You would have thought

that after the 10th pile of dung the Lefties stepped in that they would have learned to be a little more careful But no.


Well, Karine

Jean-Pierre. ‘Nuff said.

Current Events Incompetence

You know who I

think the biggest loser in this recent display of Republican incompetence was? Donald Trump.

See, a lot of us thought that we could nominate a publicity-loving blowhard and get away with it–his basic competence would win the day. And he is fundamentally competent!

Well, we just had an election where basic competence lost. Where ALL the odds were stacked on the side of the GOP. And yet Republicans grossly under-performed. They missed an open layup. They shanked an extra point. And it was all just so unnecessary. A little competence with a garnish of wisdom would have kept this ship from running aground.

Alas, those are two things the GOP leadership utterly lacked. And there’s no arguing with the data!

So now maybe, just maybe, we should go with just competence WITHOUT the grating exterior and WITH competent leadership.

Look, many people will never vote for Trump, regardless of the facts on the ground. Trump was the right man for that time. And he was indeed cheated by “Biden, Inc.”

Yes, yes, but that day is done. We need to move on in strategy.

And it seems that Trump has suddenly gotten a bee in his bonnet about Ron DeSantis. Weird.Yet most voters see DeSantis as the President-in-waiting. I just don’t think Trump can win without DeSantis.

And I think a DeSantis/Lake ticket is very probably the way to go now. Sure, the Left will incessantly demonize them (that is already well underway), but they are both quite competent and can manage it. BOTH are extremely good under fire. And they will both get LOTS of practice!

UPDATE: I am NOT the only one saying it!

Trump is toast. He has a few fanatical followers, most of whom were never reliable Republicans or even consistent voters. They can go down with his ship if they want to.

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I gotta admit,

I am pretty cheesed off at the Republican leadership in DC. Quite salty, actually. I think McConnell and his ilk deserve to be fired. Let’s get Scalise and some new, more competent blood in there! These guys got way too fat and happy and got sloppy and stopped understanding that their performance actually matters!

This was an uncontested lay-up. And those incompetent fools missed it. They thought they could just phone it in and make no effort.

Sure, Biden is horribly unpopular and has made a complete hash of things. But it doesn’t get any easier than this, and they made a dog’s breakfast of it!

And you know what? They should be fired for their incompetence.

I’m not sure we can even blame much on voter fraud (though AZ and PA certainly had it). No, this is just flat-out ineptitude.


Is the anger of

Conservatives going to boil over now?

What we saw is gross incompetence by GOP leadership. If they worked for me, I would fire them.

Look, no matter the weaselly excuses, this happened on their watch. They rightfully shoulder responsibility. And they should be fired.

Change Incompetence


it’s time for new blood. These guys have failed miserably, and need to be put out to pasture.

Honestly, there should be a full-scale house-cleaning in the Republican party. Their performance has been both abysmal and unacceptable. Incompetence has consequences…

Biden-induced misery Incompetence

Yeah, Joe Biden

did that! This guy is totally crapping the bed! Voters, you know what to do to at least partially stop this tool from wrecking everything!

With nearly everything we buy costing more this year, Halloween is more of a trick than a treat. But we can’t cower in fear; instead, we need to make sure that, just eight days after Halloween, we scare the bejesus out of the Democrats by voting them out of power. It’s the first giant step toward ending this horror story that is the Biden administration’s assault on our wallets.

Epic fail Incompetence

Here is some

analysis that the MSM is frantically avoiding.

Without a doubt, Pennsylvania voters, and indeed the nation, saw firsthand that he is not capable of being a U.S. senator.

… From the beginning, it was clear that this was going to be a rough night for Fetterman, who opened up the debate by announcing, “Hi, goodnight, everybody.”


Yeah, nice gig,

if you can get it!

Evil Clown Incompetence

Yes, yes

he did…

Let’s start the healing in November.

Honestly, Joe Biden is a curious mixture of evil and incompetence. I was wise enough to not vote for him. Were you?

Well, you get another chance to do what is good for the country in November…

It’s pretty dang clear to even the dullest among us…