between covering up for Joe and covering their own butts. And it may well be that it has been determined by the Democrat “fat cats” that Biden needs to go. If so, it probably related to Republicans re-taking the House–you know, make him a very literal scapegoat–it’s ALL his fault!

THAT is why all this is coming out NOW, after six years! This NO accident! The political “hit” has been put out. Biden will virtually for sure be dispatched, but not by Republicans. By his own party. The cause of his demise will be a knife–in his back.

Just ask Andrew Cuomo…

You need to watch this!

Political Strategy

Sure, it’s

good. Nice, but I very much suspect that this is merely a “cover your butt” move. Just you watch. Nothing will come of this. This is merely more kabuki theater.

What it is is a feint, a ploy to investigate and then exonerate. THAT is the whole purpose of this. This was certainly not done in good faith. Again, just you watch…

Current Events Political Strategy Politics

I agree that in a

perfect world, Scalise or Gaetz would become Speaker Of The House.

But we don’t live in a perfect world. And pretending that we do won’t make it so. It’s just a bad move.

So I agree that McCarthy is not my first choice for Speaker, but he is virtually for sure the best available and realistic option. And he has acted more conservative lately, which gives me hope. I know the sting/stink of Boehner and Ryan is deeply concerning to conservatives. And rightly so. Indeed, those RINOs just sucked.

But there is a decent chance, here, of thwarting “Biden’s” worst impulses. For the sake of the country, we should do so. We need to be a little strategic, here.

Politics is NOT the art of the ideal, it is the art of the possible. And while I would indeed prefer Scalise or Gaetz, I just don’t think that is possible.

Look, Republicans, due to the utterly bumbling incompetence (or malice) of their leaders (<cough> Mitch McConnell<cough>) along with massive Democrat voter fraud, have a very slim majority. We must not waste this window of opportunity by engaging in internecine squabbles.

McCarthy has made significant conservative noises, lately. And with a lowered bar to “vacate the chair,” I think this is the best we can do.

Don’t let “perfect” become an enemy of “good.”

Leftugees Political Strategy

Did you somehow

NOT think that this would eventually happen? There is always (at some breaking point) a division of the people when belief systems become too disparate. We’ve seen that over and over in history.

THAT was what Federalism was designed to avoid. Weak central gov’t and strong state and local gov’t. So it’s scary that Leftists routinely attack Federalism…

OK, but still:

Even with possible fudging, the Census Bureau’s latest interim report shows that Blue states are losing population while Red states are gaining population.

… As in the old divide between Communist East Germany and the free West Germany created by Konrad Adenauer after World War II, people migrate towards freedom. In the wake of the great Wuhan Pandemic lockdowns, it is no surprise that more people chose to move. Unlike Germany, there is no wall to prevent internal migration within the United States toward freer states.

Now there is indeed a worry that Leftists will move from their Lefty Hellholes and infect the more rational places they move to–I am sure there are examples of exactly that happening. And there is a very significant worry that Lefty drones in the Census Bureau will fudge the actual numbers to give Leftist states more power than they deserve (I mean, it’s pretty dang obvious that fraud is a staple of Leftism!).

But on the whole, those who are motivated to quit their jobs, sell their homes, and face new settings are conservatives, Leftugees who have just had enough of their Lefty Hellholes. There is indeed a great division going on. The actual voter data show that these Leftugees are, in fact, usually even a little more conservative (on average) than the current residents.

Because once they have been forced to drink from the bitter cup of Leftism they are not anxious to once again stain their lips…

Political Strategy

There are indeed

some significant problems that the Democrats face, electorally.

First and foremost is that they can’t win on the merits of their arguments. So they have therefore eschewed argument altogether, focussing almost exclusively on their tradition and culture instead. But I just don’t think that is an enduring solution.

See, the problem with that avoidance approach is that they can then ONLY win by voter fraud. Look at Joe Biden. Look at Katie Hobbs (who refused to debate). BOTH very clearly “won” election through voter fraud.

But what that means is that the majority of people rejected their political philosophy. And while the voter fraud dragged their sorry carcasses over the victory line in the recent past, it is NOT a stable path to victory. So we are seeing the Democrat embrace of voter fraud because their actual policies are not popular enough to win.

Virtually ALL Democrats pretend to be far more conservative and fair than they actually are so they can get elected. But again, this is not a stable state. Sooner or later regular people, even with the frantic efforts of Democrats to deny the obvious fraud, get hip to the Democrat “3-card Monty” scheme and say, “Hey, now wait just a doggone minute!…”

And THAT is the ray of hope, here.

Political Strategy

I agree that there

is a HUGE threat. Look, I am very much of the same mind as Gaetz and Biggs and MTG. But we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, here.

McCarthy has made some Conservative moves. And he certainly is better than a RINO like Paul Ryan. So let’s not cut off our noses to spite our faces.

We need to be a little strategic, here.