Despotism Evil

Never forget

what these despots did to you! Never.

It’s pretty dang revolting. It is evil.

By her own testimony, Cody strictly enforced mandates on people of faith and most small businesses while exempting favored groups, and she “spent taxpayer money supervising 900 contact tracers and conducting a Contact Tracing Study and the efficacy of masking to stop transmission [in infected persons without including a control group].”  Even one of the Board of Supervisors expressed “concern about the way [SCC] is addressing [this mandate] relative to the science.”


Well, I

sure hope so. It was a gross miscarriage of justice to have him incarcerated in the first place. May he be the first of many political prisoners of the Democrats to be set at liberty!

Despotism Evil

Don’t kid yourself,

Biden really IS coming for your gas stove!

Only it turns out that the fact checkers were wrong, and the “conspiracy theorists” were right all along. Gosh, where have we heard that before? 

… What we see here is not a legitimate disagreement about a policy issue, it is pure self-interested evil rearing its head. Don’t let the liberals get away with it.

Despotism Evil Lefty Political Strategy

Oh really?


What’s important here is that there is a MAJOR walk-back going on with many of the wacky COVIDarian despots. They are desperately trying to re-write history, saying that they didn’t know everything then but they were just doing the best they could.

Please, don’t let them weasel out of it.

They used COVID to live out their despotic fantasies, not caring that they permanently damaged kids and that people lost their livelihoods over this.

They were perfectly willing to be evil in order to gain power and dominion over others. They were FULL of self-righteous indignation–backed up with force. And the Lefty narrative was much more important than the suffering of real people. In it the mask slipped and we saw the ugly reality of Leftism.

I think it is truly scary that so many took the side of the bully. Now we have seen how people supported the NAZIs… It was not a desire to do evil that motivated them. It was “righteous authoritarianism” with a whiff of enforced maniacal asceticism that was historically, and recently, in full bloom.

Despotism Evil

A brutal and

despotic government prosecution. He was the victim, plain and simple.


A Democrat

festival of fail.

Despotism Evil

I don’t care if

you are a Democrat or whatever. I think that ALL reasonable people can agree that this despotic government action is horrifying!

People, get a VPN if you are going to speak out. It is NOT a perfect solution, but it helps!

Despotism Fraud

J6 is and always

has been a hoax and a total despotic fraud. Tucker Carlson’s revealing of the actual security tapes proves that. And what Democrats have done in locking up innocent political prisoners incommunicado is just revolting. Those who value fairness and freedom ought to revolt at the ballot box!

Our ancestors fought against the British because of just such injustices. Now it’s time that WE take up the ballot box rather than the musket and get rid of the despots.

THIS is why the Left hated the Tea Party so much! These people started a cultural movement and were willing to stand up for freedom and justice. So they were a direct threat to the Democrat power machine and money-making charnel house. So Obama sic’d his partisan IRS goons on them…

Despotism Force Moral Agency

I guess I have to

say it again: Folks in rural western Oregon are very different from the unhinged Lefty freaks in Portland and Salem! And naturally, these people don’t want to be associated with those unhinged Lefty freaks in Portland and Salem. And that is why they want to join Idaho, which is far more sane.

The people in eastern Oregon are generally patriotic and sane, and they’re tired of being subjected to the misrule of the far-Left kleptocrats in Salem, who care about them only as a cash cow to fund their socialist pipe dreams. Accordingly, some have formed the Greater Idaho movement, which actually hopes to detach Oregon’s rural eastern counties from the state and attach them to Idaho. This movement, as fanciful as it seems, is gathering steam, and that has Democrats enraged. Whatever else it may be, their rage is revealing.

So Lefties are angry that these people want to escape and flee. Heard this before?: Think Cuba, East Germany, and the USSR… ALL states that tried (with guns) to prevent people from leaving! THAT is actually a defining characteristic of Leftism itself. Ask anyone who had to live behind the Iron Curtain!

And having once been forced to drink from that bitter cup of Leftism, they are not eager to again stain their lips…

it underscores the historical fact that Leftists can only maintain their rule by force. People who have never lived in a socialist state often long to live in one (just look at Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), but those who have actually suffered under socialist rule know better.

And it’s not just Oregon!

This isn’t new, I wrote about it in my paper on state secession, but these state secession movements are getting stronger. Eastern California, Oregon, and Washington, southern Illinois, upstate New York, etc. They want to get away from the woke metro areas before they’re dragged down.

And THAT is why pseudo-socialist states like Oregon are bound and determined to never let them leave, if they possibly can. No, these states can’t just say, “You go your way and I’ll go mine.” Their philosophical bedrock is force, not moral agency!

Current Events Despotism

Color me

skeptical. Hopeful, but skeptical

“I’m very pleased this measure has virtually no chance of advancing into reality,” Idaho Senate Minority Leader Melissa Wintrow, D, told Fox News Digital. “It would be bad for all involved and bad for the country, and I am opposed to it at all levels.”

Yeah, but she’s a Democrat, and Democrats are famous for having their heads up their butts. And of course she’s wrong. She just wants power–it’s quite plain to see. Like THAT is anything new or different!

Democracy gives her a thrill, but Democracy don’t pay her bills! She wants power… [apologies to the Beatles]

But, if Democrats hate it, it is probably a good thing. You know, that is a pretty darn good rule of thumb.

“Yes, I am supportive of the Greater Idaho idea,” Idaho Rep. Judy Boyle, R, told Fox News Digital. “I have lived along the Oregon border my entire life, so have many east Oregon friends. They have been quite frustrated with the liberal I-5 western Oregon corridor running their state and completely ignoring their values and needs. They have finally come down to asking the voters, county by county, if they want to join Idaho. Currently, 11 counties have said YES [sic]!”

If you want democratic, voice-of-the-people government, you want the “Greater Idaho” movement to succeed.