Anti-Semitism Evil

I’m not sure

you realize how pervasive anti-Semitism really is on the Left. I honestly don’t understand why a person of Jewish descent would in any way be associated with the barbarian Left. And I don’t understand why any moral non-Jew would, either.

In the last 48 hours, there have been two horrific anti-Semitic incidents in New York City.

Folks, WAKE UP!

And Jewish people, do you really mean it when you say, “never again?” Really? Because “Never Again” is now! The Left is NOT your friend…

Civil Rights Evil

Hateful old


Hot on the heels of Hunter Biden’s convictions for three felony gun charges, Presidentish Joe Biden again took the stage at a Moms Demand Action/Everytown for Gun Safety event to threaten law-abiding gun owners with F-15 Eagle airstrikes.


It’s pretty much

who Joe Biden is…

Evil Sheep Sociopathy

People in Japan

are not at all happy about the plandemic!


I’m incensed!

And you should be, too.

What a braying jackass! Did Biden and his troupe of inbred suck-up idiots just assume that we are ALL too dang stupid to see what they did, here? Did they just think that Biden voters were already sunken so deep in the anti-Trump moral muck that they would (or even could) just ignore this?

Is Biden just a Ron Burgundy–whatever appears on the TelePrompTer screen, Joe will read it out loud! Erstwhile voice talent, not thinking talent…

So THIS is what Biden and his evil minions really think of you? Biden already had to drop out of a Presidential race once because he plagiarized a speech. He knows what he’s doing. This is FAR from new territory for him. He has certainly plowed this field before!

THIS is who Joe Biden is and who he has always been! You can’t ignore it. This leopard by no means has changed his spots. It’s outrageous!

Despicable Dishonesty Evil

Pretty bad news

for Liz Cheney and her lies.

It is beyond question that they lied. Now, what ELSE did they lie about?

Election Interference Evil

Yes, yes

it is. And we ALL know it. You may hate Trump and want him in jail or dead, but of course you recognize that this is all a sham! It’s just that you really want the outcome!

Evil Injustice

You know, it’s

worse than we thought. This just evil!

Judge Juan Merchan is keeping former President Donald Trump off the campaign trail by forcing him to wait at the courthouse while the jury deliberates, Trump lawyer Jesse Binnall said during an interview on Breitbart News Daily.

Evil Injustice

I’m angry!

MOST sentient people are mad! This is bullcrap. Understand well, this verdict is not even MEANT to stand. It is only meant to hang a conviction on Trump before the election. It is pure and unadulterated election interference and nothing more. 

What this means is that there must still be a unanimous guilty verdict, but the jurors do not have to be unanimous about what the actual offense was. There are three to choose from, and all 12 jurors don’t have to agree, just so long as there are 12 votes overall.

And most regular people will be up in arms about it! I mean, do they somehow not realize that they are burning justice and society? They won’t like the result of them instituting lawlessness…  

You know, this kind of obvious crap really torques people off! And understand well if they can do it to Trump, just think of what they can do to YOU!

I’m angry that they would destroy our system of justice just to vent their spleens and get ahead!

Captain Obvious Evil

Never forget the

message that is intended here.

They Did It to Trump, and They Can Do It to You

THAT is the take-home message, here.

Let’s face it: most of us inhabit a dream world, a place where fairness, dignity, honor, and love for your fellow man reign.  Most of all, we wish for a safe world.

We need to feel at least marginally safe to stay sane.

But imagine suddenly realizing that there are dark forces aligned against you and lurking everywhere, ready and willing to take you down for the tiniest offense, real or imagined, against the state.  In other words, imagine you’re Donald Trump.

It’s a very good article. Read it!