Yes, well,

we can hope.

Joe Rogan called out the Democrats for continuing to use lawfare against former president Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 election, warning they have no cards left.

Yes, what they are doing is despicable and obvious election interference. People who value fairness are outraged!

“I think they have no cards and they’re looking at this game and I think they’re depending upon party loyalty and they’re depending upon Trump getting convicted and arrested and imprisoned. I don’t know if that’s going to happen.”


Honestly, she is

a totally amoral shrew. People hate her, and for good reason.

This is the reason why President Trump’s standing with voters has continuously strengthened since he left office.  He is the antithesis of all that Hillary represents, which is why now might be the right time for him to rebrand Hillary Clinton, permanently, once and for all.  Trump recently re-monikered Hillary from “Crooked” to “Beautiful.”  After her never-ending assaults on those who support Trump most, and in addition to him previously referring to her as “the Devil,” now would be a good time for Trump to give her her most fitting name of all: Hateful Hillary.

But Democrats would be wise to look forward, not backward. And I don’t think an evil old relic like Hillary is the answer. That generation has passed.


This article

makes me think a bit.

I think it is basically wrong, and the supposed disinterest of the public is very often used as an excuse for wrongdoing–“no one really cares and everyone does it.” You know, the Bill Clinton defense. And it leads to a morally bankrupt and totally repugnant Clintonian worldview. Because on a broad scale, there is virtually nothing as important and world-changing as politics.

I mean, you get shirts like this:

Why one star? Politics. It’s certainly not a rating of the weather or the Pacific Coast Highway!

Politics affects your life, your job, your ability to provide for yourself, your religion, your family, and what kind of world you will leave to those who come after you.

The very air you breathe and the water you drink is tied up in politics. The way you worship–or don’t–is tied very directly to politics. It is myopic in the extreme to pretend that you can just ignore politics and all will be fine. Honestly, what is more important than politics?

To ignore politics is to jam your fingers in your ears and avoid the world. It is a frantic effort to escape reality and to retreat into the numbness of know-nothingisn.

Let’s face it, most people would rather discuss grandma’s fungal infection than the circus on the Potomac. 

OK, but that is a symptom of learned helplessness, not a sign of good or even adequate psychological functioning. Go ahead, tell all the soldiers killed in battle and their loved ones that politics is irrelevant. They might disagree with you…


Yes, there’s

really not much choice for Democrats.

And here we see the problem: Democrats have no bench. So turn you mind to a thought experiment:

Let’s say that Biden’s criminality catches up to him, or that he dies (well, he IS freakin’ old and feeble), or that he is unable to manage the rigors of a campaign?

What then?


The time is

not yet. But are we seeing the thin edge of the wedge?

I think that things are changing. Trump adolescently hammering DeSantis and Kayleigh McEnany has really put a lot of people off, and for good reason. Then he lauded Cuomo. Cuomo? I honestly don’t get it. To me, it smacked of dysregulation–him losing it.

Let me say again: I will happily vote for Trump if he is the nominee. I think he would be a raging bull if he were back in the White House, and I like that idea very much!

But in truth, I think DeSantis is a much better candidate. I think that he is at least as conservative (and likely more) and has FAR less baggage. He is at the perfect age, in many ways. And he has a record of being VERY effective.

To be honest, I wonder if Trump is showing some age-related dysregulation. Maybe I’m wrong…

I know the Trump boosters will have an apoplectic fit over me saying that, but let’s be a little clear-eyed, here!


OK, I’m

in on Trump.

It’s a travesty that we still do birthright citizenship. Hardly anyone still does that! NONE of the European countries do, Mexico doesn’t, etc.

Just try to immigrate and become a citizen of Japan!


Just sayin’…

If Trump is the GOP nominee for 2024, I will happily vote for him.

Yes, I think that what he has publicly said about DeSantis is both stupid and uncharacteristically maladroit. But OF COURSE I would vote for Trump if he is the nominee! DUH!

Now let’s be honest–I think DeSantis would be both a better candidate and a better President, though I have to admit that the thought of a raging bull Trump in the White House fills me with glee.

Still, a DeSantis candidacy would unmask all the frauds who prance, posture, and pretend that they would vote GOP but just don’t like Trump…


Well, they

should be getting nervous!

I honestly think the best thing Biden has going for him at this point is that no one sees any credible alternative on the Democratic bench, especially not Harris who should be the heir apparent. It leaves Biden as the best of several poor choices. The problem is that the same argument backfires if you ask what happens if Biden isn’t fit to finish out a 2nd term. What if he’s hospitalized or his mental state take a sudden turn? Then we’re right back to VP Harris.


Oh yeah, Manchin

is a dead man, walking. He’s the best Democrats have available in WV, but he still a sure loser!

And now we will see if the Democrats even support him. I mean, this is NOT a loyal bunch. They got ALL they wanted from him, and now they are likely to “ghost” him. I can just about hear him say, “But, but, but I thought you were the one!” And yet, it’s Friday night, and his phone is eerily silent.

See, Democrats value you as long as you are useful to them, but if the day comes that you are no longer an asset, it’s under the bus with you! And they have no qualms about that. They are VERY clinical about it all–it’s just business.

The truth is, Manchin made a STOOOPID move. He pushed Joe Biden’s inflation explosion act over the finish line and betrayed both his constituents and the rest of us. If he were wise, he would have known it was political suicide! I mean, I knew it, and it was widely discussed in many different forums. Manchin was a total fool to do it!

Well, he won’t be a Senator for a lot longer now…


Yes, yes

it is!