Perfidy Stooooopid! Total Loser!

Hey Joe, I was

alive for Ronald Reagan. His policies ushered in peace and prosperity.

You, Joe, are no Ronald Reagan! But you do plagiarize him. You are the garage sale Ronald Reagan. A Ronald Reagan that is just a cheap Chinese knock-off…

The audacity of Team Biden trying to turn Biden into Reagan was breathtaking. Whether you agreed with his politics or not, Reagan was considered a statesman and a president who projected strength on the world stage. Peace through strength. 

When Democrats are in trouble, they pivot to Reagan. They claim to have something in common with Reagan to win over voters. To try to prove that Biden is today’s version of Reagan was an exercise in futility. Biden can’t string together a sentence or two without botching it. Reagan was the great communicator. Biden slurs his words, mumbles, and stumbles through speeches. Reagan had wonderful speechwriters and he could deliver a speech while keeping the attention of his audience.

Honestly, it’s infuriating! My advice to “Biden:” Get your own material, scrounge!

Sheesh, what a pathetic loser Biden is…