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Portland. This is what you get when you vote Democrat!

You know the saying: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…

Current Events

Sure, that may

well be true. But then who? And how will Black voters react to Kamala being dumped? Maybe OK if a different African-American replaces her, but who? Who would have both the name recognition and the gravitas? Michelle Obama would certainly have the name recognition, but what about the gravitas? NO LOL! So who? And even if someone else were to step in, do you think that Kamala would just go softly into that good night?

And then what about the nuts and bolts of getting on the ballot? CAN anyone go from zero to sixty fast enough? Help me understand the logistics, here, because perhaps I don’t…

Current Events

Well, I tend to be rather

optimistic, though I am rather a realist about the breadth and depth of the Democrat voter fraud coming in the 2024 elections. Though of course that is not the only issue…

This time, Biden himself will be on the ballot. He is broadly unpopular. Most Democrats, especially those aged 30 and under, do not want him to be the party’s nominee. The economy could yet improve, but his age will not. Biden finds him squarely in the middle of Democratic internal divisions on Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza, alienating Muslim and Arab American voters who could hold the key to battleground states such as Michigan.

And it’s quite unclear to me what will actually happen. It seems blindingly obvious to me that Biden is a corrupt, senile turd, but there are indeed people who will vote for him. If you ask me, that is a stupid and illogical course of action, but indeed there are a frightening number of people who are stupid and illogical.

As someone who has been steeped in IQ testing for nearly 30 years, it is frightening to me to understand that when you think of how dumb the average person is, by definition half of them are dumber! So yes, Biden has a chance. Good sense is NOT seen all the time…


It’s almost

a foregone conclusion, now. It’s just not possible for her to remain. Sure, there will be battles over the details of what will happen (and the settlement), but there is virtually NO chance of her staying on, now.


A surprise?

Not really…

I, for one, am not at all convinced it is a trap. Yeah, maybe. But regardless, these ain’t good numbers for Senile Joe! If there were a better Democrat candidate (all things considered) than Sleepy Joe, Biden would already be long gone. Remember, there are ballot deadlines in play, here. The Democrats simply can’t just turn on a dime. Not without some incredibly favorable court rulings–all of which are quite likely to be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court. And such things just don’t happen in a month.

I think the more likely explanation is that puddin’-head Joe is the ONLY halfway viable option and the Lefty natives are getting pretty restless.

Fighting Back

It’s time to

play hardball with these… jerks!

“New law… If any state in our Union blocks the official nominee of a major political party from the Presidential ballot, their electoral slate will not be counted by Congress on the following January 6th,” Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) wrote in an X. “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

Now do I think this has a snowball’s chance in Hell of becoming law? No, of course not. There are FAR too many partisan weenies in the Senate for it to pass, and “Biden” would just veto it anyway. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

And there are several states fully controlled by Conservatives who can and should throw Joe Biden off the ballot because he is a clear traitor! So this needs to be done on the state level! It’s time to fight back. And national Democrats have fully partaken of the Biden treason. They don’t care about the country, they only care about power and dominion.

So no more cowardly milquetoast Romney-esque cowering and capitulation and collaboration.



Thanks mean Joe!

How about you fulfill your oath? THAT would sure be nice!


Let’s face it:

From here Ukraine seems to be a lost cause. The sheer demographics of it all are pretty much insurmountable for the Ukrainians. There is going to be an ugly end; Democrats and RINOs and war-mongers are even now being left with large amounts of egg on their faces.

And we are seeing the US public disengagement in real time! For a while now, there has been no reason to keep pouring money down this rat hole. But it’s quickly getting to be undeniable.

Oh, there will always be significant resistance in Ukraine. But the writing is on the wall in terms of what will happen…

Bad Faith Current Events

Yeah, they need to

admit it; They screwed up big-time! And that is the most charitable explanation.

Our public health officials are getting around to admitting the fallibility of public health officials.

You establishment Lefties were wrong, and we skeptics were right. Now it’s time you ‘fess up and openly admit the truth, here!

Admit it:
–the “vaccine” didn’t prevent infection
–the vaxx didn’t prevent transmission
–the vaxx gravely injured people
–the vaxx killed people who otherwise would not have died
–government coerced people into getting the vaxx via pressure on businesses
–the risks of the vaxx outweighed any demonstrated benefit

And it’s NOT time to “forgive and forget.” IF the despots were actually repentant, THEN one might be inclined to forgive. But they are not. Please, there IS no forgiveness without confession. Anything else is just weaseling out–the dishonest whining of the damned!

Biden-Induced Human Misery Evil Illegal Immigration Treason

Thanks Joe Biden!

What a peach!

<shakes head>

But hey, Emperor Joe says that states can’t just defend themselves since HE won’t fulfill his oath of office!

Aren’t you sick and disgusted with this yet?