Biden-induced misery Captain Obvious Incompetence

Folks, he is

brutally demented! And it’s not just a thumb-in-the-eye to Americans who were the victim of electoral fraud. It is also amazingly disrespectful of other world leader. They are serous leaders, and they are rightfully affronted at being forced to deal with an obvious incompetent.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, 77, looked visibly irritated after the two leaders shared a stage to speak about their initiative to improve workers’ rights in each country.

… ‘President Biden can you hear me?’ Lula asked again, appearing to lose patience as Biden grunted in response. ‘You can?’ he asked, turning to Biden. ‘Yes, good.’

THIS is dangerous! And Iran, China, and Russia laugh…


He’s gaffetastic!

The White House communications team has been forced to play defense over the last several weeks as the president continues to come under public scrutiny for apparent [ed. not apparent, obvious] yeah I like bacon Bacon and scrambled eggs gaffes and slips-ups.

Any blamed fool knows that he is really not competent!

Age-related decline Incompetence

Sorry, people

are just sick of the decrepit old RINOs.

OF COURSE got heckled! He richly deserves it. May it happen many times in the future…

GetWokeGoBroke Incompetence

Look, Governors,

You can implement stupid Lefty plans, but eventually you will pay.

The State of California lost nearly $350 million in tax revenues in 2021 due to migration out of the state — a worrisome figure as the state contemplates a new deficit of $32 billion this year.



The party of youth!

Does anyone think she is driving the bus? LOL! NO!

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) appeared confused and began speaking during a Senate Appropriations Committee vote on Thursday, prompting Chair Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) to repeatedly urge the 90-year-old to say “aye.”


Joe Biden is

so unpopular because he is an incompetent and evil buffoon and virtually everyone knows it. Other countries certainly do! They just laugh at him!

At this point in his term — about 910 days in — Joe Biden is the second-most-unpopular president in modern U.S. history. As of July 18, Biden’s average job-approval rating, according to the poll aggregators at FiveThirtyEight, is a paltry 39.1%; his average disapproval rating is 55.4%. That means his “net approval rating” is -16.3%, which is well “underwater,” as pollsters like to say.

Dementia Joe Incompetence

Folks, it’s

just embarrassing!

Did YOU vote for this demented fool? If so, what does that mean about YOU?

Dishonesty Incompetence

Well, a man in

his doddering condition needs a lot of rest!

If YOU took vacation for 40% of YOUR work time, do you think you might be fired?

He’s scabbing off us!

Hypocrisy Incompetence

Well, you know

things change.

President Joe Biden will be sending cluster bombs to Ukraine to use in its war against Russia, the White House confirmed Friday. But he has opposed their use in the past, especially by Israel in the Lebanon War in 1982.

Evil Clown Incompetence

Well said,

actually. It’s a pithy, obviously true statement:

Kamala is the Bud Light of Vice Presidents.

According to the newly released poll from NBC News, just 32 percent of registered voters said they had a positive view of VP Harris, compared to 49 percent who said they had a negative view, including 39 percent who expressed having a “very negative view.” Overall Harris had a net -17 rating.

As Greg Gutfeld said: According to a new poll from NBC, which is like a news network, but with Chuck Todd, Kamala is the most unpopular VP in recorded history. Think about that. She beat out Al Gore, some guy named Biden and even Dick Cheney and he shot a guy in the face. He had it coming, though, I think. I really don’t know that story too well. Anyway, so who says women can’t beat men when given the chance? Yes, ladies, you too, could suck every bit as much as men. She truly is the Bud Light of veeps.