Anti-Semitism Evil

Oh, imagine


Corporate “science” has really been shown to be an emperor with no clothes, lately. For example, MANY seminal social psychology experiments (ones that were the basis of Psych 101) have been shown to be totally fraudulent.

I mean BIG, culturally relevant studies like Milgram and the Stanford Prison Experiment! Milgram was so culturally prominent that it even showed up with Bill Murray doing it in a movie!

The problem is NOT with science. It is with scientists. And they have discredited Science as a whole. The damage in human terms is incalculable.

Anti-Semitism Immorality


ANTI-SEMITES! What is wrong with her? What is wrong with the Democrats who were her boosters? Holy Crap! <shakes head disgustedly>

On Thursday, Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, who has a long history of anti-Semitic remarks, was removed from her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee in a 218 to 2011 party-line vote. 

Let’s face the facts–Democrats are the party of anti-Semites everywhere!

Such racism is disgusting. It’s immoral.


Leftism gets

back to its roots. Everything old is new again…

I mean, are you really so ignorant of history that you don’t even understand what team you’re batting for?