Anger Incompetence Polls

Yeah, Joe’s numbers

are bad. I mean, really bad. And I’m not sure that voter fraud can save the Lefty bacon, this time. Maybe.

Democrats have one huge, unavoidable problem. And his name is Joe Biden.

According to recent polls, GOP front-runner and former President Donald Trump would beat Biden if the 2024 election were held today. A Quinnipiac poll out Wednesday shows Biden with 46 percent and Trump with 48 percent among registered voters, still within the margin of error and too close to call. However, a new Fox News poll, also out Wednesday, shows that in a head-to-head, the former president would prevail with 50 percent to Biden’s 46 — a number Trump has never garnered in a Fox poll going back to October 2015. 

… But there are deeper and far more meaningful insights to mine from the survey, and they don’t spell good things for the Democrat Party.

It is worse for Democrats than you think.

The implications are simple. Voters are confronting a rare moment in U.S. history in which they can actually compare what it’s like to live under the leadership, or lack thereof, of the two major presidential candidates.

… So Democrats are left to lie with sleepy Joe in the bed they made for themselves. It’s hard to feel sorry for them.


OK, but let’s

not get overconfident. Two words: Voter Fraud.

Former president Trump in the 2024 race has a nearly ten-point advantage over President Biden, whom most Democrats want to replace as their party’s nominee, according to a new major poll released Sunday.

…Trump led Biden by 20 points among voters under age 35.

Captain Obvious Polls

The opinions

are just not at all likely to change. And that’s a problem. Joe is not getting any younger or more competent!

Voters see Biden as too old and don’t see the same problems with Trump. There is absolutely zero chance that voters will change their minds on this question, at least regarding Joe Biden. Biden isn’t going to become more mentally alert or more physically vital, and voters are set in their opinions that Biden is not truly fit to be president.


But millions of votes are cast by people who genuinely don’t care, and those votes go to Democrats because of their vote-harvesting prowess. Assuming the 2020 election wasn’t decided by shenanigans, you can still confidently say it was decided by people who would not have voted at all without Democrat vote harvesting. Trump would have won without those voters being prodded by Democrat operatives at their doors.

Current Events Polls

The election is

over a year away. That is a lot of time for things to change. But still, these numbers really don’t look good for Biden.

According to the poll, not only would Trump beat Biden 47-46, but all Republicans but one candidate (Vivek Ramaswamy) beat Biden or tie him. DeSantis ties Biden at 47% each. Pence bests Biden by two points, 46-44%, as does Tim Scott. Heck, even Chris Christie beats Biden 44 to 42%.

And just wait until Biden appears onstage with a challenger–any challenger. THAT is when you are likely to see a HUGE polling difference. Most of them would pants Biden (ewww!), give him a swirly, and take his lunch money!


Honestly, how are

polls even close to accurate?

I have only a cell phone, and I generally don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize. So they can leave a message, but even if they don’t, I will almost for sure block them! Yeah, they can try rotating and using “spoofed” numbers of places around here, but if I am tricked into answering and it is a poll or a sales call, I just hang up and immediately block the number. Our family doesn’t even have a landline! Who even has a land line these days?

So how is a phone survey going to measure my preferences?

It’s just not.

Political philosophy Polls

REAL independents

are turning against Joe Biden.

Former President Donald Trump holds an 18-point lead over President Joe Biden among independent Americans, the latest Harvard CAPS-Harris poll revealed.

I agree that faux Independents (Democrat hacks that pretend to be independent) still, of course, will hold their noses and vote for Joe Biden. They will even pretend that he is not horribly dirty. But let’s not be fooled–that is mere hackism dressed in “moderate” garb.

Buffoons Captain Obvious Polls

Yes, yes

he is.

81 million votes? LOL! Sorry, I’m not stupid…

Well, he’s still got the”Democrat dead-ender” vote totally sewn up! If he lives long enough to run again (probably).

Mounting concern over incumbent U.S. President Joe Biden’s 2024 election bid is happening on both sides of the political fence.

Moreover, many left-wing voters have soured on Biden due to the country’s ongoing economic challenges, a visible decline in cognitive abilities, and an “inconsequential” first term.

… A recent Yahoo/YouGov survey revealed an overwhelming 67 percentof voters—48 percent of which are Democrats—think Biden is too old for a second term.

And let’s be quite clear why people voted for Biden:

“He wasn’t Trump. That’s the only reason most people I know voted for him. It was never because we wanted Biden,” Smith said.


Buffoons Polls

Biden’s numbers

are grim. Really grim.

People freakin’ HATE this bozo, so these numbers are FAR from a surprise. Still, it’s got to be more than a bit of a disappointment for Democrat shills.

Biden-Induced Human Misery Polls

Not at all

surprising. ANY non-hack with two brain cells to rub together for warmth sees that Biden and his crew of merry butt-heads are nothing but bad for the country!

A Washington Post/ABC News poll found that Biden is sinking in the polls, sounding alarms that he may not be able to recover from his disastrous decisions before the 2024 election. 

… The poll found that 58 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say they want their party to nominate someone else. [emphasis added]

In addition, Biden’s approval rating remains at a historic low of 36 percent. 

Unfortunately, there are too many hacks for whom reality and wisdom are never-visited, strange foreign lands.

But for most people, Biden has been weighed in the balances and found wanting…

Current Events Polls

Yeah, Biden’s

polling is not good.

On CNN’s State of the Union, host Jake Tapper continued the widespread panic in liberal media circles over disastrous poll numbers released by ABC News & the Washington Post showing Biden losing to former President Donald Trump as well as only 32 percent of voters believing Biden has the “mental sharpness” to be President [ed. Nearly two-thirds of people think he is NOT mentally sharp enough]. That latter point stunned Tapper who subsequently shared the news with his panelists. 


The 2024 campaign won’t be the same as it was in 2020. Biden won’t be able to hide in his basement like last time. He will need to be out traveling the country speaking in front of voters. That will be a serious liability for him. Even the leftist media won’t be able to completely cover up his gaffes and incoherent ramblings since they will air on live television. 

To this I would say, “Yeah, maybe…” I got $100 bucks that says that Biden will try and avoid ANY debates at all.

But yeah, the numbers are just brutal for Biden.