Anti-Semitism Bad Faith

Sheesh! What a

gem “Biden” is!

He tells Israel that they cannot strike back at their attacker. Is this because of Michigan?

It is just CRAZY!

Anti-Semitism Evil Clown


What? What is this idiot doing? If you are of Jewish descent, take note of where this guy’s loyalties lie…


Oh yes indeed.

They SHOULD be worried! But they aren’t. Yet.

But now Michigan Democrats are sounding the alarm, and warning him that his failure to support a ceasefire could cost him the state in the 2024 election. According to a report from Politico, Biden’s team “doesn’t appreciate the depths of discontent from Arab American and young voters over Biden’s response to the Israel-Hamas war.” A protest vote in the state’s primary is planned for next week, but even that “won’t give them the wakeup call that’s needed.”

Anti-Semitism Lefty Culture Racism

The plain truth

is that anti-Semitism is an almost exclusive Lefty phenomena.

Jewish people need to understand that the Leftism of even 20 years ago no longer exists in the Democrat party. This is NOT your father’s Democrat party!

To my friends on the Left: You’ve told me countless times over many years that antisemitism is almost exclusively a right-wing phenomenon, but events since October 7 indicate strongly that a far greater threat to the happiness, health, and safety of Jews comes from your left-wing allies.

After two months of depravity across the West, it’s obvious that the greater problem today lies on the left. 

… Right-wing antisemites hold little sway over conservative politicians, while left-wing antisemites have an electoral hammerlock over many left-of-center politicians.

The Democrat party is pretty open about being anti-Jew. Now, what are ethnic American Jews going to do about it?

The Left is not at all friendly toward Jewish people. Just know who your friends really are…

Sometimes change is needed.


Lefties are indeed

whining about people calling them out for their anti-Semitism. Poor babies. This is happening because they are anti-Semites! The NY Times is a stinking pile of crap, but even they are noticing, albeit grudgingly and dishonestly. Hey, NY Times…

The story is NOT that “Republicans pounce,” but that on the whole, Democrats really are anti-Jew. I mean OF COURSE the NY Times in this article wants to say that things really aren’t that way! It’s what they do.

But they are. Indisputably.


You think there

is no institutional antisemitism at MIT you fool!

So ask yourself: Are YOU an anti-semite?


For most Lefties,

morals are a bit, uh, flexible.

h/t Powerline

Anti-Semitism Lefty Political Philosophy

Just look at what

the Left has done!

Nearly 3 out of 4 college Jewish students report having seen or been the victim of anti-Semitic incidents since the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attack on Israel.

… Before the attack, 64% reported feeling that their universities were “welcoming and supportive” of them. That number has dropped to 44%.

Jewish people need to take account of who their friends really are.

HINT: It’s not the Left.

Anti-Semitism DUH!

The classic DC “Gaffe.”

He accidentally told the truth.

But honestly, it’s hard to not understand that the anti-Semite sentiment is almost entirely on the Left.

“While the dead bodies of Jewish Israelis were still warm, while hundreds of Jewish Israelis were being carried as hostages back to Hamas tunnels under Gaza, Jewish Americans were alarmed to see some of our fellow citizens characterize a brutal terrorist attack as justified because of the actions of the Israeli government.”

And who are these people?

Many of the people who have expressed these sentiments in America aren’t neo-Nazis, or card-carrying Klan members, or Islamist extremists. They are in many cases people that most liberal Jewish Americans felt previously were their ideological fellow travelers. [emphasis added]

But of course:

Unfortunately, while Schumer admitted that anti-Semitism is a growing cancer on the political left, he didn’t acknowledge or allude to the anti-Semitic members of his party currently serving in Congress. This calls into question whether Democrats will do anything about the problem.

Uhm, there’s NO question. NOTHING will be done. DUH!


Look, folks,

she is just revolting! And on SO many levels. But the anti-semitism is certainly one of her more unlovely traits.