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As a child

psychologist with a developmental specialty, this does not surprise me one little bit!

Many people in this area couldn’t diagnose or differentiate their butt from a hole in the ground.

UPDATE: The Left has a history of exploiting Autism Spectrum kids…

Incompetence Stooooopid!

Honestly, is KJP

the stupidest press secretary ever?

It sure appears so! But hey, she is Black and a lesbian, so there’s that! Competence was never an issue, here.

She is Haitian, and I lived for years in Haiti and am fluent in Haitian creole. I loved Haiti, as full of problems as it is. So it pains me that she is such an absolute moron. MOST Haitians are not as stupid as she is!

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she is simply a liar who has to continually cover for a demented oaf rather than just being as dumb as a sack of hair!



Gee, I wonder why not?

Evil Incompetence

Yes, it was

an amazingly bad failure. Utter incompetence. Just amazing!

But the pivotal last two years of U.S. assistance to Afghanistan proved decisive in creating the conditions that led to the fall of the U.S.-backed government and the loss of $7 billion in military equipment to the Taliban.

They are being FAR too nice. It was Joe Biden’s incompetence. There is no mystery why it happened on his watch. It was no accident!

But it was Biden’s weak support for the agreement that ultimately doomed it. “The character of the withdrawal left many Afghans with the impression that the U.S. was simply handing Afghanistan over to a Taliban government-in-waiting,” the report said

Evil Clown Incompetence

It’s been an

utter Joe Biden Bungle™ from the beginning. I’m not sure he cares at all about those poor people whose lives have been ruined! Nor does he care about the environmental damage.

And it could be YOU

Neither Biden nor Pete Buttigieg are even remotely competent! That much is QUITE clear. I mean train wrecks happen. But one would hope that the response wouldn’t be so inept and amateurish.

Elections can have unforeseen and very unfortunate consequences…

Human Misery Incompetence Lefty Squalor

THIS is what

diversity hires bring you! NOT a competence hire, here. And it produces human misery!

But, if there was any moment that stands out as cringeworthy, it was when he [mayor Pete] was trying to argue that the situation in East Palestine had become politicized. “There’s no question that there have been enormous amounts of both information and misinformation injected into this situation, none of which is to the benefit of the community. When it comes to that misinformation… so, I think… sorry, I lost my train of thought.”

Yeah, as if there were actual thought involved! Mayor Pete wouldn’t know rational thought if it bit him in the butt…

But this naturally leads to the question: Are they truly that incompetent, or do they just not care?

Epic fail Incompetence

Lefties are

starting to get a bit nervous! As well they should…


Yeah, even Lefties

are getting pretty fed up with her.



Democrats? Is it just now starting to dawn on you?

What, are you SLOW?

Current Events Incompetence

I’m sorry if

you have to fly. What a nightmare! Behold the competence of Pete Buttigieg!