I’m actually

not very surprised at all. Asians are typically NOT at all a natural fit for Democrats.


Yeah, the bills

can be passed, but does it make a difference when the Senate won’t vote for them and the President won’t sign them?

I honestly don’t know how immediate “the power of the purse” in the House is. My guess us that if the things were approved, the funding was, too. And so we’re stuck with the crap that has already been passed by the Democrats and RINOs, unless a change goes though both the House and the Senate and is signed by the President.

In that case, fat chance of any relief!

But honestly, I don’t know how it works. Maybe there are ways…

UPDATE: My understanding is that the law itself is not at all changed. But the funding is how the House, unilaterally, is putting a stop to it. So 87,00- new IRS agents can still be hired, just not paid.

If anyone understands what is happening here, please jump in!

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I agree that in a

perfect world, Scalise or Gaetz would become Speaker Of The House.

But we don’t live in a perfect world. And pretending that we do won’t make it so. It’s just a bad move.

So I agree that McCarthy is not my first choice for Speaker, but he is virtually for sure the best available and realistic option. And he has acted more conservative lately, which gives me hope. I know the sting/stink of Boehner and Ryan is deeply concerning to conservatives. And rightly so. Indeed, those RINOs just sucked.

But there is a decent chance, here, of thwarting “Biden’s” worst impulses. For the sake of the country, we should do so. We need to be a little strategic, here.

Politics is NOT the art of the ideal, it is the art of the possible. And while I would indeed prefer Scalise or Gaetz, I just don’t think that is possible.

Look, Republicans, due to the utterly bumbling incompetence (or malice) of their leaders (<cough> Mitch McConnell<cough>) along with massive Democrat voter fraud, have a very slim majority. We must not waste this window of opportunity by engaging in internecine squabbles.

McCarthy has made significant conservative noises, lately. And with a lowered bar to “vacate the chair,” I think this is the best we can do.

Don’t let “perfect” become an enemy of “good.”


Well, I’m afraid

it is too much to hope for

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They are

overwhelmed. They are not even trying anymore.

The bottom line is that they screwed up, big-time. And NOW the people suffer. This is the fruit of Leftism!

Sweden was wise…

Next time you are tempted to say, “JUST politics,” remember this, OK? Little is more crucial to the well-being of people than politics. I care about politics because I care about people.


Be aware of

the cultural shifts.

The first key insight, according to Trafalgar, is that Independents and Republicans are four times as likely to have already moved to a place that is more hospitable to their values.

… In other words, Independents and Republicans have in recent years been four times as likely to pick up and change their address in search of neighbors to whom they can relate, at least on most issues.

… Think about that — One of every 10 Republicans are planning, not just thinking about, pulling up stakes and heading to a Texas, Florida, Tennessee, one of the Carolinas or another state with a distinctly red political cast.


Democrats should

be very worried. Even if the GOP does not re-take the Senate (though I hope they will), the GOP will almost for sure re-take the House, and that means that there will be investigations.

And Biden simply can’t withstand scrutiny…

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Conservatives are ready to govern.

I mean, how can Democrats not recognize, at least to themselves, that they have failed?

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Here is the

interesting thing: NY State is SO dominated by Lefty freakazoids in NYC that the Governor of the state is NEVER Republican. Same with Oregon and Portland.

Yet in both cases the race is tight. Democrats are used to winning in a walk in these places, and the fact that the races are tight tells us something: There has been a sea-change, politically.

Now these places may not “flip” quite yet (though I dearly hope they do), but for the first time that I personally have been aware they are competitive. The very culture is changing. And that is apocalyptic for the Left, regardless of what happens in the short-term.

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It is indeed

strange. But he wants to show–against all evidence–that he is not a malicious, grasping, greedy, dishonest, and senile old bastard.

Yeah, good luck with that!

During Biden’s speech, he said his son Beau “lost his life in Iraq.” Beau Biden died of brain cancer in Delaware in 2015, after leaving his post in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps in 2009. During Beau’s yearlong active duty service, he spent seven months in Iraq and returned home. Biden’s comments are part of a pattern where he attempts to link the death of his son to Beau’s military service. His comments in Colorado are the most egregious attempt to date and earned widespread criticism. The appearance certainly didn’t help Bennet and may have hurt him. Biden’s net approval in Colorado is -3, according to Civiqs.