Mental Illness

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Teens who use cannabis face 11 times the odds for a psychotic episode compared to teens who abstain from the drug, new Canadian research contends.

…”We found a very strong association between cannabis use and risk of psychotic disorder in adolescence. Surprisingly, we didn’t find evidence of association in young adulthood,” said lead author André McDonald, who led the study as part of his PhD work at the University of Toronto.

Look, smoking pot is not the risk-free thing I hear people talk about!

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you looky there!

The medical group “cannot condone the social affirmation, medical intervention, or surgical mutilation of children and adolescents identifying as transgender or gender nonconforming.”

… “The most recent longitudinal study from Finland that followed over 2,000 adolescents seeking care in their gender clinics found that when psychiatric treatment needs were controlled for, gender identity with or without so-called ‘gender affirming’ interventions did not increase or decrease suicide risk compared to population controls,” Anderson said, citing the study.

I’m telling you, this will be looked upon in VERY few years as one of the worst medical mistakes ever. We are already starting to see MAJOR cracks in the dam.

And I have a question: Who wants to be the last kid sexually mutilated in this fad?

Mental Illness

The Man of La Mancha:

Mike Pence. Mike Pence plays the role of Don Quixote. I’m not yet sure who will play Sancho Panza, but probably the cruise-loving RINOs as a group.

Yeah, Pence is freakin’ delusional!