I agree that

it is beyond baffling.

“You guys were literally given everything! How do you even do that?” said a spokesangel for the Almighty. “You have perfect weather, beautiful coastline, great surfing, skiing in the mountains, fish tacos, rolling vineyards, the list goes on. How on earth did you manage to take the most beautiful stretch of land on God’s earth and turn it into a huge dump?”

Next time you hear someone say, “Just Politics,” remember California. There is literally nothing in this world more important than politics. The happiness or misery of virtually every human being is firmly rooted in politics!

Sources say Democrats in California took issue with the idea that they were to blame, claiming instead that everyone else was to blame and definitely not them or anything. “Yeah, it’s like global warming and stuff,” said Governor Gavin Newsom to a crowd of homeless meth heads on Pier 39. “And not enough taxes. If we had more taxes, all the things would be better.”

If you care about people, you care about politics!

Here’s an example! Copper thieves make it so you can’t have stoplights.

Oh California, how far you have fallen!

Anti-Semitism Politics

Yup! This is

happening. Yeah, well Democrats SHOULD worry, since this is what they’re doing! The Columbia protestors hilariously got what they deserved. Now the Democrats will hopefully get what’s coming to them!

Democratic [sic] lawmakers are growing concerned over potential electoral repercussions that the recent anti-Israel protests on college campuses across the country could have on their 2024 chances, Axios reported.

And that is what worries them. They have to let their native Jew-hater freak flag fly to keep the Arab vote, yet they are also worried about how that will appear to Jews and normal people!

“The longer they continue, and the worse that they get, the worse it’s going to be for the election overall,” another House Democrat told Axios, adding that the protests are “bringing out [the public’s] most conservative side.”

… The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic National Committee did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s requests for comment.

No. No, of course they didn’t…


It’s not dispositive,

but it certainly is not good news for “Biden” (we are legion).

Only 21 percent of voters “strongly” approved of President Joe Biden, while 49 percent “strongly” disapproved, a recent Rasmussen poll found, raising reelection concerns for the president.

Overall, the poll found a 20 point differential between voters who approved of Biden and those who did not:

  • 39 percent approved
  • 59 percent disapproved

There is very

good reason for the Left to panic.

The reason behind the president’s solicitation was simple: Biden’s support among Hispanics — particularly young Latino men — is lukewarm. And in some cases, polls show he is losing support among the key Democratic voting bloc. At the same time, Trump appears to be gaining support from Hispanics.

… Another problem for Biden: If Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gets on the ballot in states like Nevada and Arizona, as political observers predict, he could see further erosion in his support. 

Elections Politics


head for the exits! And for good reason…


Yes, things really

ARE different now!


Yes, people

want it. Heck, I want it! But I am quite skeptical that it will happen. I think the “pull” is almost irresistible that Trump will choose a woman. And indeed, that may well be the “smart” move. Plus, Trump was very foolish in his juvenile hammering of DeSantis. I think it is a “black mark” on Trump himself–I’m really not sure that bridge can be rebuilt. It’s a shame…

But I hope it is Ron DeSantis. It won’t be, but that would be my strong preference.

In any case, let’s say that Trump picks Kristi Noem (a pretty dang good choice) as a running mate and then in 4 years she runs for President–choosing DeSantis as her running mate.

Yeah, that would be fine, too. But I think Ron DeSantis is a HUGE talent and should be used. Along with Tom Cotton (another HUGE talent).

Actually, I very much like DeSantis as Governor of Florida. However, he is term-limited and can’t run again next time. Now he can after that, since the limit there is two consecutive terms. If someone is Florida Governor after him, he is again eligible.

Current Events Politics Polls

A little more

cheerful data:

If this trend holds up on election day, it portends a near-extinction level event for Democrats. Democrats depend on minority votes to win elections. They haven’t won the white vote in a presidential election for 60 years. This can only mean one thing: Democrats will turn up the racism charge all the way to 11 and beyond. But after dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck for so long, will it still work as well (except among guilty white liberals and the college-miseducated)?


Continetti thinks

that the shift we are seeing is real. I sure hope so!

My colleague at the American Enterprise Institute Ruy Teixeira, as well as GOP pollster Patrick Ruffini, have storehouses of data that show Democrats losing non-college-educated minority voters—Hispanic voters in particular—to Republicans. Each new survey confirms their findings. The evidence is overwhelming.

… “The migration we’re seeing today is not so much natural Democrats becoming disillusioned,” writes Burn-Murdoch, “but natural Republicans realizing they’ve been voting for the wrong party.” That has made Trump’s GOP more diverse, more non-college, and more conservative.

… A realigned politics is unstable. As the Democrats become the party of college-educated, affluent insiders, they become removed from the world of non-college-educated workers who feel ignored or excluded from elite institutions and expert decision-making. The professionalization of print, digital, and broadcast media has estranged writers and talkers from most Americans. The highly educated, highly compensated denizens of Washington, D.C., and its surrounding counties have become a world unto themselves.

… The Democratic coalition has imploded. And the fourth stage of realignment—raucous, demotic, performative, over-the-top, transgressive, and potentially earth-shattering—is about to begin.


Yes? Well we

shall see. It’s just that historically it has always been on the horizon but never arriving.

Now, it’s true that we are seeing some different things this time, and that makes me hopeful. But still…

If reality is anything within 10 points of what is shown here, Democrats are well and truly hosed.

We’ve known for years that the black and Hispanic vote has been trending more Republican. But as the Democrats’ share of the white vote shrinks and the GOP minority support increases, Democrats find themselves in dire straits.