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Yeah, pretty

much! Really though, they will just fall for anything that is in line with their pre-conceived beliefs and biases. Many “regular” Democrats are like that, too,

Read it. It’s pretty dang awesome. I hope some day to be able to vote for her on a national level!


If you don’t

understand that this IS a secular religion (complete with a clergy, sins, and Indulgences), you are a fool! Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s really quite obvious.


I have LONG said

That “Global Warming” “Climate Change” and wacky environmentalism IS a religion. And it is.

It is very closely tied to the religion of kooky Leftism, and they are at times impossible to conceptually separate. Really, the religion of wacky environmentalism is a subset of the religion of kooky Leftism. If you have wacky environmentalism, you virtually for sure have kooky Leftism!

It is a pagan, post-Christian sect that tends to very much fly “under-the-radar.” In fact, one may be an official member of (or even a leader of) some other sect and yet the primary loyalty is to kooky Leftism, with its associated sacrament of abortion and an unswerving fealty to wacky environmentalism.

Truth is central to Christianity. Sometimes it’s hard to find. But there’s definitely a Christian duty to search for it and avoid gullibly falling into line with fashion, whether that takes the form of subversively redefining marriage or of swallowing the codswallop of catastrophic climate change. 


Have I not been

telling you over and over that modern environmentalism IS a religion? A pagan one to be sure, but one complete with saints, prophets, sins, confession, and indulgences.

So yes, of course it is a religion! It is certainly not science!

The political opinion that humans cause most or all climate change and the claim that so-called science behind this notion is ‘settled’ may have just met its Waterloo at the hands of 1200 scientists and professionals worldwide. They are led by Norwegian physics Nobel Prize laureate Professor Ivar Giaever, Daily Skeptic reports

Captain Obvious Religion

For those of us

beholden to facts, we are NOT impressed.

But here is the arguments that I have heard from those attached to “green” energy:

Sure, it sucks right now, but technological progress is being made and by subsidizing it now you spur people to invent things that actually work!

So you just gotta have faith that paradise is on its way! And you thought that “green” was not a religion…