Dupe Gun Control Liars

Can we now just

admit that it was a lie?

To be clear, Glenn Kessler’s The Fact Checker couldn’t bring itself to award any Pinocchios – not one – to the false claim, but its thorough breakdown and analysis of the claim left nothing misunderstood. Saying that “Gun violence is the leading cause of death for children” is patently “Not True.”

Still, having The Washington Post take up the claim and acknowledge it is false should be deserving of at least a little praise.

Remember, when a 17-year-old gang-banger gets shot in a gang turf war, it is counted by Lefties as “a child killed by guns.” But that is more than a little misleading, isn’t it?

It’s just not the same as a child sneaking his dad’s gun out of the closet or a 5-year-old hit by a drive-by shooter while he’s watching Sesame Street!

Anti-scientific stance Gun Control

No, it really

isn’t all that difficult to grasp…

Gun Control Religion

Just so you KNOW

what happened:

Lefties, quit being so factually blinkered and scientifically illiterate! At some point you gotta drop your primitive, superstitious, intellectually blinkered folklore and get with modern thinking! Leave your backward old religious idols behind and join modernity…

Pay attention to the facts, for Pete’s sake! We’re more intellectually advanced than this!

Civil Rights Gun Control

And do you think

for even a second that there are not people who are unwilling to tell a stranger their security arrangements? Or who are unwilling to acknowledge that they are radically going against an MSM-promoted community norm?

A wise person would see telling the truth to a stranger as unwise. What is reported is indeed really bad for the hidebound dinosaur Left, but actually, it is virtually for sure a HUGE underestimate.

I mean, it’s not like these folks are going to walk around in a “The Punisher” or a “molon labe” tee-shirt!

Gun Control Wisdom

It just makes

NO sense at all to prevent law-abiding Israelis from having firearms to protect themselves! None at all. I mean, a radicalized Palestinian who wants to shoot Jews has NO problem getting a gun. It’s not like this policy is protecting anyone.

The Jewish people should know better, given what they have gone through. Just think, how might the Holocaust have been different if, say, 10% of Jews had been armed?

As the 2023 Israel-Hamas war continued into its third day, and with the widely distributed and traumatic images of Hamas terrorists operating freely inside Israel fresh in their minds, some citizens began campaigns for a loosening of Israel’s gun ownership laws, to allow more residents to bear personal arms.

… “People are changing their opinion, and now there is more awareness,” he told The Times of Israel. It doesn’t make sense, he said, that someone in Tel Aviv cannot get a pistol, but someone in the Golan can. “There are terror attacks in both places,” he stressed.

You know, it’s not helping anyone.

“Who has a gun? The terrorists, and all the criminals. Who doesn’t? Law-abiding tax-payers. The government trusts criminals with guns more than their own civilians,” Yoel Israel, CEO of a digital marketing agency, told The Times of Israel.

Civil Rights Gun Control

It’s ironic:

Leftism killed gun control.

Oh, they didn’t mean to–quite the opposite. But they did. And they have done it FAR more effectively and completely than Conservatives ever could have. 

The Left’s weird drumbeat of “defund the police” has simply left people quite vulnerable. Well, those policies are manifestly stupid! The NRA should thank the Left… 

EVERYBODY sees that the only way to reliably defend yourself and your loved ones is to take that defense into your own hands.

As the old song says, “Arm yourself because no one else here will save you.”

And people have bought guns in droves. And a vast portion of those who buy are first-time owners. And women. and minorities. 

Home-made guns are just exploding. Technology has made the fabrication of these guns relatively easy with home CNC units. All you need is a couple of hundred bucks and an online retailer like Amazon or Walmart!

So even if one could MAGICALLY shut down all mainstream manufacturers, it would by no means put much of a dent in actual gun ownership. 

“Bad guys” really wouldn’t give a crap anyway, and motivated regular citizens would just make their own. 

Just what does that tell you?

Gun Control Stooooopid!

It’s about

morality, not the instrument. Let’s not be a freakin’ MORON, here!

Civil Rights Gun Control

The truth is,

gun control is a tired, old saw for “walking dead” politicians. Too much actual data and good sense is around for the idea of gun control to really take hold, except in the googly eyes of the deepest blue partisan hack.

Wise politicians of either stripe abandoned it long ago. It’s nearly 2023–let’s not be stuck in late 1970s thinking!