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At long last, Republicans have begun to embrace the New Rules bestowed upon our society by the Marxist Left. Just yesterday, my colleague Chris Queen reported on Georgia’s Attorney General Chris Carr following the example recently set by Fulton County DA Fani Willis and wielding the state’s RICO laws. But unlike Willis’s acrobatic interpretation of the statutes to go after Orange Man Bad, Carr is using them to bust up the passel of actual domestic terrorists who have been terrorizing Atlanta over its plans to build a public safety training center

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if prosecutors in other states followed suit and began applying the law to left-wing domestic terrorists in their jurisdictions? After all, protestors on the right are routinely tracked down and raided in their homes in front of their families, hauled before courts, and even jailed sometimes — all for doing far less than the average Antifa goon and sometimes nothing illegal at all.

Current Events Lawfare


good does get into the fray!

The same Fulton County grand Jury that indicted former President Donald Trump and his 18 co-defendants under a Georgia state racketeering law also used the same law to indict 61 people who were protesting against the building of an Atlanta police training center.

Look, you really want to play the lawfare game? Are you sure? Because I would advise against it. But I’m NOT going to unilaterally disarm, either. So just know that if you make that bed, YOU are eventually going to lie in it!

Justice Lawfare

Careful, Lefties!

What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

You may well see conservatives states engage in retaliatory lawfare…

I don’t think these laws were meant to prosecute dumb bureaucrats in Washington for saying stupid things that they knew were untrue and apparently getting rich off of it as well. Still, I made my opinion clear, and my opinion has been disregarded. The New Rule is that you do precisely that, that somebody out in the hinterlands who feels wronged by someone making a decision back in Washington can get his local constable to file charges and boom, welcome to court in Cowcakes County, rich men north of Richmond.

… They will scream and yell, and I think it will be funny. And I think it will be beautiful too. I am a big fan of symmetry. What they do to us, we do to them twice as hard. 

Hey Lefties, are you Harry-Reid-level stupid and think that this will never come back and bite you in the butt? Most likely, you just went blithely along, never thinking of that possibility…

Well, it’s time you woke up!

Fighting Back Lawfare

You know,

it’s time to fight back.

Twitter is getting into the action, there are “protest candidates” in Trump and RFK, Jr., and then things like this.

In what is being billed as a win for free speech, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday ruled in favor of a group of Clovis Community College conservative students suing the school over what they contend is an unconstitutional speech policy that bans inappropriate or offensive content.

Turns out that, as the old saying goes, people are mad as Hell and they aren’t going to take it anymore. They are going all, “Falling Down.”

Conspiracy Fighting Back Lawfare

Well, that is

pretty much it.

That last thing by Musk is getting very close to being something of a “Madison Fund” as postulated by Charles Murray.

That idea is this: If you are mistreated, you apply and if accepted, the Madison fund steps in and takes your case. You pay nothing–it is totally funded by donations. So when you are mistreated, it’s not just you going to court. It is a team of experienced attorneys taking your case. Suddenly, the playing field is a little bit more even…

It’s a great idea. It needs to happen.

Civil Rights Lawfare

Be aware:

This is the way.

Ohio higher education employees “will face personal risk” if they violate the Supreme Court ban on considering race during admissions, state Attorney General Dave Yost wrote in a recent letter.

Look, if YOU deprive me of my civil rights, YOU are liable. “Just following orders” is no defense!

When there is personal risk, people are FAR more careful…

Education Lawfare

You know,

I’m not a big punitive lawsuits guy. But there are times when that clearly the best option. And that truly seems to be the case, here. Parents can (and should, most often) take their kids out of public schools. So these parents get to pay both taxes that fund the schools and the costs inherent in educating their children. What a country!

What we need is for the dollars to be attached to the child, rather than to a public School District! And in addition, schools need to be held legally liable for their crappy results!

The teachers’ unions, and the school administrators who are in frequent contact with them, don’t give a damn about the children in their charge. In a just world, we’d be able to lock up people who are deliberately dooming young children to a miserable future just so they can line their own pockets.

It is infuriating!

Evil Clown Lawfare


is the way!

“Funny” how people suddenly lose their threatening bravado when they are held personally liable, eh?

The court’s ruling however now makes Garrett directly liable for any injury caused to Dodge because of her effort to silence him. Whether he will win eventually in court is of course unknown.

An armed society is a polite society, so to speak…



the way!

It does a few things. OF COURSE it make Lefty nimrods more careful, but it also encourages proper behavior by would-be despots!

Well, and it makes regular people take heart.


Yes, ONE person

can lie pretty convincingly. TWO might be able to.

But 51?