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IS there a

cultural reckoning going on? I sure hope so. It is LONG past due…

We have been hearing a lot about a “vibe shift” in American culture recently. The phrase has been around for a while. It gained new currency after the commentator Santiago Pliego wrote an essay about the phenomenon, and Tucker Carlson had him on his show to talk about it.

… I, too, discern cracks in the Narrative. I seem to see the Overton Window being forced open here and there.  But I also sense an aroma of panic among the dispensers and enforcers of the Narrative. You can feel it in the arrogant incredulousness of Nicolle Wallace attempting to digest the novel idea that maybe, just possibly, her snotty but ill-informed idea of what happened on January 6, 2021, is completely wrong.

But remember: a cornered rat is a dangerous rat. I have a buddy who is a Veterinarian surgeon. He talked about how dangerous a sweet dog who has been injured is. That dog will bite you when you intervene.

Now if a sweet dog who is injured will bite you, what will a malicious MSM do once they are injured?

My point is this: as evidence of a “vibe shift” grows more numerous and more substantive, so too will the vibe-stiffening reaction among the guardians of the status quo.

Disgusting! MSM Palace Guard

It really is

astonishing. The MSM has gone all in covering for Biden, and it’s not even subtle bias anymore–it is as in-your-face as is humanly imaginable. The mask has been dropped.

In the twenty-plus years that I’ve been writing about liberal bias in the mainstream media, I’ve never seen the hacks work as hard as they have for Joe Biden. Most of their past effort was spent on the character assassination of Republicans.

… The coastal media bubble people are too insulated to know that they’re not well liked. They tell each other that they’re great and that’s that. They’re also unaware that the stranglehold that they had on the flow of information and the narrative for so long doesn’t exist anymore. 

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Certainly I’m no

Ronna McDaniel fan. She’s not even casually a Conservative (nor is her uncle Mitt). But here it’s not even hidden that NBC has let their Lefty freak flag fly!

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finally admits.

Four years after politicians shut down schools, the New York Times published a new analysis on Monday admitting there is “broad acknowledgment among many public health and education experts” that school closures significantly harmed children despite not stopping the spread of COVID-19.

You can just say, “Gregor, you were right about everything!” Go ahead, I’ll wait for your apology…

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Honestly, are you

even surprised that the MSM lied about this? I’m sure not!

The Left is castigating presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump for warning that there would be a “bloodbath” if he’s not elected in November. The dishonest media wasted no time taking the comment out of context (he was talking about tariffs on foreign auto imports) and falsely claiming that Trump was cooking up an insurrection—or maybe even WWIII. 

Lather, rinse, repeat. 

This is what they do, and quite frankly, it bores me to tears. It’s as predictable as the sun coming up in the East every morning. 

WAKE UP PEOPLE! The MSM is lying to you MUCH of the time! be on your guard…

Disgusting! Dishonesty MSM Palace Guard

Yes, a new low

for the MSM. They should be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately, they are shameless. And what’s more, regular people are torqued!

People, be very aware that the MSM is NOT a reliable source!

Biden obviously can’t run on his record, so his handlers have him belching up “January 6” as often as possible. No doubt it’s a big hit with the low-info MSNBC crowd. The Dems think that their false insurrection fetish is going to be the shiny object that distracts Jack and Marge Onthefence in flyover country from the fact that they just paid too much for groceries and gas. That’s why Biden led off his State of the Union Adderall tantrum with J6 stuff.

… The leftmedia Dem propagandists know that they have to create a lot of fake spin to help drag Biden across the finish line, and they have no worries about how tall the tales might end up being. They’ve used their untruthfulness about the “bloodbath” comment to play the idea that Trump and his supporters are just itching for some violence. 

The good thing is that this categorically shows two things: a) The MSM is dishonest and will bald-faced lie to you, and b) They are shameless Democrat shills. Neither of those two things are even the slightest bit arguable anymore–it is very much out in the open.

The mask of reliability and truth-advocacy is now well and truly off. And the MSM are exposed as to who they really are. They have shown that they are just Democrat flying monkeys.

DUH! Media Flying Monkeys MSM Palace Guard

Yeah, more

MSM hoax.

Honestly, haven’t you figured out that the MSM lies to you? Here’s the deal: Trump is beating Biden in the polls like the proverbial red-headed stepchild, so the MSM nannies hitch up their hoop skirts and jump in with lies in order to save their boyfriend…

It is SOOO obvious!

You know, THIS kind of crap is why people are so angry and TOTALLY distrust the MSM. The MSM have proven themselves to be mere dishonest, boot-licking toadies.

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CNN keeps old

electoral map in order to make things look better for Joe Biden. LOL!

CNN seems to know that Biden’s situation has gotten worse since its first “Road to 270” map was released, but hasn’t made any changes to its map. At the very least, they should have moved Arizona to Trump’s column, giving him a total of 283 Electoral College votes to Biden’s 225, with the 29 Electoral College votes between Wisconsin and Pennsylvania still in the toss-up column.

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Here’s an ad

that Joe Biden hates. But there’s nothing in there that is not true…

But he just can’t handle the truth. And so his flying monkeys at CNN dishonestly refused to air it. But NOTHING in the ad is “unsubstantiated.” Rigid Lefties just don’t want to face the truth

MSM Palace Guard

Yep, the

Lefty talking points are out!

Please, don’t be fooled.