Civil Rights Psychopathology


you seem intent on digging your own grave.

I think this is a demonstration of the un-self-aware and rather toxic narcissism of the Left. After a lifetime of participation trophies and self-esteem nonsense, they assume that because they think a certain way, it is the correct way to think.

Well, not so much…

Political philosophy Psychopathology

Well, you know,

they could use persuasion! Of course, that is NOT the Lefty way. And that is why they are frantically searching for other options!

How about you make a freakin’ argument, Lefties! The problem is that Democrats have let their logical argument muscles atrophy to nearly nothing. Most of that is borne out of having a very weak argument that simply can’t bear the weight of logical dissent in the first place.

The other part is that it is an existential threat for most Lefties to be proven wrong. So to avoid the narcissistic insult of that, they just won’t argue.

And THAT approach has left their “persuasion muscles” mere vestigial appendages…

Bad Faith Psychopathology

Yep, if you are

an apologist for this fraud, you can’t even really consider yourself informed without seeing this.

And honestly, if I could ever get a Lefty to stand up and defend himself, one of the first questions I would as is, “Have you seen 2000 Mules? Why or why not? If you haven’t, just what are you afraid of? And what does that say about YOU?”

See, the psychopathological avoidance is STRONG with the Left. But don’t gimme no crap–just why have you not seen it?

I think we ALL know why

They are NOT serious. They are NOT “honest brokers.” They are acting in bad faith. Don’t be bamboozled by these charlatans!

Abortion Murder Psychopathology

Yep, total


No moral, rational person thinks like that! I mean, how depraved would you have to be? Extremist Democrats now are WELL into a nightmare of psychopathy. This serial killer stuff!


Yeah, pretty much…

I think the real questions is when the hardcore Democrat shills are going to abandon “Biden.” Less rigid Democrats are already doing so, but what about the Democrat “dead-enders?”

I mean, recent polling makes it mathematically impossible for a chunk of Democrats not to have abandoned “Biden.”

So will the rest follow? Or will they continue to grimly hold on by their fingernails?



believable! Oh my Heavens!

I’ve been around psychopathology A TON in my career. And this is still breathtaking for me.

A bobblehead? Really?

Wow! Can you say, “malignant narcissism?” Holy crap! This is the 50 megaton atomic bomb of psychopathology! 

Think about it: Would YOU decorate your office with photos of YOU with famous people? Think about how you would have to BE in order to do that. I mean, a photo of you with a famous person would just generate a shrug from me.

But this? And you make sure a prominent interview takes place there so you can flaunt it!

But an entire shrine wall? That you make sure is seen? THIS, my friends, is gross personality pathology…

Oh, and here is the HOME office:

Me, me, ME!

Just think about the level of psychopathology demonstrated in these photos!

Anti-scientific stance Psychopathology

In other

news, many Democrats are freakin’ psychotic!

THIS is the triumph of delusion over fact. It shows plain as day that many Democrats are raging partisans that hold to their beliefs with religious intensity!

They are NOT the classic liars, but it an amalgam of malignant ass-hattery and a delusional clinging to Lefty narrative over reality.

From such turn away!

Epistemology Psychopathology

Yes, daddy


In 2018, according to the Pew data, college graduates — of both sexes — voted for Biden over Trump by a 26-point margin. Much of the male portion of that group is ruing their Biden votes, as the new NBC numbers show. So why are lots of men willing to admit that they were wrong in 2020, while the college-educated women as a group are not only not sharing regrets but doubling down?

And THIS is exactly it for Democrat women and also for many dyed-in-the-wool Democrat male voters:

And if college-educated women admit they were wrong about Trump and Biden in 2020, where does it stop? Once “fierce women” admit they could be wrong about something so big as their selection of the president of the formerly free world, that opens the door for being wrong about other big things that contradict their conception of always being right to follow their feelings.

In other words, it’s narcissism. It’s malignant self-esteem. See, a Leftist admitting they were wrong about one thing sends that whole political house of cards tumbling down! Leftists in general can’t tolerate being wrong about anything, because naturally, if they are not rooted in facts and reason about one thing, do they have reliable knowledge about other things?

And just how would you know?

Buffoons Civil Rights Psychopathology

Yes, well

mental illness is all around us!


It’s very interesting.

I am intrigued. But we need to be VERY careful, here. And micro-dosing may well be the answer. Let’s see what the studies suggest. But in the last two years or so, I have seen a TON of research and interest on this!

And understand well, this NOT correcting some imaginary “chemical imbalance.” It is a way to fill in the “ruts” in the brain caused by stinkin’ thinkin’. And THAT makes a lot of sense.

I can see psychologists saying, “OK, now that we have the ‘ruts’ filled in, what does good thinking look like?” So good treatment would be dual-pronged.