A butt-whipping Irrationality

Yeah, not good.

Not good at all. Sure, some of the dyed-in-the-wool Biden lackeys are still aboard the USS Biden. But it has struck an iceberg and is taking on water…

Pretty much all that is left for Biden is the Democrat dead-ender crowd now. And how does Zogby say it was, “A week from Hell” for Biden and yet still give him a C-? Sorry, his grade doesn’t at all match his words.

Maybe it was a “gentleman’s C.”

Injustice Irrationality


I’m sure not.

The current anti-Trump mania has always served 2 purposes:

The first one is that it vents the Democrats’ spittle-lipped anger against Trump. It is aimed at interfering with the election and preventing Trump from again gaining the Presidency. Yes, it’s TOTALLY irrational and TOTALLY evil. It is blind hatred borne of existential threat.

But there is a second reason, and that is to take the legal and electoral heat off the Biden crime family. So each time something really bad about Biden comes out, they indict Trump yet again. The pattern is far too prominent to ignore…

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich revealed on Thursday that a reliable source told him that a request was made from Washington, D.C., to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis that she had to bring charges against former President Donald Trump because they needed a distraction from the “screw up” with recently appointed Special Counsel David Weiss.

… This even raises the question as to whether Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s indictment of Trump was ordered by Washington for similar reasons. On the same day that Trump was indicted in April, Kathy Chung, a former aide to Biden, testified before the House Oversight Committee, contradicting the White House’s account of Biden’s handling of classified documents. Chung testified that the documents Biden kept were not stored in a secured closet at the Penn Biden Center.

But it’s pretty dang clear to all but the dullest and/or hackish among us that this is what is happening!

Fools Irrationality

As they


I love the sound of leftist cries in the morning; it sounds like victory.

Chumps Competence Irrationality

Aren’t we tired

of this juvenile bull crap yet?

I sure am. Are YOU going to stand up to this tantruming idiot behavior?

These folks need a little consequence to their actions! Freakin’ LOONS! And those consequences should be very public.

BUT, there is a silver lining. These folks are wackos, and the difference between the loony Left and normal people is stark. Plus, now we see (again) what DeSantis is made of:

They tried to ding DeSantis but they ended up showing how he handles unexpected incidents. He’s the guy who remains calm in a crisis. He’s the one you want leading the country through a tough time. Thanks, ladies. They made the point that DeSantis supporters already know – he’s a natural leader. He looked as though he quickly assessed that the women were not trying to harm him, just interrupting his speech, and he continued accordingly.

Buffoons Irrationality

Oh yeah, it’s

pretty dang bad.

THIS is the kind of stupidity you get when the foam-flecked Left gets angry and gets their panties all in a wad!

Civil Rights Irrationality

Lefty despotism

on guns is crumbling.

Honestly, I don’t think there is another Lefty shibboleth that is so obviously devoid of any good sense or rationality. Is there another? I can’t think of ONE. Even taxation, while obvious to even the dullest among us, is more separated by time.

Lefties, hold to the data and not your cockamamy, delusions! I am much more beholden to facts and solid reasoning than I am to ridiculous opium dreams and, “Dooood [long exhale], what if…”

Lefties, put the bong down and let’s reason together!

The fact that some of you buy that crap while stone cold sober is truly amazing. And pathetic.