Political Strategy

So here we see

the FIRST fall-back position of the Democrats!

It certainly won’t be the last retrenchment! The Democrat tried and true (though a bit old and tired now) political strategy is to move from fall-back position to fall-back position as the previous one becomes untenable.

For Joe Biden, the LAST fall-back position is a desperate attempt to flee with at least a little credibility left. It is to throw Joe Biden under the bus and say, “Joe is senile and was taken advantage of by Hunter!”

But THAT is truly a last-ditch maneuver.

But there will be at least three positions before Democrats get to THAT desperate hail Mary! The first one is stated here: “He at least prevented that dastardly Trump from being re-elected!” His “greatest achievement.” Oh my…

Political Strategy

Democrats are BIG

into saying that their ideological opponents are mentally ill and thus A) Need “treatments” and B) can be summarily dismissed without even an argument since they are “crazy” people.

It is a fundamentally defensive stance. They often say that reasoned opposition is irrational fear. But that is just “shuck-and-jive.”

Corruption Political Strategy Wisdom

Biden needs to

cut Hunter loose for PR purposes. He needs to stop with the smarmy, crap-eating Hunter defenses. Because the “stink” is getting on him. And it is opening him up to more scrutiny.

But he probably won’t. He has already committed to a course of action, and if he changed now it would very naturally provoke the question, “Why are you doing a 180-degree about-face?” To change is to admit that there was a need to change. It is a de facto sort of mealy-mouthed confession.

So Joe will white-knuckle this thing out. He charaterologically is simply unable to do otherwise.

It’s like Bud Light. If right at first they had said, “We were wrong, and we have fired the person responsible. We apologize for offending our customers and we have taken measures that such a travesty will never happen again. Please, accept our apologies.”

See, if Bud Light had done that right at first, they never would have lost tens of billions of dollars. But by refusing to apologize, they have become a punchline. And lost their market dominance.

Joe Biden is similarly in danger of becoming a sick punchline, a walking example of corruption and dishonesty. Will he continue to make the same mistake? Almost for sure, yes.

And even if Joe were to apologize tomorrow, it would be rightfully seen as mere political exigency, not a heartfelt mea culpa. So I guess we are a little late for a Joe Biden apology. That ship has sailed…

Political Strategy

Yes, Democrats

are precariously sitting atop their minority voters.

But they have made this work for them, and there is therefore a “default” assumption that they will again.

Still, it seems that there are perhaps feet of clay on this statue. The margins are SO slim for Democrats…

Because the GOP doesn’t have do much better with black voters. Democrats need 90%. But if, say, Republicans get 15% or 20% of the Black vote, Democrats are well and truly hosed.

Political Strategy

Have faith.

Things may be better than you think. Much better.

On the surface, things appear to be worse than ever before. Never in our nation’s history has the incumbent regime launched a direct effort to jail the leader of the political opposition like we are seeing today. A tactic once limited to third-world banana republics has indeed been imported to our own country.

Courage, my friends! The tide WILL turn. The long night of the Lefty Orc will end…

But we need to be wise about this. We need to be strategic, and NOT give an opening for the waiting Democrat pity offensive.

Republicans should impeach the man directly overseeing the latest and most egregious political witch hunt against President Trump: Attorney General Merrick Garland.

… By compartmentalizing this counter-attack and focusing solely on the DOJ and Garland, Republicans will continue to keep the narrative focused on the Trump indictment, without muddying the waters by turning it into a fight over Joe Biden’s relationship with his son.

There is NO question that Joe Biden is a dirty scumbag. And there is no question that Hunter is, as well. None at all. But at least start here.

But we need to be a bit strategic, here.

Political Strategy

Don’t you

even get curious as to why every time their is bad news for Biden, new charges against Trump come out? Hmmm. I don’t think that’s an accident…

Political Strategy


Is this the thin edge of the wedge?

A Democratic congressman admitted that it’s “clear” Hunter Biden broke the law during an interview on Friday.

Read that again. A DEMOCRAT Congressman said that!

This guy can’t help but to spasmodically and compulsively mention Trump over and over (he’s got to show his bona fides, after all), but the base message is clear, nonetheless.

“Let me say something that you never heard a Republican member of Congress say in the four years of the Trump administration, which is that if Hunter Biden broke the law, he should be prosecuted,” Himes said on MSNBC. “And it is clear that he broke the law with respect to taxes and possibly the ownership of a handgun. He should be held accountable for that.”

Go ahead and put lipstick on that pig. But it’s still a pig, and now he admits it. Wow!

So, are other Democrats going to follow suit? Stay tuned!

I’ve been saying for a bit now that Democrats ARE going to throw Senile Joe under the bus. He will be the “scapegoat.” The Democrats will ceremoniously lay all the “sins” of Leftism on him and the send him out into the wilderness to die.

Political Strategy

I’ve warned you!

THIS is the Democrat strategy: Call anyone who disagrees with you a White Supremacist (even though they are clearly not), then pound the crap out them for being… a White Supremacist. Thus you cloak your purge in the snooty, self-righteous garb of faux “anti-racism.”

This is a variation on a theme. We have seen this before, with the Left calling anyone they disagree with “HITLER.” But that has gotten pretty old and stale. So they then moved on to, “Racist.”

But now that is a punch line. So now they’re turning to “White Supremacist.” BUT, they need any excuse not to deal in the currency of reason and persuasion!

I don’t know what will be next (maybe ‘white privilege?’). But you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be something!

Evil Political Strategy

Look, here is

Biden’s gambit: Talk a bunch about how “White Supremacy” is SO prevalent and SO dangerous. Then call anyone who disagrees with Biden, Inc. a “White Supremacist,” regardless of their skin color.

So a Black or Hispanic that disagrees with “him?” White Supremacists… Yeah, THAT’S the ticket!

Because the next step is to arrest all the “White Supremacists.” And voilà, all those who do not support “Biden”are thrown into jail! Opposition is functionally illegal, while at the same time making the despots revel in their own “righteousness” in punishing White Supremacists!

The January 6 prisoners are a test run. See who will stand up for them…. And see who will become a modern NAZI prison guard (I’m looking at YOU, Ben Shapiro!)

Yes, the NAZIs are back. And they are FAR too self-unaware to recognize themselves as budding concentration camp guards. But they are.

Think I’m joking? Just you watch…

Culture Political Strategy

The truth is,

a moral stance CAN win. The Bud Light crash-and-burn has shown that. Can.

I mean, who wants to be seen holding a Bud Light now? It has become an embarrassment–something beer-drinkers would avoid like the plague.

And it the revolt is NOT “astro-turfed.” It is an organic uprising among beer-drinkers. The culture has changed. The Mulvaney crap was not merely a “bad advertising move,” it was a culture-shifting earthquake.

It’s just one beer can, the media whines. If it is so unimportant, why did the left rally behind it? Conservatives won this round. They will win more because this boycott showed them how to win.

… When you lie like that, you eventually get trapped in your fabrications. The media saw Mister Mulvaney as a heroine in his pink dress. The public saw him as a fraud. He turned off 26% of Bud Light drinkers.

But Bud Light isn’t the only company to fall into the “woke” pit. FoxNews managed also managed to hose things up:

The removal of Carlson was part of a list of grievances that includes calling Arizona too quickly on Election Night 2020. There are plenty of alternatives to Fox — online. Fox believes everyone in the universe watches cable TV. We don’t.

The widow of Roger Ailes speaks to her imaginary (dead) husband:

“It took you 20 years to build Fox News into the powerhouse that it was and only 6 years for the Murdochs to wreak havoc. Rupert thought he could do your job. What a joke. He has the checkbook but could never come close to your genius. RIP.”

Oh, and can you say. “CNN?” I knew that you could!

AND, suddenly Black leaders in Chicago are protesting the Democrat illegal alien fiasco!

Understand well, Conservatives, you can fight and win. Democrats want you to be discouraged, to just sit around and impotently moan. Their message is, You can’t change anything, so don’t even try.

But don’t believe it for a second! Conservatism is a powerful force. Don’t give in to discouragement and withdrawal/surrender.