Corruption Dishonesty Evil

Oh really?

If so, it is staggeringly evil. Mass murder for gain on a cosmic scale!

“Anthony Fauci funded the creation of SARS-COV2 and lied to Congress about funding Gain-of-Function work,” Renz wrote in the summary – a claim also recently made by former CDC Director Robert Redfield. “Anthony Fauci and others coordinated to cover-up the funding of the Gain-of-Function work that resulted in SARS-COV2.”

Huff, a former U.S. Army infantryman in Iraq and former research fellow in the Department of Homeland Security, shared the full packet on Twitter, saying it was “sent to the US Senate and Congress last week.” 

Captain Obvious Evil Immorality

Oh really?

Didn’t YOU say I was nuts for saying this?

Disgusting! Evil Hypocrisy

How nice…

The money raised for the illegal immigrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard WON’T ACTUALLY GO TO HELP THEM!

Classic Lefty deception and hypocrisy. Yeah, pretty disgusting, but THIS is how the Lefty sausage is made!

Evil Injustice


Could it be?

Uh, yeah. So basically, a main FBI player in touting the idea that Trump was paid off by the Russians was… (wait for it, wait for it…) paid off by the Russians.


Unfortunately too many Americans have come to suspect that the FBI actually is a rogue element, operating at the behest of, if not the highest bidder, then the most powerful one.

Pretty much, you know that if the FBI and their MSM minions are accusing someone of something, they themselves are guilty of that very thing. The Projection is strong with these folks!

The FBI has totally sullied their reputation with the common man. It will take at least two generations for them to rehabilitate it.

A lesson, once learned, is so hard to forget…

Bad Faith Evil

Maher is no

Conservative. FAR from it. But there are still signs that even Liberals are getting pretty sick of the “woke” nonsense.

Maher says at one point, “Being woke is like a magic moral time machine where you judge everybody against what [you now say] you would have done in 1066 and you always win.” He continued,”… Yeah this professor is right. It’s just a way to congratulate yourself about being better than George Washington because you have a gay friend and he didn’t. But if he was alive today he would too. And if you were alive then, you wouldn’t.”

I think most of us are heartily sick of the preening, crap-eating Lefty “wokeism.” Come home to what you really believe.

Disgusting! Evil Immorality

Just remember,

Democrats tried really hard to keep this away from you. They’d rather you die the horrible death of you drowning in your own lung secretions if it meant power for them. How many lives were lost because of them? Just tragic!

How monstrous! This is Ted Bundy serial killer kind of stuff! The immorality here is just breathtaking!

And YOU were fooled? If so, what do you have to say for yourself? And if your judgment was so bad on this, might it also be really bad on other things (oh, like voting for Biden)?

If you voted for Biden, just how do you live with yourself?

Remember this in November…

A new peer-reviewed study concluded that the mortality rate in people who used ivermectin regularly was 92 percent lower than in non-users and 84 percent lower than in irregular users. [emphasis added]

IF the gov’t had been morally correct, they would have sent Ivermectin to everyone. But they didn’t–they were OK if YOU died, as long as THEY retained power…

This is immorality on a cosmic scale! Don’t YOU be a part of it.

Look, if you are not angry, you are not paying attention!


Really quite

charming, eh?

It’s almost as if they feel that damage to the most vulnerable among us is less important than their own political power!

Basic Economics Corruption Evil

Yeah, that’s the POINT

of Leftism, isn’t it?

While some are praising President Biden’s announcement of up to $20,000 in student loan debt cancellation per recipient, for the overwhelming majority of Americans, the message is clear- do the right thing, work hard, play by the rules and get punished for it.

This program is an insult to every parent who worked multiple jobs, sacrificed, and forwent vacations, just so their child could graduate from college debt free; to students who worked full-time so that they could pay for their college; to those who never went to college and learned a trade; to those who paid back their student loans. 

It is jus an abysmally bad idea. It is a transparent and pathetic and foolish attempt to buy votes.

… Sure, you may have received a couple of thousand dollars in COVID-19 stimulus money, and it may have felt good to have extra cash at the time, but that triggered inflation. We have paid back a hell of a lot more than the stimulus we received. The average American received $3,000 in COVID stimulus and it is estimated that the average American will spend more than $8,000 this year due to the inflation caused by the reckless government spending-so it certainly wasn’t worth it. The same thing will happen with student loans if the policy goes through. 

Now the stumper (for me at least): Is “Biden” really that stupid, or is this malice aforethought?

Epic fail Evil

It was a

huge blunder!

Unable to campaign on substance, Biden’s Thursday speech was designed to change the subject. Biden is hoping his party can retain complete control of Washington by making the 2022 midterm elections all about one man whose name isn’t on a single ballot: Trump.

The only bright side of Biden’s sermon was its unintentional comedy. Instead of clearly illuminating the iconic Independence Hall behind him, the Biden White House chose dim red lighting, which turned the building into an unrecognizable but ominous mix of red and dark shadows. Add in a pair of full-dress Marines on either side of him and Biden looked like he was an ancient despot from some third-rate science fiction movie. If Biden was trying to set a somber tone while making the case that independents should fear MAGA Republicans, he bungled badly. What few voters who did watch Biden’s speech probably came away wondering why he was sharing his plans for world domination.

Folks, it looked like it was a speech given at the the gates of Hell. That’s called a Washington “gaffe.” They unintentionally revealed the truth!

Evil Force

Uhm, how is

that again? Is this just a raw exertion of power?