Despotism Evil

Yeah, NOT a

good look for Democrats!

They are evil and despotic and everyone knows it! They really can no longer hide it.


The FBI has indeed

crossed the Rubicon. They have become the American STASI. And they should be ashamed, though I very much doubt that THAT is even close to being in their wheelhouse.

It’s all pretty dang disturbing!

So yeah, just what were they up to?

Despotism Fighting Back

Is this a”hinge”

point? Seems like maybe it is.

But we’ve seen what happens when millions of Americans abandon their faith in the nation’s core institutions. We’ve seen what happens when millions of Americans become convinced that their leaders are illegitimate. We’ve seen what happens when millions of Americans are manipulated into believing that Trump is suffering righteously for their sake; that an attack on him is an attack on them, on their character, on their identity, on their sense of sovereignty. And I fear we’re going to see it again.

… As I hit the road again in 2020, crisscrossing the nation to get a read on the Republican base, it was apparent that something had changed. There was plenty of that same bombast, all the usual chesty talk of people taking matters into their own hands. But whereas once the rhetoric had felt scattered—rooted in grievances against the left, or opposition to specific laws, or just general discomfort with a country they no longer recognized—the new threats seemed narrow and targeted. Voter after voter told me there had been a plot to sabotage Trump’s presidency from the start, and now there was a secretive plot to stop him from winning a second term. Everyone in government—public-health officials, low-level bureaucrats, local election administrators—was in on it. The goal wasn’t to steal the election from Trump; it was to steal the election from them.

The author is a bit more Lefty than I am, and he is willing to go along with some Lefty fairy tales. Still, he is TOTALLY correct in noting that things have really changed among Conservatives. At some point there are no more cheeks left to turn…

And self-defense is NOT aggression! THAT is something that weak-spined Republicans and RINOs simply don’t grasp. And it’s not even in the Left freaks’ intellectual universe.


Yes, but

are they?


So what do you

think now? Does it look different to you now?

I gotta tell you, it seems more than a bit worrisome, now.

Banana Republic of Brandon Despotism

Well, well…

Surprise, surprise!

Disgusting! Just what side are you on, the side of morality or the side of despotism?

Ask not for whom the bell tools, it tolls for THEE! So decide what you believe and what you think is right.

Banana Republic of Brandon Despotism

It is

just scary!

Despotism Disgusting! Injustice

The truth is,

almost everyone is willing to participate in an honest event.

The problem is, this is NOT AN HONEST EVENT. It is not justice, it is sheer despotism.

“Judges” are from one side ONLY, there are ONLY malicious inquisitors on the committee, and there is no way to explain yourself. There is no due process. Plus, every single person on the committee already has the “verdict.” They have pre-judged the case. And the “verdict” has been decided and known from the very beginning.

The “trial” is just for show.

THAT has been abundantly clear for some time. So Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t let Republicans choose people from their side to put on the committee! Oh they tried, but an actual fair situation was NEVER Pelosi’s goal. So she put ONLY her own minions on the committee.

Of course she did. It’s not about finding facts–never has been. It is about thrashing those who disagree with the Left!

This is a show trial, and NOTHING more. This has nothing to do with facts. This is only about afflicting people who oppose the Left’s pre-decided punishment and interfering with the democratic process of the upcoming elections.

I mean, do you think Mastriano would even be subpoena’d if he were not a Republican Governor in PA? Oh puh-leeze! Don’t be a rube!

Do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?

Mastriano is entirely right to resist this kangaroo court.

And regular people, people who espouse fairness and love justice, should be enraged by this.

Despotism Kooks

Yeah, around

the world, people are NOT happy with the “green” despotic kooks.

If they were merely “green,” no one would care a ton. Hey, they can be as kooky as they want to be, as long as they don’t impact ME. I just don’t care how they worship.

If they were just despots, well, we know how to deal with THAT. We have dealt with despots, and we will again.

But the combination is really quite disturbing. And reason for revolt.

Let’s roll!


Yeah, we’re

not doing this again. Just no.

“I am so sick of politicians, and we saw this with COVID, trying to sow fear into the population. We had people calling, mothers worried about whether their kids could catch it at schools. We are not doing fear …”

“You see some of these states declaring states of emergency. They’re going to abuse those emergency powers to restrict your freedom. I guarantee you that’s what will happen.”

As Sarah Hoyt said:

If you’re in the at-risk demographic take steps to minimize risk. Or don’t. If you’re an adult, it’s your responsibility. If you’re not an adult you shouldn’t be having sex.