Intellectual Cowardice Pathological Avoidance

Leftists show the world

how evil they really are.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that ALL Leftists are evil like this. No, but NONE of them find this evil to be a deal-breaker…

This is their motto: “I’m not personally evil, but I affiliate with those who unquestionably are.”

Kind of a “floppy” position, eh?

Culture Pathological Avoidance Voter Fraud

The harsh truth is

that only a fraudster opposes vote security. Pretend, prance, and preen all you want, Lefties, but THAT is the TRUTH!

But Lefties, in case you have missed it, the culture is changing. Maybe you are so ensconced in your Lefty fever swamps that you have missed it. Try driving somewhere besides “Amen Corner!”

Try hard. Engage with views contrary to your own…

Fools Pathological Avoidance

Ever talk to

a Lefty?

Go ahead, just try to get them to explain. They can’t, and they almost always won’t even try. The best you can ever get is, “Well, aren’t YOU rude for even asking? I’m just not gonna even talk to you!

Pathologically defensive? Oh yeah

Pathological Avoidance

Just look

away, Lefties!