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Yes, yes

he does! Mr. McConnell, will you please go NOW?

For a few years, McConnell was a breath of fresh air in Republican congressional leadership, unrecognizable from the Mitch McConnell who had long been loathed by conservative activists. It was all too brief, however, and McConnell quickly returned to form when President LOLEightyonemillion got into office. 

… It’s also not helpful that McConnell intends to serve out his term. This country is plagued by United States senators hanging around for decades past their “sell-by” dates. Don’t any of these people have families they want to spend time with?


Here’s another thing

for Democrats to worry about!

And it’s only February…

Captain Obvious

Democrat flop-sweat

about RFK, Jr.

While the swamp has likely dismissed Kennedy as a gadfly, the Secret Service issue makes a strong talking point for the campaign. It points up the gap that exists between DC insiders and, oh, say, the rest of America. And intentionally or not, it hearkens one back to the fates of his uncle and father, even among those who are too young to remember either or were unborn when those incidents occurred. And Kennedy has a populist appeal.

… The Michigan Primary should serve as a warning to the DNC and the Biden campaign that they have a very small needle to thread and an increasingly unpopular brand with which to do it. Which is why the party is so concerned about circling the wagons. 

Election Fraud


it was. DUH!


Folks, she is

a total moron!

Well, maybe not low-IQ, but brutally ignorant!

Now a military Phalanx gun can do about 50 rounds a second. A “Warthog” plane can do between 35 and 70 rounds per second. What kind of ignoramus thinks bump stocks can do 800 rounds a second? Only a total fool who doesn’t know squat and is just making crap up!


It really IS

good news. Sure, but let’s guard against overconfidence…

Bad Faith Captain Obvious

Et tu,


Former aides who worked directly with then-Vice President Joe Biden in the Obama administration have called current fears over his age “a very real issue” — with some alarmed at how he has become more “frail” and “mumbly.”

Knife, meet back…


“Woke” and the

tantruming young Left have utterly killed comedy. And their music stinks, too–because a group like “The Clash” could NEVER do a song like Rock The Casbah anymore.

The blistering force of rebellion that drove Punk Rock is dead, and now Billy Idol is a snarling act for the company Workday (who?). Gee, I wonder what he got paid per fake snarl…

All that is left is the groveling kowtow pablum of trained monkeys, singing and dancing and doing comedy at the end of strings held by their societal masters, while touching their foreheads to the ground in a show of lickspittle, servile deference.

Flash forward to 2024, when a very large portion of the population is most definitely not ever in it for the fun. Woke leftism is so twisted that it manages to turn young people into bitter, pinched, “Get off my lawn!” types. They actually seek to be offended. 

… Comedy has nothing to do with “community values” because, as I mentioned earlier, it’s subjective. Often, at its best, stand-up is uncomfortable as hell but still makes people laugh because it’s cathartic. These people don’t want catharsis, because there’s a level of introspection involved in that. [emphasis added]

Current Events

Leave him alone!

He’s just a confused, senile old man!


Dishonesty Hypocrisy

Kinda funny how

the “Never Trump” are all prancing and preening, supposedly looking for the nearest fainting couch because of Trump, when in actuality they are irredeemable moral dirtbags!

Spare me…