Bad Faith Impending Democrat Doom

OK, let’s

see what happens.

Already, Ivy league credentials have taken a real hit. They need to change course and stop the bleeding!

Democrat Death-Rattle Impending Democrat Doom Voter Fraud

If those numbers are

anywhere close to the truth, the Democrats should bend over and kiss their sorry butts goodbye. It is cataclysmic for them.

Hat tip to Jeff B who called this poll a sign of a “Biblical-level event” on Twitter. The whole poll is just bad news for Democrats, starting with the generic ballot numbers.

Then again, rest assured that Democrats will engage in massive voter fraud! THAT is how they hope to avoid an ignominious defeat. Indeed, that fraud has already started in PA…

Foolishness Impending Democrat Doom

Don’t kid yourself,

this represents the rats jumping off the sinking ship.

They lied. And some of them even admit it, now. Bastards!

They knew. They ALL knew. Remember that when you go vote…

Well, it sure looks like Clyburn understands what happened. In March of 2021, Joe Biden signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan into law, and, as Clyburn conceded, that sent prices up.

Economy Impending Democrat Doom

Want to

rent an apartment?

I hope you have a lot of money. A TON!

Impending Democrat Doom


it’s dead, Jim!

Once the rock rolling down the mountain gets up some steam, it is almost impossible to stop. THAT is why the Left gets so upset about Black Conservatives!

Biden-induced misery Impending Democrat Doom

Well, we are

naturally seeing a shift. And that makes sense. You can only do horrible things to the public for so long before they start saying, “Hey, now wait just a doggone minute, here!

People just weren’t happy to have a senile old fart unceremoniously (and unfairly) imposed on them. And an unfairly-instantiated senile old fart who caused untold misery. And THAT dissatisfaction led to a slew of other questions.Imagine that!

Oh, and the groups hit hardest by inflation right now are blacks, young people, and suburban mothers. 

And we ALL know how piss-poor Democrats are at giving logical and well thought out explanations! And in this case they can’t use their typical tactic of running away while tossing grenades behind them in a sort of modern incarnation of a Parthian shot.