Captain Obvious Polls

You know,

it’s not AT ALL a “fringe” belief!

Nearly half of Americans believe it is at least somewhat likely that coronavirus vaccines have caused a “significant number of unexplained deaths,” and over a quarter said they know someone whose death may have been caused by side effects of the vaccines, a Rasmussen Reports survey released Monday found. [emphasis added]

You know, Lefty kooks, you can jam your fingers in your ears and ignore what is happening all you want, but that doesn’t change the facts. And dismissing the beliefs of HALF the population is just stupid!

Figures remain relatively consistent across the board, as 33 percent of Democrats, 26 percent of Republicans, and 26 percent of independents claim to know someone whose death, they believe, occurred as a result of the side effects from the vaccines. [emphasis added]

Think about it. 26% of Independents AND 26% of Republicans say that the actually know someone who DIED from the vaccine. And even more, 33%, of Democrats say that! Just imagine if the pollster had asked people if they knew someone who was merely permanently and gravely injured from the vaccine!

See, I would be most certainly be in the second group, but maybe not in the first. So just imagine.

All this should indeed give you pause. This is NOT just a kooky fringe belief that you can dismiss out of hand. Virtually half of the population believes it!

Buffoons Polls

Yeah, pretty


Independent voters have lost faith in President Joe Biden to handle the problems facing the United States and would choose former President Donald Trump or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis instead in 2024, according to a new post-election survey of the influential and growing group.

Independent voters:

Current Events Polls

OK, good.

Nice. But it ain’t over ’till it’s over!

Still, given the FACT that Conservatives are almost always undercounted…

Epic fail Political Strategy Polls

Yeah, and 60%

are entirely correct. The other 40% are either just ignorant of the facts or partisan hacks.

Rising inflation is the top election issue for over 8 out of 10 voters, with most blaming President Joe Biden’s policies for making the economy worse in less than two years on the job.

… That includes 77% of Democrats who said it was an important issue. [emphasis added]


Polls face some

HUGE problems. The most obvious one is that hardly anyone will even answer when a stranger calls anymore. They don’t recognize the number, so to voicemail it goes! I know I usually don’t answer unknown numbers unless I am expecting a call. Heck, the other day I very nearly refused to answer a call–it was a scheduler for my upcoming MRI. So I’m glad I did, but I almost didn’t!

I think most people don’t even take the call or hang up immediately once they realize it is nothing they actually care about. I’ve heard the reports of a 2% response rate.

That means that you didn’t hear the opinions of 98%. So how do you know that that 2% is even slightly representative of the other 98%? Are people who answer calls from strangers different from the broader population? Maybe just old people who are lonely and desperate to talk to anyone will take those calls. And are they representative at all of the broader population? Hmmmmm.

And many of us use cell phones ONLY. I don’t even HAVE a land line!

Add in the “shy” Conservative voters (and almost ALL Conservative voters are “shy”), and there seems no way to get a representative sample that responds accurately.

So, for example, Emerson polling measured Trump winning in Iowa by 1. He actually won by 8. Think about that for a moment. Is that span reliable across groups and states? I don’t know. But I do know that was a gargantuan miss!

In short, the more accurate a poll is, the more intrusive it is. And the “feedback loop” is that the more intrusive it is, the lower the response rate (and the greater the +/- or accuracy).

So what is left is mainly “push” polls that really don’t tell you anything and are just preaching to the choir.

It seems to me that the problems in polling are now pretty much insurmountable. An online survey is quite problematic, but MAY give a general sense of which way the wind is blowing. But that may be the best you can get!


Could the polls

be wrong yet again?

Yeah, maybe. They haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory these last 20 years or so.

And are we now seeing conservatives again “tricking” the polls by saying things that are just not true? Maybe. I personally hope that Conservatives totally lie to pollsters!


Sinking like a stone

that’s been thrown in the ocean


Very interesting


But it’s only August. Things may change–the Republican lead might get even wider..


Could it

be worse?

Oh, theoretically, yes. But no one has actually seen worse!

Gallup has Biden sitting at 38 percent approval today, the worst number of his term in their polling and the first time he’s been below the political Mendoza line of 40 percent. Among independents it’s 31 percent, also a new low. And he now enjoys the distinction of having the highest “strong disapproval” rating among members of the other party of any recent president.


I figured that

Biden could not go below about 33%. But it seems that I was wrong.

Things really don’t look good for Biden…

It seems that now Biden is indeed unelectable. He is now in the “roaring 20s.”