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so this seems like a good thing to post.

More recent evidence strongly shows that atheistic explanations of the universe and life on earth make no (or only very superficial) logical sense. Given what we have seen lately, there has been a defensive “flight into Theism” by many “scientific” types because purely atheistic and materialist explanations just don’t stand up very well at all. And it’s FAR from lame “God in the box” sorts of explanations.

So the “limited, modified hang-out” position for many of these thwarted materialists is to say that Theism is indeed good for society, sure, but it is not actually TRUE. So it is all instrumental, but not at all related to actual Truth. Hmmm… BUT:

Christianity is not just a useful lifeboat for stranded intellectuals. If it isn’t literally true, it isn’t valuable.

I think there is little doubt that among the “science” crowd, there has been a major revolt against materialist ideology. But that revolt only produces a dissatisfaction with materialism, not a general conversion to Theism. THAT is a known limitation of logical argument: It can produce doubt or know-nothingism, but not conversion in and of itself.


The God hole

In the past, thinkers have talked about a personality void left behind as a result of not believing in God. And this happens even though we as a society have entered an “age of reason” where there is little to no official religiosity at all.

That “God Hole” gets filled with all sorts of modern cults like political party affiliation or “Global Warming” and such.The psychological “hole” remains, and WILL get filled with something.

In other words, the impulse toward religiosity is totally unchanged. This is what was once known by psychologists as “slot movement”–there is no actual change, just movement along the same “slot” to the opposite position. The “slot” has not changed a bit. The change is quite superficial.

As G. K. Chesterson reportedly said, “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.”

Yes, because the “slot” remains–there has been no fundamental change.

Psychopathological Denial Religion

And that is


But here’s the problem: There is perhaps a third of Democrats for whom NO amount of evidence will ever change their minds. So yes, IF it were proved they would abandon Biden, BUT IT CAN NEVER BE PROVED!

In other words, there is a proportion of “dead-ender” Democrats who simply can’t be convinced by data or evidence and will “vote blue no matter who.”

So yes, it’s great that nearly 2/3 of Democrats say they would vote against Biden if he were proved to be “dirty.” But realize that for a significant proportion of those it is a false dawn, because they could never be convinced of it!

They hold to their tribe with religious intensity! Because, in fact, it IS a religion for many of them.


The data are

pretty dang clear:

And yet it’s a Lefty article of faith that guns are the root cause of assault and we would be better off without them! Why are they such science deniers?

The answer?: I think that this is a religion and Lefties are actually not at all tied to the facts when the facts are against them. Oh yes, they will (very vaguely) cite facts when it is to their benefit, but the facts are mere tools for them to selectively apply according to their stance. Facts are merely a cudgel in the service of their pre-established political beliefs.

They don’t believe it because they see it, they ONLY see what they already believe. And that is something we ALL need to guard against. It’s just that Lefties are particularly avoidant of that truth. Why? Well, that’s a subject for another day. But let me just say that theirs is an avoidant, psychologically defensive stance.

Gun Control Religion

Just so you KNOW

what happened:

Lefties, quit being so factually blinkered and scientifically illiterate! At some point you gotta drop your primitive, superstitious, intellectually blinkered folklore and get with modern thinking! Leave your backward old religious idols behind and join modernity…

Pay attention to the facts, for Pete’s sake! We’re more intellectually advanced than this!

Current Events Religion

The Biden mindless

followers have all the emotional intensity of the “old-time tent revival” crowd. And it is NOT Biden himself who is the “kingpin.” He actually does not have that kind of religious, Jim Jones-like charisma. He truly is just a stand-in.

No, what we are seeing is the frenzied spasticity of those who are “converted” to a charismatic entity–the Democrat party. THAT is their dearly-held Manichean heresy, where ALL is a battle over good and evil and you dang well battle for “good” (by any means, fair or foul) or the Devil (Trump) will win.

They are the new political “burnt over district” denizens, and they show the very same religious fervor, except in this case for a party (Democrat) god rather than a more orthodox God. But it is an identical religious attachment.

So don’t be at all fooled–this is a religious, nay, apocalyptic religious experience for them, complete with an an orthodoxy, heretics, sins, indulgences, and Lefty evangelists stirring their followers up against the old “devil” Trump!

Fools Religion


pretty much…

If you have failed to grasp the religious nature of “Global Warming,” you are an idiot!

Political philosophy Religion

Please realize,

Leftism is NOT about convincing or persuading or even informing. If it were, Leftists would be eager to discuss things with “non-believers” and the “unconverted.”

But they aren’t. Far from it.

And THAT is a dead give-away! No, Leftism’s goal is to gain power, often through a kind of “Stockholm Syndrome.” See, de-humanizing, ridiculing, coercion, domination, and avoidance of reasoned debate are the real goals, not persuasion or convincing.

It is a sort of religious cult. And THAT is why they refuse to have their cherished beliefs questioned. “Just shut up and drink the &#$^ Kool-Aid!”

Political philosophy Religion

Well, the Left

has never been all that beholden to data. IF it supports their cherished beliefs, they can’t swallow enough of that swill. BUT, if the data don’t support the pre-judged beliefs…

Guys, this is a religion. That’s why, all cult-like religions, this is impervious to facts and data.

And of course this is satire. But like all good satire, it is rooted in truth…

“Nah, I’m not buying it,” said California Congressman Eric Swalwell. “If you’re wanting me to believe President Biden and his family have been involved in a far-reaching money-for-favors scheme for years, you’ll need to show me a lot more than rock-solid, irrefutable evidence. If the Biden family was corrupt, I think I would have heard about it from my Chinese spy girlfriend.”



happening, here. And what is is ain’t exactly clear

About one-third of 18-to-25-year-olds say they believe—more than doubt—the existence of a higher power, up from about one-quarter in 2021, according to a recent survey of young adults. The findings, based on December polling, are part of an annual report on the state of religion and youth from the Springtide Research Institute, a nonpartisan nonprofit.