Captain Obvious Evil Fighting Back

I’m telling you

folks, it makes NO difference at all who it is: Anyone who runs for office who is at least center-right will be hounded incessantly by the Left. It is an intense maliciousness that never sleeps!

These attacks are all a message to anyone who would dare to run as a conservative. Do so, and we will stop at nothing to destroy you.

Even some conservatives have gone wobbly! They need to buck up a bit…

Having said all that, we’ve now reached a point where even if you hate Trump’s behavior, despise his temperament, think he isn’t a pure-enough conservative, or would prefer someone else less toxic carry the conservative banner, the choice is clear — either support Trump or condone the anti-democratic, extra-legal, election-integrity-destroying tactics of the left, which will forever poison the American political system, and will mean the end of conservatism in the U.S. for the foreseeable future.

… Those who think this is just about Trump, or that Trump is a special case, or that once we get Trump out of the picture civility will return, are deluding themselves. If Mister Rogers ran as a conservative he’d be just as viciously attacked.

Since then, the left has added lawfare to its arsenal, which has now reached peak absurdity for the simple reason that Trump refuses to give in. But make no mistake, scalping Trump will only whet the left’s appetite for more scalps.

But perhaps with the recent absurd court action and the manifestly unfair blocking of appeal, things have hit the tipping point. I sure hope so!

Political Strategy

I think there are two

intended lessons of the Trump prosecutions from Lefty “deep state” swamp monsters:

First: If you move to de-fang us, we the Lefty swamp will go after you hammer and tongs while you are in office. People you trust will ruthlessly betray you–because they are actually agents of your enemies, under deep cover. Your policies will be stymied over and over by people who promised to faithfully execute them.

Second: Even after you leave office we will hound you forever. We will get corrupt judges to levy absurd fines against you. We will get people to nonsensically accuse you of 20+ year-old crimes. We are coming after you with a blood-lust that never dies and that can never be sated.

We will never stop hounding you. It will be like Javert on steroids. We will hurt you, both personally and financially. And we will pat ourselves on the back as being morally good for doing so.

So this is NOT just an effort to get Donald Trump. He is just a convenient target for their brutality.

No, it is also to warn anyone else that you dang well better not seek the demise of the swamp, because they will destroy you if you do, both while you are in office and after you leave. Cross the swamp and you are a dead man, walking.


Well, I’m glad

to see it. But maybe it’s time to start voting differently. eh?

I’m full of sympathy for her. I also agree with her on this. But it’s time for the Black community to make some serious changes. Otherwise it is just spitting in the wind.

And to quote Trump, as Black people, what do you have to lose?

Political philosophy

I hope you

have figured out by now that Democrats always create a crappy economy. Always. Sure, Bill Clinton was not so bad, but keep in mind that he turned to conservative economic policies–remember, “The era of big government is over?” He also could rest on the tail end of the Reagan boom…

ANY success Democrats have comes from aping, however disingenuously, conservatives!


Good! At least

Ron DeSantis is willing to do the right thing! I always liked this guy…

Banana Republic of Brandon Barbaric!

Democrats, are

you proud of what you’ve done?

A billboard in Times Square went up on Thursday highlighting how the Biden administration’s failure to secure the border is affecting communities across America.

The billboard reads, “Hey Joe! If cops aren’t safe because of your open borders, nobody is,” and shows video of NYPD officers getting assaulted by a group of illegal immigrants last month. 

Illegal Immigration

Colorado town

tells Denver to keep their crap to themselves and not try to pwn it off on innocent others!

“The goal is to make sure that Denver knows that we will not be accepting any busloads of migrants into our community. The main reason is that we don’t have a budget that matches theirs, and we won’t utilize taxpayer funds for the support of what they’ve decided to take on themselves as a self-declared sanctuary city,” Mitch LaKind, the mayor of Monument, Colorado, said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends First.”

Captain Obvious Injustice

You know the

Engoron ruling won’t stand, right?

“Ms. [Letitia] James is supposed to value properties now? She’s got a bunch of associates under her, giving you what they think the value of Trump Tower is, and that’s the basis of a lawsuit?” Habba continued, pointing to the absurdity of the entire case.

… these people “live in this world where they frankly, have no real knowledge.”

But THAT is par for the course for the Left!



conservatives (and even RINOs) are bankrolling Nikki Haley, don’t you?

Nimarata ‘Nikki’ Haley’s failing presidential campaign is being bankrolled by over 5,200 former donors to Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, lending credence to Donald Trump’s contention that she is only remaining in the race to try and damage him ahead of the general election.

She’s dead, Jim…

Current Events

The fresh air

of sanity occasionally blows into New York…

A lawsuit in New York led by the Republican National Committee saw sanity prevail when an appellate court ruled that no, non-U.S. citizens cannot vote in our elections. If the absurd policy had been allowed to stand, some 900,000 non-citizens to cast votes in municipal elections in the Big Apple.