Democrats should

be very worried. Even if the GOP does not re-take the Senate (though I hope they will), the GOP will almost for sure re-take the House, and that means that there will be investigations.

And Biden simply can’t withstand scrutiny…

Epic fail Politics


Conservatives are ready to govern.

I mean, how can Democrats not recognize, at least to themselves, that they have failed?

Change Culture Politics

Here is the

interesting thing: NY State is SO dominated by Lefty freakazoids in NYC that the Governor of the state is NEVER Republican. Same with Oregon and Portland.

Yet in both cases the race is tight. Democrats are used to winning in a walk in these places, and the fact that the races are tight tells us something: There has been a sea-change, politically.

Now these places may not “flip” quite yet (though I dearly hope they do), but for the first time that I personally have been aware they are competitive. The very culture is changing. And that is apocalyptic for the Left, regardless of what happens in the short-term.

Current Events Politics

It is indeed

strange. But he wants to show–against all evidence–that he is not a malicious, grasping, greedy, dishonest, and senile old bastard.

Yeah, good luck with that!

During Biden’s speech, he said his son Beau “lost his life in Iraq.” Beau Biden died of brain cancer in Delaware in 2015, after leaving his post in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps in 2009. During Beau’s yearlong active duty service, he spent seven months in Iraq and returned home. Biden’s comments are part of a pattern where he attempts to link the death of his son to Beau’s military service. His comments in Colorado are the most egregious attempt to date and earned widespread criticism. The appearance certainly didn’t help Bennet and may have hurt him. Biden’s net approval in Colorado is -3, according to Civiqs.


Heavens, not much

of a shocker, now is it?


You know,

it is obviously true.

NO ONE (Democrat) who is running wants him anywhere near them!

Imagine sharing a campaign stage with the President of the United States and having the moment where he gets your name wrong and then turns around to shake hands with someone who isn’t there captured and shared on social media. It’s not just the Biden policies that Democrats want to distance themselves from, it’s the crazy demented uncle in the Oval Office who they want to stay far away from them.

… The real world is a rough place for Democrats these days. Joe Biden’s toxicity is unavoidable for them. Their MSM disinformation squad can try to make it seem otherwise, but there is nothing that can hide the stench of the miserable failure of a presidency.

Fighting Back Politics

You gotta admit,

it is pretty dang awesome!

The initial billboard slogans point to some of the worst ideas on the radical Left:

  • “Protect Pregnant Men from Climate Discrimination.”
  • “Open the jails. Open the borders. Close the schools. Vote progressive in November.”
  • “Violent criminals deserve our compassion and respect. This fall, stand strong for progressive values.”

… The billboards are great and pack a blunt message: Democrats have gone too far to the Left. Anyone who has been remotely aware for the last 18 months understands this. It is one reason that Hispanic support for Democrats is plummeting. However, and this may be hard for establishment Republicans to hear, it is not good enough merely to be less crazy than your competition. [emphasis added]


Yes, well we

can only hope so!

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Indeed, it IS


“I have the right to remain silent,” he continues over some upbeat background music. “I just don’t have the ability. I’m just being me: John Kennedy.”

Culture Current Events Politics

Well, yeah.

Because he totally sucks!

While 11 percent of survey participants did not approve or disapprove, Biden’s approval rating is underwater in 48 states, including the typically dark blue California and his home state of Delaware. The only two states in which he is above water are Hawaii and Vermont.

Approval of 32%. I really doubt that it can go any lower. There just aren’t that many degrees of freedom left to vary (to use statistical language). In fact, I figured 33-35% was as low as it could go.

Biden has hit rock bottom, and there really is virtually no more statistical “space” for him to go down any more. We are already into the “I’ll vote for a moldy dinner roll if it has a ‘D’ attached to it” crowd. I just don’t think there is any more statistical variance in play for Biden to go down any more.

I certainly could be wrong, but I would be very surprised to see Biden go any lower. He can pretty much only go up, now–it is math and statistics. And I think he will be at about 42-45% by election day. We shall see.

But don’t be snookered by the MSM that he is making “a comeback” when he very predictably goes to 45%. Anyone who knows anything about such things expects it. So let’s not be shocked or dismayed when it happens! The math here almost demands it.

CAVEAT: If culturally Biden totally crashes and burns, if it becomes stylish to be anti-Biden, if (for example) late-night comics openly belittle him most nights, more statistical space will open up, the variance increases, and his numbers can then go down.

But I don’t see that happening, here. Possible, but not at all likely, IMHO.

Still, that is exactly what happened to Jimmy Carter (see: Killer Rabbit). In fact, he was leading Ronald Reagan in many of the late polls! NEVER forget that.