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Honestly, something

is seriously WRONG with this guy!


I think he is just a pathological liar. And now he is a demented pathological liar… But for him, lying is as natural as breathing in and out.

And it’s breathtakingly amazing revolting how the toady MSM keep covering for him!

Dementia Joe Liars Psychopathology

Yeah, he’s just

a confused old man! LEAVE HIM ALONE!

Right on cue, Biden did his faux Forrest Gump routine where he inserts himself into every aspect of every culture. It’s fitting that just two days before this speech, the president repeated a tall tale about being raised by the Puerto Rican community. Biden has also made similar claims regarding the Jewish and Black communities. There’s almost no ethnicity he won’t appropriate in some manner.

Guys, there’s something WRONG with this guy!

Philosophy Psychopathology

I’m partway through

this book. And it is pretty good. I recommend it.

Still, the author has to show he’s not one of THOSE. You know, the back-woodsey, knuckle-headed Trump supporters.

Yet HE is the one who comes off as a bit of an intellectual lightweight, at least in this area. He should have just stayed with his subject. But he has insisted on revealing himself to be a bit short on knowledge in this area.

Justin, there is a real difference between a delusion and a bizarre delusion. I may believe I need the house to be clean with delusional intensity. Or that an emblem actually turns into the body of Christ at Communion. Sure, maybe those beliefs are wrong, but they are not bizarre beliefs. Nor are they indicative of mental illness.

On the other hand, if I believe that the CIA has joined up with space aliens to put a chip in my brain and through that chip they monitor my thoughts and control my behavior, that is a BIZARRE delusion. And that is a whole different animal.

So believing that Trump was cheated in 2020 may (or may not) be correct. But it is not bizarrely delusional in any sense of the word. You may or may not think it is true, but it’s possible—it is not a bizarre delusion.

So the bizarreness is an issue, here. And the author totally ignores that. It may or may not be true that Trump had the election stolen from him. But it is not bizarre to think that, like thinking that men can turn into women or vice-versa or that monkeys are gonna fly out my butt would be.

Current Events Psychopathology

In his book

The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God: Why New Atheism Grew Old and Secular Thinkers Are Considering Christianity Again, Justin Brierley starts off making what I think is an incredibly salient point in today’s world, a point I will elaborate on:

MANY “scientific” people today have seen themselves as at least agnostics, if not outright atheists. Yet a funny thing has happened on their journey from theist to atheist.

These people became no less religious or “devout” to Leftism or identity politics or atheism than they were as younger Christians. It’s what was observed a century ago by psychologists. I’m talking about Psychologist George Kelly’s “Slot Movement.”

In Slot Movement, there is really no fundamental change to one’s interpretation of the world: There is simply immediate movement between poles. I was vehemently all in before, and now I am vehemently all against. With the same intensity.

The intensity of psychic energy is totally unchanged. The fervor with which I once held position A is the very same fervor with which I hold position Z. And I didn’t stop to examine positions B,C, D, etc. I just “flipped” to the opposite of A. It was as if I were in a “slot” and just “clicked” from A to Z. No real change has happened at all!

Oh sure, I am now on the opposite side, but George Kelly would say that this is entirely superficial, that there has been no real personality change at all!

So in a therapy situation (especially Borderline Personality Disorder where other people tend to be ALL good or ALL bad), a completely opposite set of behaviors is very suspect. Most likely, it is no “real” cure that you are seeing at all. It is just slot movement.

So these erstwhile atheists (or Christians) did not really change in the slightest. They simply “clicked” from position A to position Z, with their personality structure completely unchanged.

Bad Faith Buffoons Captain Obvious Psychopathology

Biden is SUCH

an obvious liar! He already had to drop out of a Presidential race once for being an obvious liar, and this is just more of the same. It is always the same self-aggrandizing buffoonery.

In short, the fiction that Biden told the Special Prosecutor in an official government investigation, was total hogwash. It is one thing for a man to embellish stories about his law school experiences while sitting around having a drink with his buddies, but it is quite another thing for the President of the United States to make up such stories while he is the subject of an official Department of Justice investigation.

… That the President would fabricate such a story is bad enough. What does that tell us?  It is part of a pattern of false braggadocio about his personal history. This includes, not just his phony law school credentials, but all his other fanciful tales: his intimidation of that “bad dude” Corn Pop, his invented history of being a civil rights activist who was arrested while protesting, his mythical coal mining family, his experience as a driver of a big-rig 18-wheeler, and on and on. His prevarications are so numerous that even CNN referred to his “habit of inaccurate ad-libbing about his biography.”

Joe Biden is a puffed-up serial liar of barely pedestrian intelligence. And he is amazingly defensively dishonest about his history. That much is really very clear.


Well, you KNEW

that Joe Biden is a pathological liar, right? This is the oh-so-typical puffed-up Biden fantasy bull-crap! He makes up crap about himself all the time! And he has done it for so long that maybe he can no longer differentiate between the truth and self-aggrandizing fantasy. And the fact that he is riddled with dementia makes it even MORE difficult for him!

President Joe Biden claimed that he received a standing ovation while he was in law school — for a speech about a case he hadn’t even read — and critics immediately called BS.

You KNOW it is total BS! What a crap-weasel!

DUH! Psychopathology

Yeah, and in

other news, water is wet!

OF COURSE the “woke” are chronically miserable!

Now, out of Finland, we have an actual scientific study confirming, that the “woke” people surveyed were measurably more unhappy, anxious, and depressed.


The FACT of the

matter is that Dementia Joe is running scared.

Like pretty much all Leftists, if Joe thought for a second that he could win a debate, he would do it in a heartbeat!

But Joe, like pretty much ALL Lefties, knows very well that he would get his clock cleaned in a contest of logic and reason. There is a very good reason for his (and their) ongoing refusal to engage.

Let’s call it what it is: It’s psychopathological avoidance…


Yeah, of course

she will! Why? Because she is a Lefty trojan horse! She desperately hopes that Trump will go to jail and then SHE will be the only one left in the race. Bwahaha!

Haley lost Nevada’s Republican primary handily on Tuesday even though she was the only candidate listed on the ballot. She secured just 31% in the contest, well behind the 63% of the ballots cast for “none of these candidates,” according to Nevada election officials.

She was beaten by, “None of the above!” She got less than half of what “None of the above” got. Think about that for a moment. And yet she won’t go away! Talk about a bitter clinger! She’s a delusional stalker…

And Trump was not on the ballot. He’s doing the Primary instead.

Buffoons Psychopathology

WOW! Biden

is magic!

President Biden told a crowd in Las Vegas on Sunday that he recently met with Francois Mitterrand, the French president who has been dead for nearly 30 years. 

He made a goof. But it’s not an innocent one. This is a guy who has chronically told self-aggrandizing lies over the years, and this time he just got a bit mixed up.

For me, it’s not the mix-up that is a red flag to me. No, it is the juvenile narcissistic name-dropping. The story is obviously false, so what intra-psychic need led him to tell it?