Can you say,


At long last, Republicans have begun to embrace the New Rules bestowed upon our society by the Marxist Left. Just yesterday, my colleague Chris Queen reported on Georgia’s Attorney General Chris Carr following the example recently set by Fulton County DA Fani Willis and wielding the state’s RICO laws. But unlike Willis’s acrobatic interpretation of the statutes to go after Orange Man Bad, Carr is using them to bust up the passel of actual domestic terrorists who have been terrorizing Atlanta over its plans to build a public safety training center

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if prosecutors in other states followed suit and began applying the law to left-wing domestic terrorists in their jurisdictions? After all, protestors on the right are routinely tracked down and raided in their homes in front of their families, hauled before courts, and even jailed sometimes — all for doing far less than the average Antifa goon and sometimes nothing illegal at all.

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