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yes they are! “Biden” has been an utter catastrophe for working people. We need to take care of things all up and down the ballot come November…

A majority of voters are “worse off financially” under President Joe Biden, up 25 points since he assumed office in 2021, a Fox News poll found Wednesday.

Change Evil

He is NOT the

only Leftist who has come to such an epiphany! I think MANY people have had the scales fall from their eyes, and want to see this evil Democrat soundly defeated.

And don’t be confused, “Biden” is truly evil.


You DO realize

that Biden is deliberately poking a stick in your eye, don’t you?

President Joe Biden’s White House has declared the holiest of Christian holidays “Transgender Day of Visibility,” announcing that “transgender Americans are part of the fabric of our nation.”

Immorality Voter Fraud

Yes, and for

this reason Democrats are totally hosed in November in terms of Georgia.

Don’t you find it more than a bit curious that secure elections spell doom for Democrats? Democrats WANT voter fraud! What does that tell you about the popularity of their ideas?

And so what do you think it all means? And which side are you on?

Epic fail

Well, yeah.

People are heartily sick of “Biden.” He is an obvious usurper who cheated his way into office, and he has been utterly incompetent in terms of running the country. It’s a tough job, and “he” is simply not up to it! Sure, he is now as senile as the day is long, but he was never particularly competent.

And people absolutely have noticed. Being the chief executive is not as easy as falling off a log! And Biden, by nature, is not an executive at all!

He is like the cat who cheated his way into winning the dog show. But now, even though he has won, he is still a cat.

The latest Fox News national survey shows former President Donald Trump pushing out to his largest general election lead in the history of the polling series — in any of the three cycles in which Trump has run.  His advantage over incumbent President Joe Biden sits at five percentage points in this data set, both in the head-to-head matchup (Trump hits 50 percent on this question) and the ‘crowded field’ scenario.  For what it’s worth, Trump’s lead in a hypothetical battle against Vice President Kamala Harris is slightly larger, at six percentage points.  

Election Integrity

It’s really a

nice start.

Don’t you find it, well, rather suspicious that Democrats are virtually always against election integrity?

I guess there’s no real surprise about that. It’s clear as day why that is…

Current Events

Yes, there IS

a difference between candidates!

Medicine Mental Illness

Well, would

you looky there!

The medical group “cannot condone the social affirmation, medical intervention, or surgical mutilation of children and adolescents identifying as transgender or gender nonconforming.”

… “The most recent longitudinal study from Finland that followed over 2,000 adolescents seeking care in their gender clinics found that when psychiatric treatment needs were controlled for, gender identity with or without so-called ‘gender affirming’ interventions did not increase or decrease suicide risk compared to population controls,” Anderson said, citing the study.

I’m telling you, this will be looked upon in VERY few years as one of the worst medical mistakes ever. We are already starting to see MAJOR cracks in the dam.

And I have a question: Who wants to be the last kid sexually mutilated in this fad?

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Remy is a gem!


It’s Sunday,

so this seems like a good thing to post.

More recent evidence strongly shows that atheistic explanations of the universe and life on earth make no (or only very superficial) logical sense. Given what we have seen lately, there has been a defensive “flight into Theism” by many “scientific” types because purely atheistic and materialist explanations just don’t stand up very well at all. And it’s FAR from lame “God in the box” sorts of explanations.

So the “limited, modified hang-out” position for many of these thwarted materialists is to say that Theism is indeed good for society, sure, but it is not actually TRUE. So it is all instrumental, but not at all related to actual Truth. Hmmm… BUT:

Christianity is not just a useful lifeboat for stranded intellectuals. If it isn’t literally true, it isn’t valuable.

I think there is little doubt that among the “science” crowd, there has been a major revolt against materialist ideology. But that revolt only produces a dissatisfaction with materialism, not a general conversion to Theism. THAT is a known limitation of logical argument: It can produce doubt or know-nothingism, but not conversion in and of itself.