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Indeed, it IS


“I have the right to remain silent,” he continues over some upbeat background music. “I just don’t have the ability. I’m just being me: John Kennedy.”

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Well, yeah.

Because he totally sucks!

While 11 percent of survey participants did not approve or disapprove, Biden’s approval rating is underwater in 48 states, including the typically dark blue California and his home state of Delaware. The only two states in which he is above water are Hawaii and Vermont.

Approval of 32%. I really doubt that it can go any lower. There just aren’t that many degrees of freedom left to vary (to use statistical language). In fact, I figured 33-35% was as low as it could go.

Biden has hit rock bottom, and there really is virtually no more statistical “space” for him to go down any more. We are already into the “I’ll vote for a moldy dinner roll if it has a ‘D’ attached to it” crowd. I just don’t think there is any more statistical variance in play for Biden to go down any more.

I certainly could be wrong, but I would be very surprised to see Biden go any lower. He can pretty much only go up, now–it is math and statistics. And I think he will be at about 42-45% by election day. We shall see.

But don’t be snookered by the MSM that he is making “a comeback” when he very predictably goes to 45%. Anyone who knows anything about such things expects it. So let’s not be shocked or dismayed when it happens! The math here almost demands it.

CAVEAT: If culturally Biden totally crashes and burns, if it becomes stylish to be anti-Biden, if (for example) late-night comics openly belittle him most nights, more statistical space will open up, the variance increases, and his numbers can then go down.

But I don’t see that happening, here. Possible, but not at all likely, IMHO.

Still, that is exactly what happened to Jimmy Carter (see: Killer Rabbit). In fact, he was leading Ronald Reagan in many of the late polls! NEVER forget that.

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pretty much

Now, don’t get cocky, Conservatives! We ALL know that Democrats will cheat their butts off come November!

And don’t be confused–there are stories that WILL come out about how Democrats are (or A Democrat is) a sure winner. THAT is meant to dishearten you and discourage you from voting. So just be prepared, because you can take it to the bank that THAT will happen.

But don’t let the bastards win.


So, assuming Biden

will/can not run again (and I think that is an entirely reasonable assumption), who then?

There’s just no half-decent up-and-comer! The Democrat bench is totally empty. And it’s not like anyone goes from a practical unknown to President in two years!

So that leaves Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren. Wow, a lineup of total losers!

I strongly suspect that another name will float to the surface. But none will right now because Biden insists on maintaining the fantasy that he will run again. I mean, I understand that he doesn’t want to officially become a lame duck. But that means that valuable time for a challenger is going to waste.


Yeah, pretty


We’ve seen a HUGE shift in the Left.You didn’t leave them: They left you!

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If things happen

as expected, there will be no end to the Democrat blamestorming!

It’s just beginning!


Oh please,

oh please.



Right here in River City!

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Democrats just

got stomped.

Guys, it’s just the beginning…

People, run for school boards and other local positions!

That said, let’s not get complacent, folks. It’s on. And Democrats will fight like cornered rats. So DON’T think it’s over.


The Democrats

should be very worried. This may not happen. But it very well might. And to have it happen in France may well be a harbinger of what will happen here.

Why? Because in a huge shift, the left and the right hate the establishment more than they hate each other. Gurfinkiel says that what he calls the “Resentment Coalition” of left and right could command as much as 60% of the electorate. (It turns out that the “fringes,” put together, might make a supermajority.)

… The 2016 election of President Donald Trump was something of a “Resentment Coalition” victory itself. And that’s because our establishment has given citizens a lot to resent. (Media organizations promised to look into the Trump phenomenon, then quickly turned to demonizing Trump’s voters instead.)

If the establishment doesn’t want that, maybe it should stop inspiring resentment.