Political Strategy

You too,


Novelist, Hollywood producer, and unabashed President Joe Biden supporter Stephen King took to social media Monday to tell the octogenarian it’s time to leave the 2024 presidential race.

THIS is what a political “hit” looks like.

Political Strategy

Yes, the Left

is facing some serious challenges right now.

Joe Biden’s new theme song; An oldie from The Clash:

Should I stay, or should I go now?
Should I stay, or should I go now?
If I go, there will be trouble
And if I stay, it will be double
So come on and let me know

Should I cool it, or should I blow?

Captain Obvious Political Strategy

The Dems

really just don’t care. They don’t care one bit about Joe’s galloping Dementia.

Yes, I think that is basically true. For anyone but the most casual Democrat voter, the issue is NOT at all the candidate, anyway. It is about Leftism itself, along with its new-found little buddy and now-defining characteristic of MSM-induced, goggly-eyed Trump hatred.

It’s going to be interesting, and I’m going to make some popcorn. Joe and his family are vehemently in favor of him staying, and it looks like they are willing to fight for it. OTOH, Democrats in charge see him (rightly) as a stinky dead albatross around their necks who will not only lose, but drag the down-ticket down with him. And so they will push for kicking clompy old Joe to the curb…

Who will win? Likely the DNC fat-cats (almost for sure), and Joe will be summarily relegated to his beach home in Delaware. Thus, Kamala becomes the candidate. And after the election and before he leaves office, Joe pardons Hunter. Just you watch…

Political Strategy

Holy crap!

Even them?

Can the new “keep Biden” strategy even survive? I think probably, yes. Because Democrats really have no other choice–as long as Biden is alive. But many Democrat partisans are really spooked. And it’s not just one or two “fringe” Lefty sources.

See, Republicans dearly want Biden to stay alive. It is the Democrats who would greatly benefit if he unexpectedly died–along with Kamala…

And THAT is a very dangerous position for Joe (and Kamala) to be in! But the NY Times ragging on Joe was simply no accident…

The New York Times editorial board released a blistering editorial on Friday night that called for President Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential race after his disastrous debate performance on Thursday.

… “It’s too big a bet to simply hope Americans will overlook or discount Mr. Biden’s age and infirmity that they see with their own eyes,” the board said.

Defensive Avoidance Political Strategy

It’s almost always

a mistake debating with a Leftist. It’s like teaching a hog to play the piano; It is very unlikely to bear fruit and it just irritates the hog. Many Leftists act like they are beholden to reason and logic, but, in fact, they are not. Leftism is their religion, and no facts, no reason will get through to them at all. They are impervious to such things. Usually, they will not even debate a point, as that would be leaving their “circle of safety.”

It’s called,”Epistemic Closure.” They already know, and there can be no more knowing!

BUT, they will be smug and condescending, so they’ve got THAT going for them…

Bad Faith Current Events Political Strategy

The way I see it,

“Biden” has virtually no choice but to push this Trump-as-political-prisoner thing to the hilt. The ONLY decent option for him is to increase his despotism even more.

I mean, let’s say “Biden” kinda got religion and let up a little on the wicked despot thing. What would happen? I think it’s a safe bet that Trump would quickly turn and bludgeon him over the head. So “Biden” will never let go.

They have the proverbial wolf by the ears–they don’t like where they are, but they also don’t dare let go! So, “Biden” will ride this stumbling horse until it is dead, and pray that the old nag will last just long enough for him to get him over the finish line. Because letting go means being immediately savaged…

Political Strategy

The real problem

is Kamala. How do you solve a problem like Kamala?

The part I keep coming back to is the part that makes replacing Biden impossible: Alleged Vice President Kamala Harris. As Kruiser has pointed out so many times, the Democrats’ 110% devotion to identity politics makes it virtually impossible to dump her — and yet she’d fare even worse against Trump than Biden would.

… Or maybe Harris is more dump-able than we’ve thought. As Mark Hemingway asked earlier today after watching this hilarious (!!!) Daily Show sketch, “Is this even allowed? How did this happen and is a network exec getting fired over this?”

I really don’t know how ditching the dead-weight of Kamala could be done. Black voters would for sure rebel! And yet the rest of us would just not tolerate a dolt like her. And in any case, she would NOT go softly into that good night. And would there be a single person anywhere who would believe that she just chose not to if they DID ditch her?

Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t…

Oh, and I hope that her Secret Service detail is on their toes! The DNC, after all…

Political Strategy


Er, no.

Another Democrat who has shed the progressive label is Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA), who told NBC News in December 2023 that he is “not a progressive.” He has strayed further from progressive Democrats, especially regarding immigration and Israel, than he was expected to when he was elected in 2022.

Political Strategy

The entire strategy

of the Left is to legally tie down Trump and make it impossible got him to go out on the campaign trail.

But I suspect it won’t work. Americans are very likely to be sympathetic toward someone who is very clearly being victimized and unfairly treated. And that’s not all!

But so far, the strategy may have inadvertently highlighted Biden’s weaknesses, and Trump’s strengths, on the campaign trail.

The left’s spittle-lipped Trump tantrum is likely to alienate more voters than it attracts. If they think a display of “ugly” is a good marketing tool for them, they are sadly mistaken.

An article in the Daily Beast suggested that Trump’s bodega visit “should scare the hell out of Democrats” because of the presence of some Hispanic voters who clearly no longer feel any obligation of loyalty to the Democratic Party. 

But Democrats have ceded the moral high ground to Trump on this, and put all their eggs into one foam-flecked basket. And by keeping Trump hobnobbing with bodega owners in the city, are they actually putting NYC at risk?

Probably not, but still, imagine this happening day after day after day… Even if it doesn’t flip New York red, might this resonate with regular people in other states and cities?

Democrat effort to “hang” Trump through lawfare could possibly boomerang on them!

In short, Biden’s two quick-stop visits simply did not have the flair that Trump’s did. Indeed, it seemed weird that Biden copied what Trump was doing in the first place. 

… Biden is just not creating the level of enthusiasm needed to roll to victory. Maybe that will change. Maybe Biden will pick up, or maybe Trump’s trials will eventually make Republican voters less enthusiastic about him. But remember: Some Democrats hoped indicting Trump would push him out of the race. That plan backfired. Now some of those same Democrats hope putting Trump on trial will push him out of the race. Yes, that plan might work, but it also might backfire. Just look at the lessons of Chick-fil-A and the bodega and Sheetz and Wawa.

Political Strategy

Understand well

what the Left is pushing:

See, almost all of us value good manners. THAT is why the Left disguises itself by putting on robes that kinda look like manners! But it’s all pretend.