Could the polls

be wrong yet again?

Yeah, maybe. They haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory these last 20 years or so.

And are we now seeing conservatives again “tricking” the polls by saying things that are just not true? Maybe. I personally hope that Conservatives totally lie to pollsters!


Sinking like a stone

that’s been thrown in the ocean


Very interesting


But it’s only August. Things may change–the Republican lead might get even wider..


Could it

be worse?

Oh, theoretically, yes. But no one has actually seen worse!

Gallup has Biden sitting at 38 percent approval today, the worst number of his term in their polling and the first time he’s been below the political Mendoza line of 40 percent. Among independents it’s 31 percent, also a new low. And he now enjoys the distinction of having the highest “strong disapproval” rating among members of the other party of any recent president.


I figured that

Biden could not go below about 33%. But it seems that I was wrong.

Things really don’t look good for Biden…

It seems that now Biden is indeed unelectable. He is now in the “roaring 20s.”

Age-related decline Buffoons Polls

You STILL like

Biden? Well, you are in a very, uh, exclusive group!

But he badly fumbled his podium performance, drawing widespread mockery for an apparent “Ron Burgundy moment” when he blurted out a bit of stage direction — “Repeat the line” — while reading a speech directly from a teleprompter, just like the infamous Will Ferrell character.

Yeah, his numbers are beyond bad.


It is

truly unreal.

Congressional Democrats have to be peeing their pants right now!

I really thought it could not drop below about 34% and after that you would get the spittle-lipped “vote blue no matter who” crowd who would never be swayed, regardless of the evidence. But perhaps I was wrong.

But maybe, just maybe, this poll is an outlier rather than a harbinger. In any case, it’s NOT good news for Democrats. And the HUGE worry for them is that this disdain for Biden and his cabal of Lefty Orcs gains cultural steam…

“Biden” is getting dangerously close to the “tipping point,” and in fact may well have already passed it!


Color me


Elections Epic fail Polls

Yes, Joe.

Stare into the abyss.

Biden at 40 percent approval is actually higher than a lot of other polls, but you always have to compare a poll to its prior iterations to see what the trends are telling you. CBS News/YouGov has been consistently kind to the president over the last year, and for him to drop to a new low in even a friendly survey is noteworthy. If Democrats were hoping for a late-game rebound, that’s nowhere to be found.

To put it simply, the strategy of making the mid-terms about abortion is going to fail. It’s akin to Liz Cheney’s ploy to appeal to Democrats in Wyoming. The math just doesn’t work, and there’s no reason to think the economy and inflation will do anything but remain the top issues for 80+ percent of Americans. Heck, not even Biden’s own officials are pretending anymore that prices are coming down anytime soon. With interest rates continuing to rise, the stock market will remain depressed as well. [emphasis added]

… In the end, Democrats are staring into the abyss, and their big solution is to douse themselves in gasoline near an open flame. They’ve got no good options, they know they have no good options, and they are going to ride their fractured base to total defeat in a few months.

Buffoons Evil Clown Polls

Wow! That is

just brutal!

You still on your Joe Biden bender? Well, by definition you are “fringe.”