Biden Recession Current Events

OK, so what

IS a national debt default?

If you’re interested, I would read the article.

But a “Default” is NOT catastrophic. Yes, bad things would happen. Interest rates, credit ratings, etc. But not catastrophic things. Here’s my understanding:

In general, a default would force Federal government to prioritize spending. There is plenty of money coming in each month to pay the interest as needed. And my understanding is that by law, that has to be the first item on the list. Then, naturally, defense. There is money for that.

But in that case, of course, it would mean that there is less money to pay for other things. Let’s just say that the generous funds for Nevada “Cowboy Poetry” might dry up.

That’s be a shame…

In fact, many people are hoping for a default. It would be kind of a de facto balanced budget amendment! I think that is a problematic idea, kind of cutting off your nose to spite your face. But I certainly understand the sentiment.

People are sick of the catastrophic spending. THAT is the problem. Which is why you never vote Democrat! I mean, Republicans have not been exemplary on this, but at least they have given nod to not spending like drunken sailors!

Biden Recession Biden-Induced Human Misery

Well, they are

trying to make ends meet in Biden’s inflationary America!

The survey of more than 1,000 adults with full-time jobs found that 38% have looked for a second job, while another 14% plan to do so, the company said. That means “more than half of working Americans have considered holding multiple jobs to pay for their living expenses,” the company said in a statement.

Mid-terms. Vote accordingly.

Biden Recession Biden-induced misery

Yes, welcome

to the “Biden” Pleasure Dome!

Basic Economics Biden Recession

Well, it’s

true. And I think that almost everyone understands that. Even Democrats get that.

Almost half (47%) of Democratic voters also said they believe the economy is in a recession. 

Yeah, DUH!

Biden Recession

Yes, it

has begun.

No matter how much the White House or its cronies in the corrupt corporate media try to cover up the nation’s economic crises, the U.S. economy is in fact in a recession.

They are liars.

But a holistic look at the economy doesn’t help. Americans are paying more out of pocket for essential goods and services now more than ever.

Biden Recession

Quit trying to LIE,

Democrats! This is a recession.

Biden Recession

Yeah, but “technical”

is a HUGE Biden weasel word. Folks, we are in the Biden-caused recession. Quit trying to weasel out of it! <sheesh!>

“Technical?” Really?

Welcome to the pleasure dome…

Biden Recession

It’s bad.