Current Events Evil

Yeah, THAT

is for dang sure!

Epic fail Evil

Yeah, it’s

just amazing!

Stupid is as stupid does, Jenn-nay!

Bad Faith Dishonesty Evil


hope the “Dirty 51” pay and pay dearly! It was ALWAY a scummy lie!

So naturally Joe Biden liked it and repeated it over and over…

I hope Trump takes them to court and sues them for every red cent they have or will ever earn!

Time to teach some lessons. Lesson one…



Who knew that race-baiting could be so profitable?


What, do they

think that the worm will never turn?

“Who do you think is going to be the Truth Czar in 2025?” he asked, implying that it may very well be a Republican appointee if the GOP wins the White House. 

Often, evil will doth evil mar. Did Democrats somehow not learn that lesson when they went “nuclear” on the filibuster?

Evil Immorality

Yeah, it’s


YOUR babies? They don’t give a crap.

I’m revolted at this. I hope you are, too. It is an offense to basic morality!

Epic fail Evil


some baby formula? Well, then be an illegal immigrant.

Yes, in this topsy-turvy Biden world, that’s how you do it.

Civil Rights Despotism Evil Fighting Back

It’s really

good news.

But let’s NOT get overconfident and sloppy, here. These moral midgets cheat, and unless the decent people unite, they will continue to cheat. They cheat in order to gain power and dominion. Tale as old as time…

Are you angry? Are you angry about the fraud and the mortal threats to SCOTUS members?

Good. Then let’s roll!

We are in a fight of good vs. evil. NEVER forget that! And if you don’t fight now, it will be over, and it will make absolutely no difference to try and fight later. It will be everlastingly too late for you. And the forces of darkness will brutally reign for at least 3 generations.

So I say, Not on MY watch! I hope you will join me.

Evil Immorality Lefty Political Philosophy

Yeah, even

a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while!

Though she was wrong (of course) about which side was which.

Lefties, doesn’t it give you pause that you are on the same side as Hillary Clinton? Well, it certainly should!

Will they get away with it? In the final analysis, only by chicanery and force, after the manner of all authoritarian regimes. That is, if they get the chance to resort to such means.

Elections Evil

The outrage

is totally justified! YOU have voted in evil people. YOU have been snookered by a lying MSM into voting for Biden.

Now go and do better…