Captain Obvious Lawfare

Well, yeah.

That’s pretty much true.

He concluded, “I think all these trials are political. I think is selective prosecution. I think what’s going on in New York is an outrage. That case [is] eight years ago, they created a crime just for Trump. I think it’s selective prosecution for political purposes.”

Graham added, “I think it’s all BS yeah, political BS.”

… He concluded, “I think most people have written this off. They’re going to focus on their problems. Not a bunch of cases brought by liberals against Trump.”

Lawfare Wisdom

You really should

know some basic law stuff.

Understand that what we’re seeing now are attempts to frame Donald Trump and people affiliated with him to abuse and misuse the legal system to gain a political advantage. This is nothing new. It is something scumbags have been doing for thousands of years. Remember, Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his legion because if he had left his troops behind, they were going to prosecute him into oblivion. Lawfare is nothing new – its modern practitioners just better hope they don’t end up provoking warfare, too.

And Lefties really need to understand what created Caesar. Lesson: Be worried that you have become foam-flecked antagonists. Because history shows that it very rarely will work out well for you.

And that is the case with people from Julius Caesar to the French revolution to … now.


Trump will never

be forced to pay E. Jean Carroll anything. She comes across as a total loony. She comes across as a fabulist, and not a very good one. She seems to get her ideas from watching Law & Order.

I think the whole thing is just more lame lawfare against Trump. The clock on Carroll’s 15 minutes of fame is ticking…

Anyone who takes this case seriously and doesn’t see E. Jean Carroll as a complete basket case is a complete basket case.

Captain Obvious Lawfare

Fact check:


Again, there’s are obvious reasons for this political snipe hunt: Because Trump is entirely likely to win the 2024 elections in a landslide and then he will be a bulldog in trying to eradicate the corrupt deep state.

And it gives deep staters the Hershey squirts to think about what would happen (see: Javier Milei in Argentina)

Democrat panic Lawfare

Well, it’s a year

before the election, and things are quite likely to get worse for Biden.

THIS is why there is all the election interference attempts by Democrats. THIS is why people like Axlerod are trying to get him to drop out. THIS is why most Democrats don’t want him to run.

New NBC hypothetical general election national poll showed President Joe Biden behind former President Donald Trump for the first time in the poll’s history. 

Democrats in general are scared spitless, and understand well that Trump is quite likely to beat them like the proverbial red-headed stepchild in an electoral contest unless they can prevent him from running, through lawfare and legal persecution!

Let’s just say that there is the acrid stench of flop-sweat in Democrat ranks. Just look at what happened in Louisiana, for Pete’s sake! It’s a spoiler, a preview of coming attractions…

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Democrats. It tolls for thee.

Democrat whiny brats Despicable Hypocrisy Lawfare

Yes, we ALL

know what is happening. Maybe you approve of it, but don’t insult our intelligence by saying that this is not what’s happening!

If leftists have their way, the 2024 presidential election will be decided in courtrooms by liberal judges — not by Americans at ballot boxes across the country. With President Biden’s poll numbers at all-time lows and public polling showing former President Trump consistently leading in 2024, Democrats are scrambling not to win the support of voters but to simply disqualify their opponent through Democrat operatives, attorneys, and judges.


Can you say,


At long last, Republicans have begun to embrace the New Rules bestowed upon our society by the Marxist Left. Just yesterday, my colleague Chris Queen reported on Georgia’s Attorney General Chris Carr following the example recently set by Fulton County DA Fani Willis and wielding the state’s RICO laws. But unlike Willis’s acrobatic interpretation of the statutes to go after Orange Man Bad, Carr is using them to bust up the passel of actual domestic terrorists who have been terrorizing Atlanta over its plans to build a public safety training center

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if prosecutors in other states followed suit and began applying the law to left-wing domestic terrorists in their jurisdictions? After all, protestors on the right are routinely tracked down and raided in their homes in front of their families, hauled before courts, and even jailed sometimes — all for doing far less than the average Antifa goon and sometimes nothing illegal at all.

Current Events Lawfare


good does get into the fray!

The same Fulton County grand Jury that indicted former President Donald Trump and his 18 co-defendants under a Georgia state racketeering law also used the same law to indict 61 people who were protesting against the building of an Atlanta police training center.

Look, you really want to play the lawfare game? Are you sure? Because I would advise against it. But I’m NOT going to unilaterally disarm, either. So just know that if you make that bed, YOU are eventually going to lie in it!

Justice Lawfare

Careful, Lefties!

What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

You may well see conservatives states engage in retaliatory lawfare…

I don’t think these laws were meant to prosecute dumb bureaucrats in Washington for saying stupid things that they knew were untrue and apparently getting rich off of it as well. Still, I made my opinion clear, and my opinion has been disregarded. The New Rule is that you do precisely that, that somebody out in the hinterlands who feels wronged by someone making a decision back in Washington can get his local constable to file charges and boom, welcome to court in Cowcakes County, rich men north of Richmond.

… They will scream and yell, and I think it will be funny. And I think it will be beautiful too. I am a big fan of symmetry. What they do to us, we do to them twice as hard. 

Hey Lefties, are you Harry-Reid-level stupid and think that this will never come back and bite you in the butt? Most likely, you just went blithely along, never thinking of that possibility…

Well, it’s time you woke up!

Fighting Back Lawfare

You know,

it’s time to fight back.

Twitter is getting into the action, there are “protest candidates” in Trump and RFK, Jr., and then things like this.

In what is being billed as a win for free speech, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday ruled in favor of a group of Clovis Community College conservative students suing the school over what they contend is an unconstitutional speech policy that bans inappropriate or offensive content.

Turns out that, as the old saying goes, people are mad as Hell and they aren’t going to take it anymore. They are going all, “Falling Down.”