Poetic Justice

The Left’s

worst nightmare!

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) announced on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Live on Friday night that he will be on a new committee modeled after the influential Church Committee of the 1970s to investigate deep state corruption and potential criminality.

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Let me

“assist” you!

I like where this is going.

“We were notified yesterday that the governor of Colorado is now stating that they are going to be sending migrants to places like New York and Chicago,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams told reporters on Tuesday, making a splash Polis might have hoped to avoid. “This is just unfair for local governments to have to take on this national obligation,” Adams complained, adding that he was only informed of that this effort was underway the night before.

When contacted by Politico, [Democrat] Polis’s administration defended itself. Denver is only assisting asylum seekers in their efforts to reach their final destinations inside the United States, and they’ve been doing so for weeks.

Uhm, GOOD! Stop whining!

Lefties need to start feeling the pain caused by their utterly boneheaded, vicious policies!

Poetic Justice

Yeah, I’m

pretty happy about this.

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Here. We.


Fighting Back Losers Poetic Justice


Sounds like a great game!

These butt-head protestors need to start paying a little price for their despicable behavior! Up until now, normal people have been just way too polite to take the mickey out of them. Hopefully, that is changing.

I mean, this is pretty dang mild! Maybe it should escalate to a spray bottle of water! Or maybe that could be considered, “Assault.” I really don’t know. Check it out for yourself in terms of liability…

As I look back, it seems like the turning point was when a trio (?) of idiot protesters glued themselves to the floor of a car showroom and the workers just turned out the lights and went home, leaving the idiots to get hungry and crap/pee their pants. I think THAT is the model…

This video is just AWESOME! Regular people are getting pretty dang sick of this foolishness!

I really don’t want anyone to get hurt, but it’s time to push back against these despotic idiots! It’s time to get creative

Poetic Justice

Only one thing

to say: Learn to code

Evil Clown Poetic Justice

Cue the

sad trombone: wah, wah, wah, waaaaah! So the CDC director who assured us that we couldn’t catch COVID if we were vaccinated… (wait for it, waaait for it….) catches COVID. Wow.

Walensky is described as “up to date” on her vaccines, which refers to the agency’s recommendation that Americans get one or more boosters after a primary series, depending on when a person receives their initial shots.

… “She received the bivalent booster exactly one month ago at a CVS pharmacy. Right now, she’s probably in the window where the booster exerts the greatest protective effect it could possibly exert, yet still: look what happened,” he wrote in a blog post. [emphasis added]

Poetic Justice

Well, I have to admit,

it is pretty darn schadenfraudelicious!

Poetic Justice

Yes, it IS a

tragedy. But holy crap! Did you have to see your own kid irreparably damaged in order to come to your senses? What, are you a monster? I mean, developmental experts like myself have been saying this would happen for well over two years! But YOU wouldn’t listen.

I truly AM sorry that you have been an idiot and that your child and your whole family has to suffer because of it. THAT is a flame of guilt that you will carry your whole life. Unfortunately (and it truly IS sad), the innocent suffer because of the guilty…

Welcome to Hell, Sweetie!

Poetic Justice

Happy, happy, happy!

Oooooh, I really hope it’s true!

I mean, I totally expected it. But still, it is a big deal for it to become official.

Bye bye, Lizzy! wish I’d never even heard of you!

EDIT: And this. You suck, Lizzy!

Do I smell BACON?

It took all of 27 minutes for THAT call to be made!