Lefties, always


Current Events Psychopathology

It’s a pretty dang

awesome video! There are some strategic changes to the dialogue, so you really gotta watch it!

Look, if there was anything to work with, Muller and all the other investigations would have used it long ago. Mueller certainly had a bunch of vindictive fanatics and unlimited funds! But no, they ALL held off and let some Manhattan DA look stupid a few years later. Remember, we got nothing from years of investigation by Congress, Mueller and his foam-flecked posse, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

And now THIS! It looks like it’s gonna be yet another Wile E. Coyote moment for the Left. And Trump HUGELY benefits.

All the Left has shown is that they are a bunch of freakin’ empty-headed, narcissistic, spittle-lipped nutjobs on a monomaniacal quest for the Holy Grail Trump Hammer.

I think most of us have had juuust about enough of them…


Gee, I wonder why

so many liberal white women are loonies!

Not much of a surprise, actually. At all…

Psychopathology Stooooopid!

Honestly, are

you stupid?

When Americans witness blatant abuses of power, they react accordingly. If Democrats persist in using the justice system to advance their partisan vendetta against Trump, they, not Trump, will suffer the political consequences.


Well, you KNOW

this is psychopathology! It is so unreasonable as to be utterly breathtaking. It is ultimately contrary to their desires, yet they are driven by an iron compulsion to propel themselves toward self-destruction!

It is googley-eyed psychopathology…

This insane vendetta could make Trump so untouchable that he will be able to overcome the baked-in margin of mail-in ballot fraud with ease next year.  The Dems never know when to quit. They always overreach, and then they overreach some more. If they had just shut up about Trump after they installed President LOLEightyonemillion in office, his thirst for revenge may not have been as strong. Once the rogue FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, we all knew that he was running for sure.


She is a

freakin’ NUT!


Not really a

shocker, now is it?

We need to understand: Their IS a subset of people who just don’t give a crap whether what they do harms the country or not, as long as they get what they want. These are called Sociopaths.

They are not severe enough to get a “Psychopath” diagnosis, but that is a matter of degree, not kind. A Sociopath is rather a “Psychopath (Antisocial Personality Disorder) Lite.”

Moron Psychopathology

The malevolent and

psychopathological narcissism with these people is simply astounding! Get these Bozos out of here! <sheesh!>

What’s WRONG with them? I’m just sure that lady has an apartment full of cats to get back to…


Senility is a

Democrat virtue! That and psychopathological avoidance…

Barbaric! Psychopathology

Yes, that

is certainly true.

Just because your 5-year-old daughter tells you that she is actually a mermaid doesn’t mean the you should surgically have her legs cut off and a crude tail fashioned out of her mutilated flesh!


This is mainly about parents‘ psychopathology, not children’s.