Political Strategy

I agree that there

is a HUGE threat. Look, I am very much of the same mind as Gaetz and Biggs and MTG. But we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, here.

McCarthy has made some Conservative moves. And he certainly is better than a RINO like Paul Ryan. So let’s not cut off our noses to spite our faces.

We need to be a little strategic, here.

Political Strategy

I think that all

this change is actually strategy. This is Biden being thrown under the bus. The damning details are coming out, and while they were initially quashed by a compliant MSM, they just can’t be hidden forever, especially with the GOP controlling the House.

So it is “Kick Biden to the curb” time. Yes, yes, that was always the ultimate plan, but we’re seeing it more and more now. The Mid-Terms are over, after all…

I was curious how the New York Post would cover the “confirmation” yesterday of its two-year old reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Steven Nelson’s story supplies what might be an air quote in the headline: “CBS ‘confirms’ Hunter Biden laptop is real 769 days after Post broke story.” 

Look, it was state-sponsored censorship. But now Biden has become far less useful. And THAT is why CBS and other Lefty sources are finally reporting what many of us have known very well for the past four years!

This dodge serves two purpose: First, it is of course a CYA for Lefty “news” sources trying frantically to preserve a shred of credibility. But the second reason is to get rid of the stinky dead albatross hanging on their necks known as Joe Biden.

Political Strategy

Yes, welcome to

The new Democrat strategy. Unwillingness to argue a point or defend a position: It’s not just for Democrat former friends anymore!

Political Strategy

The Conservative guide

to Lefty opinions. Just to let you know how Lefties interact (in the rare case that they even will):

Political Strategy

Hey, the new

Democrat talking points are out!

NOW we are starting to see the fall-back position: Toss Hunter under the bus to try and save Joe.

So we are seeing the usual Democrat “excuse creep.” First it was, “Nothing to see here, the laptop is Russian disinformation and you are a loon to even consider that there is a problem–you’re just mad about (fairly, dontcha know) losing the election.”

Then it was, “OK, HUNTER may (or may not) have done something wrong, but even if he did, JOE certainly did NOT know about it–and you are a loon for considering otherwise.”

Then it is “Well OK, Joe may have known, but he is ‘compartmentalized’ and his judgment and basic competence was unaffected. It’s Hunter who is the dirtbag. Hunter, Hunter, Hunter! And you are a freakin’ loon if you think that all these White House staffers just went along with it!”

After that it is “Joe is a senile and frail old man who was egregiously abused by his evil, greedy son. Joe loved his son, and thus was an easy mark for a scurrilous Hunter Biden. Joe’s fault (if he had one) was that he just loved his son too much.”

THAT is the penultimate step. The final one is, “Yeah, Joe was/is a bit of a senile old dirtbag, but it was always him, not Leftism itself. Besides, ALL politicians are that way–everybody does it! You are a naïve, hayseed loon if you are so ideologically blinded that you can’t see that!”

Political Strategy

Yes, yes.

Start here.

There IS no flash-in-the-pan Republican savior who will come out of nowhere and fix everything. Donald Trump was a once-in-a-century anomaly.

No, to really change things, you start with school board races. That way you not only affect policies that are important to the everyday lives of regular people, but you develop a deep “bench” for future offices.

It’s why you ALWAYS vote Republican for “minor” offices. Now the Left has started to try and obscure the party affiliation in more minor races. You know, don’t put their party on signs, etc. THAT is because party affiliation matters a great deal, and it most often cuts against Democrats.

Ask yourself, cui bono? Just who benefits from not displaying party affiliation? Democrats, natch.

When I voted recently, I was fortunate enough to have a “smart phone” where I could look the candidates up and see party affiliation while I voted! You watch, the next regulation is to ban smart phones in the voting booth. Lefties can’t afford to have informed voters, right?

Remember: There is a very good reason that Lefty candidates pretend to be Conservative and it is virtually never the other way around. And THAT should tell you something!

Lefty strategy: Do Lefty “dog whistles” so Leftists know that you are indeed actually a committed Leftist (Tip: say you are a “Moderate”), avoid ALL debate because your actual Lefty positions might become known, then hide and lie and pretend you are Conservative once elections come around once again.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Here is the rule of thumb: Lefties always pretend to be Conservative when election time comes around. Those on the Right never pretend to be Lefties!

Media Flying Monkeys Political Strategy


the political hit has been put out!

Further skewering Biden, the Times stated, “It is common for presidents to spin economic numbers to improve their pitch to voters,” yet “the president’s cheerleading has increasingly grown to include exaggerations or misstatements about the economy and his policy record.”

The NYT is a Lefty dung-heap, and them turning on Biden is NOT a sign that they are suddenly committed to reporting the truth. It’s merely an act of self-preservation. It’s just a dodge, a feint, a tactical maneuver. It was the plan from the beginning.

This is just the next phase of the plan.

Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., tweeted, “I’m suspicious of NYT’s motivation for printing the truth about Biden. It’s out of character for them. Perhaps blaming him and his gaffs for the midterm results is the beginning of the left’s effort to replace him with a different nominee in 2024.”


Yeah, this is the “tell” that the next phase of the plan is starting. Don’t be fooled: They are who they have always been.

Media Flying Monkeys Political Strategy

Yes, it is

happening. It is indeed just starting to happen now. Because the writing is on the wall as to what will happen in the mid-terms, and some reporters and politicians want to beat the Christmas rush….

But you will see it in spades once Democrats get shellacked in the mid-terms! Just you wait.

It started as anonymous grumblings from Democratic Party operatives talking to the New York Times about the president’s job performance. But now, we’re seeing louder, on-the-record screams about Biden’s competency. These primarily concern the president’s age and polling, which suggests his diminishing reelection chances. Take Politico’s new reporting on the progressive groups now openly calling on Biden to abandon plans for a second term.

… All polling points to Biden’s majorities in the House and Senate being wiped out come the November midterm elections. When that happens, and I mean the very next day, these innuendos and grumblings for Biden to step aside will become full-bore primal screams, and he won’t be able to survive them.

I don’t think there is any doubt that Democrats will have an orgy of vituperative blamestorming after the mid-terms. And Biden himself may well be (and almost for sure WILL be) the primary target. Democrats hope to use him as a bona fide scapegoat: They will lay ALL the “sins” of the Democrats on him and then send him out into the wilderness to die. It’s pure misdirection. They will “cast him out” in atonement for their own sins!

If Democrats lose both the House and the Senate, you can bet your sweet Aunt Fanny that the Democrat long knives will come out for Old Joe Biden and his evil clown cabal.

Just be assured that you will hear the old saw, “It’s NOT an indication that Leftism is a steaming pile of crap, it is just that Joe Biden is an incompetent fool!

You know, just like, “But real Communism has never been tried!

Remember, I called it!

Epic fail Political Strategy Polls

Yeah, and 60%

are entirely correct. The other 40% are either just ignorant of the facts or partisan hacks.

Rising inflation is the top election issue for over 8 out of 10 voters, with most blaming President Joe Biden’s policies for making the economy worse in less than two years on the job.

… That includes 77% of Democrats who said it was an important issue. [emphasis added]

Political Strategy

The FACT is that

Joe Biden is not jetting around the country to help fellow Democrats. There are two reasons for that:

The first and most in-your-face reason is that Biden is manifestly incompetent and extremely unpopular. Thus, Democrat candidates really don’t want to be associated with him in any way or even be seen with him. They (rightfully) fear that being seen (or tarred) as a “Biden Democrat” would be the kiss of death for them.

But second, Joe Biden is incredibly low-stamina. He simply is too feeble to do much barnstorming–he just can’t physically do it. Also, he has a strong tendency to say stupid things–and Democrat candidates want nothing to do with that. And that tendency to say stupid things, while historically always a part of the Joe Biden experience, is now exponentially worse given his much-more-than-creeping senility.

So the strategy for Democrats in anything but the deepest wacko red district is to just go it alone. They know that a Great Horny Toad who has a “D” after its name will get elected in those places. So they certainly don’t need the risk of having Biden there! Heavens no!