Poetic Justice

Sometimes justice

is just so elegant!

Current Events Poetic Justice

Kamala: “Oh no

you don’t!”

There is a mighty tussle right now. It is clear that the DNC wants to kick Biden to the curb. But Kamala is serving notice here that she won’t go softly into that good night. 

So what will Democrats do? I don’t know. Keeping Biden would be suicide. Yet running Kamala would be horrible!

Rock, meet hard place…

And understand well that Democrats are in this position because of their foolish and slavish adherence to identity politic

Poetic Justice

Joe Biden’s

new nickname (given to him by the Left): Genocide Joe.

Here we see the Left being bitten by their own rabid dog!

Former Obama apparatchik Van Jones was on CNN Thursday, applying heavy pressure to Old Joe Biden to get him to end the U.S. alliance with Israel and abandon the Jewish state to the tender mercies of Hamas and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Today’s youth, said Jones, and remember, the children are our future and all that, have a cutting new nickname for the sinister old kleptocrat in the Oval Office: Genocide Joe. And if Old Joe doesn’t throw Israel to the wolves, and pronto, that nickname is going to stick. What Jones didn’t say, however, was the most important point of all: Israel is not committing a genocide at all, and this claim is a product of leftist and jihadi propaganda, to which young people today are disturbingly susceptible. 

Poetic Justice

So just why

do you think Chicago is frantically rolling up the welcome mat?

Desperate to do something, Johnson panicked and gave a February 1 deadline to migrants who had spent 60 days in a shelter to vacate the premises. They could reapply for a shelter spot but no one was sure how that worked, least of all the women and children who were going to be thrown into the street in the middle of a Chicago winter.

… But Johnson has had enough. He’s now asking Pritzker to build shelters anywhere else but Chicago.

Poetic Justice

We are starting to see

some changes. Democrats and RINOs are desperately trying to wipe the open borders stink off their shoes.

I think they are frantic because they are now saddled with that “Biden Border Stink,” and there’s really no way to completely wash it off.

“In a sobering analysis of the escalating topic, 69% of likely 2024 voters said that they support the border wall and razor-wire fence that Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) has ordered. Among those, a majority, 51%, said they strongly back Texas in its fight to stop illegal immigration and the surge of gotaways getting past federal border agents.”

… Well, how does one spin their way out of this mess? The Obama-Ordered Open Borders policy is dog [doo-doo] in the eyes of the electorate. Ever step in dog doo? Back when I was a kid and owners never picked up on their pets, I occasionally did and scraping it off your shoe is nearly impossible.

Well, the Democrats have done the political equivalent of stepping in dog doo-doo. And now they just can’t get it all off. To quote an old Sting song:
I had to stop in my tracks for fear
Of walking on the mines I laid…

Poetic Justice

Black people in

Chicago are angry.

It started as a rumbling in Chicago’s predominantly black neighborhoods on the city’s south and west sides. Black Chicagoans are watching the city spending tens of millions of dollars on newly arrived migrants after years of unmet promises from the Chicago political establishment to black people in the poorest neighborhoods.

You know, maybe don’t vote for Democrats? Elections have consequences, ya know…

Current Events Poetic Justice

Learn to code?

Funny how “journalists” no longer like that phrase, eh?

Poetic Justice

I don’t like it.

But then again, I didn’t set the rules. It’s not like BLM burned his livelihood to the ground or anything! Let’s just say that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, I always say…

Chuck Schumer and his daughter found themselves on the receiving end of pro-Hamas extremism on Friday evening. While the two ate dinner for Shabbat, “protesters” showed up at the apartment building shouting for a “ceasefire” and accusing Schumer of killing children. 

I don’t approve. But you gotta admit that it is pretty dang funny!

Poetic Justice Truth

Yes, WaPo is

getting hammered. I’m not sure that it is time yet to publish their obituary, but maybe get it ready to go. Culturally, it sure doesn’t look good for them! Dead man, walking. We know what the trend is. And maybe they can buck that trend. But then again, maybe they can’t…

According to the report, not only is the Post losing $100 million a year, but it lost over half of its online engagement by the end of 2023. The signs were already there by mid-year, and the worst has come to pass. 

Sure. Except I think the worst has yet to come to pass. I suspect that this lame horse, already stumbling, will soon fall. Probably. Even Bezos will not just keep pouring money down this rat hole!

Lefty newspapers are indeed facing some pretty stiff headwinds right now. I mean, who even gets a newspaper anymore? I haven’t for nearly 25 years! A few dinosaurs still rigidly cling to the idea of getting a paper, with many subscribing online to a Lefty rag like the NYT out of hackism mingled with nostalgia. But most of us have moved well beyond even that.

A newspaper was something from my childhood, but as an adult it has only very rarely been a feature in my family, and pretty much not at all since the Internet!

Sure, there IS room for subscribing to an entertaining and reliable source–I have certainly considered subscribing to PJ Media, for example. But the age of “straight” mainstream news via a newspaper seems to be well and truly over. The dinosaurs are not yet dead, but the Jurassic age is rapidly coming to a close. And there is suddenly a bright meteor in the sky!

The persuasive power of an article is in its logical and empirical structure, not in its source newspaper or publisher!

I mean, can you even imagine a “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” editorial now? “Papa says ‘If you see it in The Sun it’s so…’ ” (and it’s ironically hilarious that that editorial propagates a lie!)

I sure can’t. Just because you see it in The Sun (or NY Times) really doesn’t mean it’s actually true. We are well past the age of reporters telling the Truth as best they know it. Now is the age of deception and cultural myths and propaganda and gaslighting.

Maybe we were always there in some ways, But at least, historically, there was a bit of a nod in the direction of truth.That’s no longer the case in regard to sources like the NY Times.

Fighting Back Losers Poetic Justice

Hey Democrats,

how do you like the new rules YOU insisted on? Kind of a bummer to be hoisted on your own petard, eh? And yet, YOU made these new rules!

Everyone knows that Trump would wipe the floor with Biden in 2024 under the Old Rules. But Leftists play by their New Rules. The next phase of their attack was to prosecute Trump into jail, bankruptcy, un-electability, or any combination thereof. But the naked political nature and the weakness of their endless semi-legal attacks has weakened the effort, and Trump rises in the polls whenever they overstep.

… The 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides for removing a president who is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” That describes President Dustpuppet to a T.

…And so, if this new rule is allowed to stand, every single state that has even a single conservative official with any say in the matter must declare Biden unable to discharge the powers and duties of the office and strike his name from the ballot. 

Hey Lefties, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!