Yeah, THAT has

sure been a success!

Yes, there should be hearings! 320 million utterly wasted. What incompetence! And yet, no one is fired?

This November, Joe Biden should certainly be fired, if only for this!

Humor Incompetence

Guys, it’s

just BRUTAL!

And now that Comedy Central has gone there, does that mean it’s now officially open season on Kamala’s weirdness?


Oh my!

This is a nightmare!

More than 1,000 U.S. troops are effectively being held “hostage” in Niger with medical supplies running low — stuck between the military junta-controlled government’s demands for them to leave and the Biden administration’s refusal to let them go home after the end of their deployments, according to a report prepared by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and obtained exclusively by Breitbart News.

THIS is what sheer incompetence looks like! Unreal. Those poor soldiers and their poor parents…

THIS is why you don’t elect an incompetent buffoon. This is why you act like an executive and not like some mindless drone who is wide-eyed awestruck and swayed by chintzy baubles and cheap outraged preached by charlatans and cheesy, big-haired TV Democrat preachers!


Frank Luntz is

FAR from a Donald Trump fan. He really doesn’t want Trump to win. And he parrots some nonsense, here.

BUT, he understands a heck of a lot better than the raving Democrat anti-Trump lunatics.

Already people are starting to ignore Democrats and their incessant (and tiresome) hissy fit tantrums. The direction they are going is a poor one–it will lead to an utter shellacking. Going down this road means that Democrats are pushing all their chips into the middle of the table and betting on voter fraud.

I think that is unwise.

Oh, and:

He may just drop Leticia James a 12.5% tip…

Current Events Incompetence

Oh, it’s a

problem, all right!

On Tuesday, the White House went into full gaslighting mode with some bizarre claims about inflation.

“Inflation is down two-thirds, and we have the lowest annual core inflation since May 2021,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed during the White House press briefing. “Prices fell over the last year for gas milk, eggs, chicken, appliances, and also used cars. Wages are rising faster than prices over the last year since the pandemic, and forecasts broadly expect progress on inflation to continue over the rest of the year.”

Well, that’s news to pretty much everyone outside of the White House. 

Uhm, do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?

Illegal Immigration Incompetence

So now we see

the knives start to come out. For Democrats, it’s starting to be “every man for himself!”

Former New York governor Andrew Cuomo (D.) on Sunday slammed the Biden administration for causing an unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants, which has overwhelmed officials and the resources of cities such as New York City.

“This is the worst government blunder I have seen in my entire life,” Cuomo said during a speech at a Bronx church, referring to the Big Apple’s ongoing migrant crisis. “You have the federal government, which is where it starts, it’s standing at the border with a sign that says, ‘Come to the United States of America and claim asylum.’” 


Deluded Democrats

always get a little chippy when they are called out for their explosive diarrhea spending. The bottom line is that Democrats have always been terrible at managing the country’s money!

“The price tag of President Biden’s proposed budget is yet another glaring reminder of this Administration’s insatiable appetite for reckless spending and the Democrats’ disregard for fiscal responsibility. Biden’s budget doesn’t just miss the mark — it is a roadmap to accelerate America’s decline.”



Well, good.

The GOP was stupid last time to unilaterally disarm. You can thank Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel for THAT screw-up! I don’t know that she was deliberately trying to cripple the GOP. Maybe not.

But that’s, in fact, exactly what she did. She did the classic RINO thing of refusing to take a needed action because she thought it wasn’t “nice.” So at best she was incompetent.

I’m very glad she’s gone.


Admitting that Joe

Biden is incapable of doing the job as President is NOT a Left vs. Right thing. It is a reality vs. fantasy/deception thing.

This is not about being “on the Trump train” or anything like that. It is ONLY about recognizing that Joe Biden simply can’t do the job!

Now maybe you are saying that, “‘Biden is controlled by Obama the hard Left and so will continue to hire very Left-leaning staff, and therefore the policies will be hard-left regardless of Joe’s personal incompetence and I like that.” And you would be entirely correct.

But then let’s stop this stupid charade of pretending you are hiring Joe Biden to drive this bus. You very obviously aren’t. So do what you prefer, but at least be honest about what you are doing!

This election is Trump vs. some nebulous Lefty Biden staff. Just admit the plain truth!

Corruption Evil Incompetence

Holy crap!

You’ve got to be kidding!

Nevertheless, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) managed to lose an incredible number of iPads and laptops — roughly 77,000 of them. Not 77,000 total, since the massive unified district started supplying kids and teachers with pricey computers a few years ago. They lost 77,000 in one school year. That’s roughly $23 million worth of missing stuff.

Wow! Just who profited off this? 23 million? In one year? I’m gobsmacked!

This is clearly an organized theft ring!

I don’t know what kind of laptops CPS issues but I know a thing or two about the security features Apple builds into its iPads and iPhones. Once a user is signed into a device, the thing quickly becomes a brick in anybody else’s hands. If your device goes missing, launch the FindMy app on another device (or even just a web browser) and tell your missing iPad to play the I’M HERE UNDER THE SOFA CUSHION AGAIN sound. It’s quite loud. If FindMy can’t locate it, just click the Mark As Lost button and your lost item is effectively bricked. Just as soon as the lost iPad re-connects to any WiFi network, it will report its location.